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Make: Ford
Model: Mustang Saleen
Registration number: PBB506
Year of manufacture: 1990
Meter indication (km): 72000 Km
Gearbox: Manual
Fuel: Gasoline
Maintenance: Full dokumentation
Vecicle status: Avställd (2017-09-30)
Road worthiness test: 2017-06-01
Inspection period: 2018-08-31 OBS: Bilen kommer att vara besiktad innan försäljning

90-0201 Saleen Mustang
90-0201 Saleen Mustang

Have any questions about the item?
Pelle Holmström

  • Ford Mustang Saleen
  • Current meter position 72000 Km
  • engine type: approx. engine 302 HO
  • Horsepower: 220
  • Body type hatchback
  • Number of doors: 2

The car will be inspected before the sale / auction ends.

The Ford Mustang Foxbody was manufactured between 1987 and 1993.

This is a Genuine Ford Mustang GT Saleen, 1990 a total of 256 pieces were made of 171 Hatchback, all are numbered with id tag and this is car no. 203, info at eg. https://soec.org/vehicle/mustang/

Original radio missing.

Elasticated top of door pockets a little soft.

Some parts are exchanged, for example. air filters, exhaust systems and light inserts, however, all original parts are still in good condition and included with the car.

The car is in un-renovated and in very good condition, full documentation from day 1, bought new by a Swedish who later took the car home as moving goods. Original manuals and sales brochure etc (it comes with a whole cover with various info and receipts).

More info in the files included.

All bids are binding and the service fee is charged on all items. The item is sold as is, with basic description, and NOT TESTED by the auction firm unless otherwise specified in the object description. The object description is done with the best of our knowledge but not binding in detail.

PLEASE NOTE! Any pallet and pallet accessories seen in the picture are not included unless otherwise stated in the description.

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During the third generation Mustang era, which saw the first production wave of Saleen Mustangs; US Ford dealers from coast-to-coast were analyzing and researching their ability to standout in the marketplace. From 1985 through 1993 a new Saleen Mustang could be ordered through any Ford dealer willing to submit the paperwork, but there were a select number of dealers who took on the role of becoming an “Authorized Retailer” for Saleen vehicles and product.

90-0030 Saleen Mustang
‘Impressor’ Saleen Mustang

Across the country, Saleen dealers sprout to life offering this blue oval “halo car” to a re-energized high-performance hungry audience. A few prolific Saleen Authorized Dealers would go beyond stocking the minimum units, becoming a regional (if not national) hub for Saleen vehicle sales. These large Saleen dealers would be the genesis for a number of ‘special order’ and oddly equipped vehicles built for an enthusiastic customer base seeking Fox-era super Mustangs from Saleen.

One such dealer is John Bleakley Ford of Lithia Springs, Georgia. From 1987 through 1993 it is estimated Bleakley Ford ordered 100 Saleen Mustangs for both dealer stock and customer orders. A few highlights were: Receiving six 1989 SSC models, seven 1990-93 SC Editions, three 1992-93 Supercharged cars and delivering three SA-10 models.

To the best of our knowledge, the Bleakley Ford “Impressor” dealer package began during the 1989 model year and was offered as a possible option for new Saleen Mustangs orders/sales through Bleakley. This equipment package presented a number of engine and chassis modifications not unlike what Saleen Autosport had created with their new SSC model. The main difference with the Bleakley Impressor, it allowed for buyers to customize their equipment while costing less than the $36,500.00 retail price for an SSC. The basics of this dealer package continued through the 1990 model year.

As of this writing, we do not know of a 1991 or 1992 model year Bleakley Impressor equipped Saleen Mustang. We cannot help to think the lessons learned with the Impressor project lead to the 1993 Mustang GX model by Bleakley Ford. -DB

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Continue below for 90-0030 sales details and photos.

Vehicle Specifications
Price: $25,000.00
Year: 1990
Mileage: 97,000
Condition: Excellent
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Grey
Transmission: 5 Speed HD T5
Final Drive: 4:10 with LSD
Engine: 5.0L
Drivetrain: RWD

From my personal collection comes this very special, and very menacing, 1990 Saleen Mustang. It is Saleen serial #30, and 1 of just 173 Hatchbacks built for the 1990 model year. It is also one of just a few original black cars.

But beyond all of that #30 is also one of just a few documented original Bleakley Ford “Track Impressors”, also known simply as “Impressor” cars. For a little background on all of this in the Fox Body years John Bleakley Ford of Lithia Springs, Georgia was the #1 Saleen Mustang dealer in the USA, and also an epicenter of Fox Body Ford Motorsport and JBA performance upgrades. Bleakley Ford was to Mustangs in the 80s and 90s what the original “Supercar” dealers like Yenko Chevrolet and Mr. Norm’s Dodge were to their respective makes in the 1960s. Most telling is the fact that Bleakley helped develop the 1989 Saleen SSC in house. The following “Impressor Stage 1″ and “Impressor Stage 2″ packages incorporated much of the SSC upgrades but also gave the ability for owners to go one (or more!) steps beyond SSC spec with “off-road use only” equipment from the JBA and Ford Motorsport catalogs.

And such is how #30 came to be one of the baddest 1990 Saleens to ever roll out of Bleakley Ford. It’s original owner, Rob Boetger II, went all-in with the Impressor options list when he spec’d it out in early 1990. #30 would be fitted with the full Stage 2 package that consisted of:

-Deleted intake silencer
-K&N air filter
-JBA long tube “big bore” headers”
-Full Dynomax exhaust
-Polished valve covers
-160 degree thermostat
-Computer reset and timing re-curved
-65MM Throttle body
-Ported EGR spacer
-1.72 ratio SVO roller rocker arms
-Champion plugs and wires
-P245 rear tires
-SSC-style Roll Bar

This package cost $2,595 on top of the base price of $25,440 of the car from Saleen.

#30 was also equipped from new with the following additions to the Stage 2 package:

-Chrome aluminum valve covers
-Subframe connectors
-Ford Motorsport “Z303″ camshaft
-HD “World Class” Tremec T5 transmission replacing the standard duty one from Ford
-4.10:1 ring and pinion
-Auburn HD limited slip differential

Out the door, after negotiating, #30 cost a staggering $30,021, or roughly twice the cost of a new 1990 5.0L LX Hatchback.

The original paperwork, much of it pictured here, documents all of this and is quite extensive. It includes the original Saleen window sticker, a copy of the original Ford MSO, an original Impressor brochure and price sheet, Saleen owner’s kit, warranty card, purchase contracts, application for title, letters from Bleakley Ford and more.

Today #30 is in excellent condition with 97,000 miles. During my ownership #30 has been thoroughly serviced including all new fluids, a full tune, new BF Goodrich G-Force tires in the correct staggered 225/245 sizes, restoration of the original Saleen wheels, a full wheel alignment, new brake rotors and pads front and rear, a new Ford Racing aluminum drive shaft, new Eibach progressive rate front coil springs to improve ride quality (the original Racecraft springs are included), and more.

Cosmetically the car has been repainted at some point in the past and the paint is exceptionally nice. There is one piece of the plastic body side molding on the left quarter panel where the black paint has flaked off of an edge. The body and chassis are clean with zero rust noted anywhere, however the JBA headers and exhaust have surface rust, as well as some of the suspension components that started life as bare metal from Ford. I have a clean CarFax in hand showing no damage history. The plastic lever from the recline lever on the driver’s original Flofit seat is missing, a common issue. The car also has no catalytic converters or smog pump just as it has been since the conversion to an Impressor Stage 2 + car in 1990.

As you can see from the video the car gets up and goes and makes a sound that is out of this world! I’ve driven it frequently during my ownership and it is very strong and a blast to drive. The A/C blows cold, all of the power accessories work as they should, and it needs nothing to hop in and enjoy. It is also the perfect car to show up with at any Cars & Coffee, SOEC meeting, or even be the star of any Radwood show! No matter the venue people love it when this car comes rumbling in.

The similarities between 1965-1967 Shelby Mustangs and these early Saleen Mustangs are many, and with good reason. But the one similarity that stands out is that in the future people will also say “why didn’t I buy a Fox Body Saleen when I could?” And of the Fox Body Saleens it would be really hard to go wrong with #30, or beat it in the “bang for the buck” category.

[Source: Colin’s Classic Auto]


Price: BID
VIN: 1FACP41E7LF205672
Condition: Used
Vehicle Title: Clear
Year: 1990
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Trim: Saleen
Engine: 5.0L 302Cu. In. V8
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive Type: RWD
Mileage: 37,900
Body Type: Hatchback
Warranty: Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Exterior Color: Red
Interior Color: Black/Grey
For Sale By: Private Seller
eBay #: 331968627260

90-0207 Saleen Mustang
90-0207 Saleen Mustang

You are looking at a nearly flawless example of the Foxbody Saleen. With 37,900 miles, this car has been meticulously taken care of. I am the second owner. I purchased the car to be a driver, and while I have driven it, it shows like a 10,000 mile car. The car is not 100% factory stock. The prior owner changed out the stereo system, installed a radar detection system, an auto alarm, subframe connectors, and a Magnaflow exhaust. I did not like the exhaust system, so I installed an SLP Loudmouth system and love the sound. Approximately 1,000 miles ago, I also had professionally installed a Kenne-Bell Blowzilla system. My instructions to Brads Custom Auto was for the car to be 100% reliable. With the custom tune they developed, the car put down 280 horsepower to the rear wheels. I have all of the pieces and parts to restore the car back to it’s prior induction condition. I would give the black/grey interior with grey cloth original Flofit seats a 10/10 for condition. I would give the exterior a 9/10 for condition. There are a few very small paint chips on the front bumper. The paint has a dime size crack on the rear deck, and the Saleen striping package has a small (less than 1/4″) scratch on the passenger side.

90-0207 Saleen Mustang
90-0207 Saleen Mustang

I am happy to take any pictures that a serious buyer would like to see. Buyer will be responsible for arranging shipping and all shipping cost. I will provide reasonable assistance in delivering the car for transport. I have used Thomas Sunday Auto Transport in the past.

This is an incredibly beautiful car in near perfect condition. I am well known in the Mustang circles in the Seattle, WA area. Feel free to talk to Brad Seibold, the owner of Brad’s Custom Auto about the condition of this car or any of my cars. You will not be disappointed.

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90-0096 appears to have been a special order car. Either for the first owner or stocking dealer.

In 1990, Wild Strawberry was a non-standard color for Saleen Mustang conversion. This exterior hue would have been an extra cost fee and required a drop-ship chassis (or locating a chassis through a dealer-stock search) to complete the request.

Wild Strawberry was introduced during the 1990 production year and replaced Medium Cabernet on the Mustang color chart. Three Wild Strawberry Saleen Mustangs are believed to have been produced during the 1990 and 1991 model years. One vehicle in each body style, making this color fairly uncommon.

The White & Red Ford leather and Ford stereo EQ sound system presented in 90-0096 would have also been special requests. By choosing these Ford options it deleted both the standard Saleen/FloFit cloth seating and Pioneer sound system during conversion.

By the numbers:
17 Saleen convertibles in 1990 had white leather seating. 13 of these were the special Emerald Green model. Meaning, 4 convertibles were NOT green and had white seating. Two cars were white, one car was Bright Red, the other Strawberry.

1990 Saleen Mustang Convertible – $23000 (New albany IN)

For Sale—-
It’s hard to believe that the older Saleen Mustangs are entering the ranks of classics, but consider this: The 79-93 Mustangs are now where the 65-73 Mustangs were in the 90s. They are older cars with a committed following. These limited-production, high-performance rides have held their value even better than a vintage Shelby did at the same age. Shelby Mustangs, of course, have surpassed Saleens in value, if for no other reason than age and availability, but they aren’t as plentiful today as they were in the 70’s.

This is a 1990 Saleen Mustang convertible decked out in red with striking silver appointments. At the tender age of 26 years old with only 23K original miles, 2nd owner, this gem is a rolling time capsule that offers a glimpse of life as it was in the 1990’s. Drop the top, sit back in the bucket seats, abundant leather and awesome entertainment. With a 5.0L H.O. engine, 5 speed shifter you can attack a curvy road with passion or grind away at the asphalt. This can be your dream car for only 23K.

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90-0019 Saleen SC
Last picture of 90-0019SC, the day before it was stolen.

Does anyone have any info as to where 1990 Saleen SC Hatchback #19 wound up? I bought the car from Jim Stafford at John Bleakley Ford in Lithia Springs, Ga. I only had it for a short time and it was stolen from my driveway in Riverdale, Ga. The thieves joy rode the car and burned it. The shell as well as the motor & drivetrain was last seen at the impound yard in Fairburn, Ga in 1992. I saw a post on here from someone claiming to have 90-0019 in red. 90-0019 was not a red car, it was black with silver decals and grey interior. It was also an SC, one of 13 SC’s built out of 256 total cars that year.


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