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Adam and Matt begin the show talking about Matt modifying the steering column of his Mustang. The guys then invite Steve Saleen into the studio to talk about the S7, the upcoming S1, and racing. Steve even shares a Paul Newman story!

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Hosts: Adam Carolla and Matt D’Andria
Producer: Chris Laxamana
Engineer: Caelan Biehn

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The Drive with Alan Taylor

We are back with interviews from the 2017 SEMA Show that we will be rolling out over the next few weeks. First up, live from the Craftsman Garage, we chat with the CEO of Barrett-Jackson, Craig Jackson, about the charity cars they had at the last auction in Las Vegas. Next, Troy Trepanier of Rad Rides by Troy shares his history with SEMA, Bonneville racing, and his friendship with Chip Foose. Then, Hollywood Car Consultant, Josh Hancock, jumps on the mic with legendary builder Steve Saleen. Steve talks with us about the Saleen rides at SEMA, and some exciting business news from China. Russell Holmes of Garage Rehab discusses his role on the show and sounds off about some of the craziest garages that the crew has been to. Switching lanes, Stacey David of GearZ shares all about his past as a musician, his recent children’s book, and touches on his show. Rutledge Wood, NASCAR personality, explains a charity build he is doing with eBay Motors and a new show on the horizon for him. Ray Evernham, host of AmeriCarna, tells us about his role in the making of the movie Cars 3 and about the friendly, family rivalry between him and his wife, who is also a professional driver. Last up, we hit the backroads of our imagination with the crew from Dirt Every Day, who tell us about the wild 4x4s they have hit the mud with. Fill up on our stars’ personal Craftsman tool stories that helped them build their dreams.

Steve Saleen at the Craftsman booth!
Steve Saleen at the Craftsman booth!

[00:19:53] Marvelous Memories of Meeting Steve Saleen
Alan and Josh Hancock of JoshCAR chat about the legendary builder, Steve Saleen. Tim Allen used to have a team called “RRR Speedlab” with Steve, and this was Alan’s first introduction to these great drivers. Josh tells us that he first met Steve at the Saleen facility in Detroit while filming a movie that was never released. One thing is for sure, the Saleen team really knows how to get things into production and execute projects with great precision. Shifting gears a bit, Alan and Josh talk about Craftsman tools, and what it’s like to be in the Craftsman Garage at SEMA.

TD 111817: Steve Saleen
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From our friends at Drivers Talk Radio.

Published on Jul 21, 2017

The first half of the show covers various automotive topics, including the Eleanor Mustang, Tire testing, drag racing and more! ( 0:54 and 11:50 )

The second half of the show features special guest Dan George of DCG Vision Marketing & Sales International. Dan talks about the two products Rick and Jay tested: Lift it Out grease/oil stain remover and True Effects hand and skin shield. The show then ends on talk of the Bloodhound team. ( 24:25 and 35:37 )

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PODCAST 901: Parnelli Jones, P.J. Jones, and Troy Lee

January 6, 2017

Adam and Matt kick off 2017 welcoming Parnelli Jones, his son P.J., and Troy Lee. They talk to Troy about painting helmets and the art of pinstriping. Next, Parnelli and P.J. give insight to some of the amazing moments in their respective racing careers.

For more with ‘Behind The Indianapolis 500 with Parnelli Jones’ as well as Troy’s Limited Edition helmets, visit BehindIndy.com

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PODCAST 743: Parnelli Jones, Racer

October 23, 2015

Parnelli Jones sits down with Adam and Matt to talk about the new documentary Godspeed: The Story of Page Jones. The guys discuss Parnelli’s Son, Page, and his recovery from traumatic brain injury. They guys also discuss Parnelli’s racing accomplishments and take a listener question!

For more on the film, visit GodspeedPJ.com

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The Jones’ Always Beat the Odds Podcast

Oct 20, 2015
Podcast Interview By A.J. GORDON
Article Written By YOAV GILAD

Growing up Mr. Parnelli Jones was into horses but when he turned 16 he sold his horse and bought a hotrod. After that, he was unstoppable. It was a 1923 Ford T-bucket, the same kind of car that he’d seen Troy Ruttman racing at Carrell Speedway. He still remembers Ruttman started at the back and fighting his way to the front to win the race. Jones started racing his car about a year later at the same track. “It was a radical car—needed a lot of maintenance,” but the car and the link to Ruttman fascinated him and so Jones raced it.

Jones loved racing, it really captivated him, but he wasn’t a natural, he really had to learn. After wrecking his car week after week, he blew his engine and finally didn’t have the money to fix it. A guy told him he’d build an engine for Jones, if he’d just slow down and stop trying to win at the first corner. Over time something clicked because he began finishing a bit more, and finishing well. But there were still crashes.

After becoming more consistent, Jones began earning his way and being able to keep his car out of trouble and win some races he started climbing the ladder and was invited into different racing divisions. He raced at Gardena Stadium (Carrell) every Sunday and Jones thinks it was this exposure that led him into Modifieds (finished first in his first race), Midgets (finished second overall in his first season), Sprint cars, and Stock cars. “I’m the kind of guy who liked to see what’s on the other side of the hill.” If someone offered a ride in a different type of car, Jones was in. There was a period during which he was driving about 65 races per year.

And although the danger was always present, he was lucky enough to never spend a night in the hospital.

By the time he went to Indy, he was pretty well established. Jones guesses that he could’ve gone sooner, but he waited to ensure he’d have a strong car. Asked if he was intimidated, Jones replies that he realized that legends “Put their pants on one leg at a time,” just like he does. Perhaps it’s because Indy 500-winner Jim Rathman approached a then-rookie Jones in the pits to find out how he had passed him. Jones would win the famous race two years later.

Parnelli Jones Peterson Museum
Parnelli Jones Peterson Museum

He’s also known for racing, and winning, in major off-road competitions such as the Baja 500 and Mexican 1000. Why did he enter off-road competition? Jones was goaded into it by Bill Stroppe who said, “Well, you’re probably not man enough, anyway,” when Jones initially refused Stroppe’s offer. He was man enough.

Ironically, Jones didn’t encounter his greatest challenge until his sons began racing. PJ and Page, are Jones’s boys and both fell in love with mechanical things very quickly. They could both ride a motorcycle by age four. But Jones didn’t want them to race. They kept asking though, and eventually he relented. In their first kart race, PJ won and Page crashed, but both loved it and wanted to keep racing.

Paige Jones Midget
Paige Jones Midget

Over time, it became clear that Page was a phenom, winning 18 of 42 races in stock cars or open wheels, in one season. In one race, the following season he understeered badly into the wall, flipped and was struck in the roof by a pursuing racecar. The collision didn’t look too bad on TV, but Parnelli received a call from the hospital in Ohio and the doctor told him to come out. It was a very serious crash.

Page suffered traumatic brain and spinal injuries. A nurse guaranteed that he wouldn’t walk out of the hospital. She was right, but he survived and went into rehab.

Over the last twenty years, Page has learned to walk, talk, and live normally again. It has been a fight to survive and re-learn all that we take for granted. “We just pushed and pushed… Judy and I never accepted that this was where he was going to stop,” Parnelli recounts. All the Jones’ refused to give up or accept his condition as an unchangeable constant.

And somehow, it’s as though they knew Page would regain his faculties from the beginning. “We had a great friend in Rich Sloan,” who has filmed Page’s entire recovery. He showed it to some folks in the movie industry who wanted to produce it. And so they did. It’s called Godspeed: The Story of Page Jones.

But it isn’t a documentary about racing or cars. If you watch it for wheel-to-wheel action or high-speed Indianapolis highlights you’ll be sorely disappointed. It’s about a man and a family beating the odds, and their strength, determination, and will.

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Drivers Talk Radio

This week Rick and Jay share some of the many racing stories from days gone by.

DT 784: Tall Tales #1 Personal Racing Stories from Rick Titus
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Rick Titus Saleen Autosport 1986
Rick Titus racing for Saleen Autosport – Photo: Mark Windecker 1986

Rick Titus Saleen Autosport 1988
Rick Titus racing for Saleen Autosport – Photo: Jerry Winker 1988


CarCast with Adam Carolla: Guest Steve Saleen
Adam Carolla with Steve Saleen

Adam Carolla and Steve Saleen talk about Steve’s background, the S7 Supercar and the new SMS 570X Challenger and his daughters Mollypop Pink Mustang. Then a quick lane change into Investments cars. Adam and Sandy come up with some interesting choices as usual. A quick pit stop with Skype calls. Ace and the Professor talk one end of of the road to the other with Replica cars to box stock Mustangs. And yes, you guessed it, we feature one of Adam’s Italian cars, his Dino Ferrari 308GT4 and then a wrap with John Salley’s First Car. Enjoy the ride!

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Mollypop Mustang

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