American Supercar Manufacturer Brings Ultra-High Performance Cars To Japan

Tokyo, JAPAN, October 15, 2005 – Tokyo Auto Show: Saleen, Inc., the American-based highperformance specialty automotive manufacturer (, is proud to be part of this year’s auto show in Tokyo, Japan.

“We expect Japan to realize what America has come to understand – that every Saleen comes with extreme performance and expressive styling. And, that being a Saleen owner gives the Japanese people something special – it provides them exclusivity unrivaled in the automotive community,” said Steve Saleen, president and CEO of Saleen, Inc. “We understand that the Japanese seek out quality, performance and longevity in the autos that they drive. Since we’ve been designing, engineering and manufacturing specialty vehicles for nearly twenty-five years, Saleen is a company centered on building top performing cars – cars that the Japanese market are sure to love.”

With optimistic car sales in Japan, buyers look for unique products and extreme performance – Saleen offers the best of both worlds. The Saleen S281 Mustang is uniquely styled and offers phenomenal performance, while the Saleen S7 supercar boasts to be the world’s fastest streetlegal production car.

Saleen is set to offer a discerning Japan market with Saleen’s attention to quality and performance. Saleen offers a rare combination of sophisticated styling with cutting edge performance technology engineered in every Saleen certified vehicle.

Saleen is equally proud to announce a new partnership with Blue Flame as a distributor of the Saleen S7 and S281 Saleen Mustang. In announcing this new partnership, Steve Saleen states, “We’re honored to have established a business relationship with Blue Flame. This relationship has already enabled numerous Saleen vehicles to be imported to Japan and we look forward to providing aftermarket parts and accessories by way of Blue Flame. This relationship answers the need for the Japanese car enthusiasts to get behind the wheel of the world’s top performing cars. Each and every 2006 Saleen S281 Mustang blends power with advanced suspension technology. Add Saleen’s styling which is shaped by the wind and car buyers have an exceptional competitive breed of high-performance cars.”

Saleen S281 4.6 Liter, 3-Valve Coupe

The 2006 Saleen S281 3-Valve Coupe comes equipped with a tire smoking 330 bhp. The Saleen S281 does not stop there as the Saleen’s S281 lower differential gear ratio of 3.73:1 delivers more off-the-line quickness and thrill-seeking responsiveness. The combination of aggressive power and performance run deep in the heritage of Saleen. Quarter window design trim and a leather-wrapped billet aluminum gear shift knob furthers the new 2006 design attributes that are just part of the distinctive styling available only on Saleen’s S281. The Saleen S281’s Racecraft suspension continues the legacy of the S281.

Saleen’s S281 4.6 Liter, 3-Valve Supercharged

Incredible performance is standard in the Saleen S281 supercharged coupe because the car comes equipped with 435 bhp. The engine offers 420 lb-ft @ 4000 RPM and the Saleen Racecraft suspension provides a standard Saleen 14” brake system. Every Saleen is an investment in quality and performance that makes sense for those who truly love to drive and have a passion for life.

S281 Coupe and Convertible Make Driving a Head-Turning Experience

The Saleen S281 3-valve, the S281 supercharged coupe, and the S281 supercharged convertible provide the ultimate in driving pleasure. Every Saleen comes standard with flawless aerodynamic styling which is another expressive benchmark that the Saleen brand is known for.

With an extensive list of standard features, the S281 supercharged coupe and the S281 supercharged convertible make for the perfect answer to fulfill the intoxicating infatuation that runs deep into every high performance car enthusiast.

“As Blue Flame is our first distributor in Japan, our goal is to establish additional certified dealerships within the East and to have Saleens seen on the street – not as often as Toyota or Honda – but as a head-turner – as it is in America,” commented Steve Saleen.