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By: SAM HAYMART on August 17, 2014

On Mustang Minute, we all know the name Saleen, we know all about the cars – even Steve Saleen’s latest creation in the Black Label S302 Mustang. But what about the parts?

Announced at their big car show in Pennsylvania over this weekend, our friends at AmericanMuscle and Saleen have joined forces to distribute and inventory Saleen performance parts through AmericanMuscle.com.

Saleen parts have always been popular, especially their body packages, appearance parts, as well as wheels and suspension kits. But in the last decade or so, finding where to get them has been a challenge.

AmericanMuscle will be keeping an inventory of Saleen parts for your Mustang and can be ordered from them direct online now. And of course Saleen will continue to offer their parts through their own outlet.

As Steve Saleen says, “My goal has always been to provide our customers with the best service. By teaming up with American Muscle, we can now use their expansive network to provide customers with the best in performance and styling upgrades for their Mustangs.”

While a complete catalog of parts hasn’t yet been released the most popular Saleen items like wheels, body appearance, interior and exterior accessories are likely to be some of the first items made available.

Saleen Mustangs have always been a nice thing to own, but not everyone can afford one. Having built a Saleen replica myself once, I know for my own experience having a one stop shop for the parts is a very good thing.

This episode of Mustang Minute was brought to you by AmericanMuscle. You can find out more about their new offerings from Saleen at AmericanMuscle.com.

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[Source: The Mustang News]


From 281 Motorsports:

06-0020 S281 Extreme
06-0020 S281 Extreme

A good customer of ours loved Saleens, even was a previous owner. He always liked black cars, and while on his search to buy another one, he saw this Red Saleen in Puerto Rico. Ironically the more he looked at it, the more he was forced to like a “red” Saleen. Then after doing some Google searches looking at what others had done to their “red” Saleen’s he came across one that he knew what he wanted his to look like… so he bought the car!

Now everyone knows we stress not buying a car sight-unseen, he did just that. After receiving the car, it just didn’t seem to run quite right. So after a quick diagnostic we knew the cams just weren’t right. Knowing the aggressive cams and headers wouldn’t pass CA emissions, we knew we had to swap them and put some Carb legal parts on. After pulling the valve covers, we quickly noticed the cam phasers were on backwards… lovely. After fixing that and doing some housekeeping, this car was running AMAZING! Now it was time to play!

The former Speedlab Director Carlos Duran had some leverage while working at Saleen to do things that pumped the sales in the Aftermarket Parts Division known affectionately as “Speedlab”. Carlos and Ned along with others got to toy with prototype parts and even the development of some parts that ended up being exclusives and other went into production. Being an Executive at Saleen had its privileges… Carlos got to design his own Company Car! Not a bad perk, right?!?!

Once Paul had seen Carlos’s “Speedlab Saleen”, he knew he wanted one just at cool! We reached out to Carlos and Ned and reminisced over the good days and then off to pick their brains on exactly what was done to this beast. After some serious research and some trial and error we ended up pretty dang close to what was built 7 years ago so we think. Paul couldn’t imagine his car looking so Authentic, but that was easy when you have the original source on speed dial and a shop dedicated to Saleen livery!

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[Source: 281 Motorsports]


Celebrate with Saleen styling for your modern American Muscle Car

The summer of Horsepower continues with genuine Saleen parts for your ride! Through the end of July, Saleen has unbelievable deals on body components that are in-stock and ready to ship. Additional discounts are available when you use code HOTJULY at smssuperparts.com for 10% off your entire order!*

*Offer code must be used at checkout to apply, online only. Cannot be combined with other discounts and not valid on previously purchased merchandise. Offer is subject to change without notice. Not valid for cash or cash equivalent. Discount code ends 7/31/13. Offer is based on merchandise total before taxes and shipping charges are applied.

[Source: Saleen]


JDM Engineering 4.6L 3-Valve 302E Stroker Rotating Assembly Engine Rebuild Kit

Retail $2595.00

Special Price $2095.00
Priced for a limited time only!!!
Savings $500!!

Is it time to rebuild your 2005-2010 Mustang GT 4.6L 3-Valve bottom end? If your making more power than you should on your stock engine or you are looking to bring your car to the “next level,” then check this out! Team JDM now offers the same Rotating Assembly[/URL] from the popular 302E Shortblock[/URL] and will support 1000 HP. With the limited availability of New Production 4.6L blocks from Ford it is worth it to rebuild yours while you still can!

Team JDM is offering a complete packaged Forged Rotating Assembly Kit for the 4.6L 3-Valve Mustang engine. This package is based off the 302E Shortblock that JDM Engineering has assembled in-house since 2005 when the 3-Valve engine first appeared in production vehicles. JDM Engineering has used the 302 Rotating assembly in many of their own racing applications as well as hundreds of customers Street vehicles.

Increasing the displacement of your 4.6L short block from 281 to 302 cubic inches will create more power and torque. The extra displacement comes from the Kellogg Forged 8-bolt 3.800” crankshaft and Forged Manley Rods. The 302 Forged Pistons are standard (+.005”) bore and require only a light hone for assembly in any 4.6L block. For blocks that require a larger bore due to scuffing or wear, the pistons are available in +.020” and +.030” over size. Custom Piston Rings from Total Seal are file fit to the pistons and can support high boost applications. Nascar rated Speed Pro Main and Rod Bearings are included along with a complete Ford Racing Main bolt kit. A High Volume GT-500 oil pump is used to keep up with oiling demands of the 3-Valve VCT system.

JDM Engineering 4.6L 3-Valve 302E Stroker Rotating Assembly Engine Rebuild Kit benefits:
-Adds 21 Cubic inches of displacement to your engine
-Maximize your Shortblock’s power output potential
-Forged internals able to support 1000 HP
-Same rotating components used in JDM Engineering 302E Shortblock
-Custom spec pistons keep stock compression ratio

JDM Engineering 4.6L 3-Valve 302E Stroker Rotating Assembly Engine Rebuild Kit includes:
-Kellogg 3.800″ Crankshaft
-Manley H Beam Connecting Rods
-Manley Forged Aluminum Pistons (stock compression)
-Total Seal Piston Rings
-Speed Pro Main and Rod Bearings
-Ford Racing 3v Main Bolt Kit
-Ford Racing GT500 Oil Pump

JDM Engineering 4.6L 3-Valve 302 E Stroker Rotating Assembly Engine Rebuild Kit fits:
-2005 Mustang GT 4.6L 3-Valve
-2006 Mustang GT 4.6L 3-Valve
-2007 Mustang GT 4.6L 3-Valve
-2008 Mustang GT 4.6L 3-Valve
-2009 Mustang GT 4.6L 3-Valve
-2010 Mustang GT 4.6L 3-Valve

For more information or to place an order please contact us at www.TeamJDM.com or call 732-780-0770.

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From Jim D’Amore III and our friends at JDM Engineering:

A few days after i began posting about our first installation of the Saleen Supershaker system on a Parnelli Jones Mustang i got a call from a PJ faithful, Bruce Costa. His attention was caught when he saw what we were doing with our previous customers limited edition Saleen. Bruce had similar goals and knew we could achieve them for him too. So after a few phone calls and emails we arranged to pick up his PJ for him in Rhode Island and have it delivered here to be Supercharged!

Well the PJ showed up yesterday safe and sound delivered by our driver, same day he picked it up from Bruce. We offloaded it in the rain but brought it inside where we wiped it down for a few quick “Before” pictures.

Bruce’s PJ is #39 and already has a list of upgrades performed. He is packing 360 RWHP at the tires utilizing a custom tune, C&L cold air kit, and Long Tube headers. We are going to remove the air induction system but still maintain his exhaust. NOTE: The Factory PJ underdrive pulleys will be removed and a stock Ford water pump and balancer pulley set will be installed. Along with the Supershaker upgrade he is getting 39# injectors for more fueling and colder Autolite HTO spark plugs which we will gap to .030″ for Bruce. With the stock 3.875 supercharger pulley (7 psi boost) installed we are expecting to easily make 450+ HP at the tires. However we will be limited to approximately 450 with out upgrading to a twin fuel pump system.

Here are a few quick pictures of Bruce’s car “before” ill be keeping everyone informed of his transformation to a Super PJ as soon as we begin work on it!! I think we plan to start tomorrow so get ready for it Bruce!

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Ride and Drive


Troy, Michigan (July 18, 2008) – Saleen’s Aftermarket Division, SpeedLab, announced today the introduction of a new technology for air induction systems called the SuperShaker™. The patent pending SuperShaker™ embodies the classic appeal of shaker hood styling while delivering exhilarating performance via modern Supercharger technology.

By combining the proven efficiency of the Saleen series VI intercooled supercharger with that of the new and highly efficient SuperShaker™ induction system, SpeedLab has brokered the perfect marriage; bringing together Beauty AND Beast for the first time.

For decades, the two theories of air induction were separated. With this revolutionary new system, SuperShaker™ couples the best of both worlds. The “ram air” design and functionality of a true shaker hood is now mated with the forced air induction system via an intercooled, twin screw Saleen series VI supercharger. Saleen SpeedLab is the first and only manufacturer offering this highly engineered technology to the market.

“For the first time ever, consumers do not have to sacrifice muscle car styling to get more power and performance,” says Michael Lingo, Vice President & General Manager of Saleen’s Aftermarket Division, “the SpeedLab SuperShaker™ puts real muscle under your hood producing power that can be seen and heard”.


The SuperShaker™ induction path is much shorter and less restrictive compared to existing designs, and is a true “cold air” intake that is sealed off from the engine compartment, thus enhancing vehicle performance. The SuperShaker™ induction system sits above the hood and is isolated from the hot air in the engine compartment. This is especially beneficial in static situations such as at stop lights or take off during drag racing. Once up to speed, the shaker hood scoop rams fresh cold air into the air box where it is pressurized, allowing greater boost at higher speeds.

The ground-breaking design efforts at Saleen have resulted in a durable design that can withstand the harsh environment of everyday driving. By angling the custom air filter forward, water and debris will be deflected down to the bottom of the air box where it can be evacuated and not affect the performance of the filter. There are two molded pieces that make up and include the air box, providing a skirt that mounts to the rear of the box which protects the compartment from water, debris and environmental hazards. This unique design does not require any extraordinary mounting or securing devices, allowing the air box to utilize the maximum space available within the tight constraints. The result is a larger surface area for the air filter and compact OE style look.

“The shorter intake and minimal restriction allows for more cold air to be available to the engine immediately, resulting in less lag time and quicker throttle response, says Marc Musial, Chief Powertrain Engineer, “providing instant power that is available on demand throughout the power curve”.


The Saleen SpeedLab SuperShaker™ is engineered and designed to fit all 2005-current model Mustang GT’s. The SuperShaker™ kit will increase your total power from 500 – 700HP. SpeedLab will also be offering additional SuperShaker™ upgrade components.

“We are very excited to offer this one of a kind system to the Mustang enthusiast community,” says Carlos Duran, Manager of Saleen’s Aftermarket Sales, “in addition to the SuperShaker™ kit; we have made this revolutionary product available to our existing Saleen Series VI Supercharger owners with the release of the ShakerLid upgrade kit. The ShakerLid kit allows all Saleen customers to enjoy the SuperShaker™ experience.”

As a featured exclusive, Saleen SpeedLab will also manufacture a limited number of SuperShaker™ kits designed especially for Saleen Parnelli Jones (PJ) Edition owners. This special limited run kit will feature unique Saleen/ PJ personalized badging and will be registered as a Saleen Supercharged PJ to enhance exclusivity. The PJ SuperShaker™ kit is available direct from the factory or through Saleen Certified Dealers.

Saleen SpeedLab is now taking pre-orders for the SuperShaker™ kit with an estimated production date starting late August 2008. Call today at 1800-888-8945 to speak directly with your Saleen SpeedLab specialist.

The SuperShaker™ will be featured at a special Woodward Dream Cruise VIP Ride & Drive Event at Saleen’s production facility in Troy, Michigan, on August 15, 2008. Enthusiasts will be able to experience a Saleen H281 or Saleen Parnelli Jones edition mustang fitted with the new SuperShaker™ system. Please visit http://www.saleen.com/supershaker/ for more details and to register for your very own SuperShaker™ experience.

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