Saleen Locating Service

Saleen Locating Service

Your exclusive venue for authentic Saleen vehicles, parts and collectibles

SLS LogoSince 1991 the Saleen Locating Service has served mission to provide an exclusive venue for enthusiasts to trade authentic Saleen vehicles, parts and collectibles, and to offer an authoritative and historical resource for vehicle specifications and other literature – a resource for Saleen enthusiasts, by Saleen enthusiasts. But the Saleen Locating Service goes well beyond that. They were instrumental in getting the limited-production Saleen vehicles listed in the NADA Guides publications to help track and provide authoritative pricing information – an essential aspect of the collector car hobby. They also have an archive of Saleen pricing guides, press information, and other historical literature.

SLS founder Greg Wackett holds an intimate understanding about the appeal of Saleen vehicles and the individuals who are drawn to them. Greg’s inspiration and enthusiasm for this marque dates even further back, to when Steve Saleen first introduced his unique Mustangs to the public in 1984 – an exciting new brand which brought exclusivity and performance to a handful of enthusiasts.

Greg with Saleen Race Car
World Challenge SR and Greg Wackett

As more and more of these serialized vehicles were produced, it became apparent there was a need to facilitate the market of previously-owned Saleens. Greg’s passion for these vehicles inspired extended discussions with Liz Saleen, then company matriarch and director of Team Saleen. They explored ideas about how to distribute a list of available cars to those who were potentially interested in them. It became apparent that it was important to also track the market and provide a mechanism to help establish values of used vehicles – yet Saleen had no staffing resources to provide such services. So with Saleen’s encouragement and blessing came the birth of the Saleen Locating Service. Over the years and through grassroots efforts, hundreds of these lists where either mailed, faxed or e-mailed, and have been regarded as the “must have” resource for every collector in the hobby.

Race Photo
Greg Wackett and Liz Saleen monitoring a race.

Having owned and traded well over a dozen Saleen vehicles, it’s an understatement to say that Greg is passionate about this hobby. Over the years Greg spent hundreds of hours in personal time to such effects as the Saleen/Allen RRR SPEEDLAB racing team, contributing to “The Saleen Book” by Brad Bowling and worked shows, corporate open houses and other Saleen events across the U.S.

We are proud to announce our partnership with the Saleen Locating Service and endorse this online venue to pursue your own enthusiasm for everything Saleen, and to help share with new owners about what it means when we say “Power in the Hands of a Few.”