Model year 1993 marked the end of third-generation Ford Mustang production. An end to this familiar, boxy-shaped product with clear 1970s & 1980s design and engineering influences visible throughout. With a final year popularity surge, Ford Motor Company produced a total of 114,228 Mustang for 1993. Rough estimates claim that almost 50,000 of these swansong 1993 units were powered by the popular 5-Liter High-Output small block.

At Saleen Performance in Long Beach, California, their 1993 catalog of production models would see numerous updates and advancements continued from the previous year. 1993 is a best-of-the-best of ‘90s application and execution learned by Saleen for these final-run vehicles.

Produced after the New Year of ’93 and shipped to Danielson Ford in Connecticut on the 15th of January, 93-0019 is one of seven black exterior / black interior, 5-speed manual, supercharged hatchbacks produced for the year. One of four with optional 3.55:1 gearing and one of two with Saleen leather Recaro interior. These colors and options make 93-0019 the twin car to 93-0050 which was found hiding in Texas during 2015.

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