ASC SkyVu concept


New York, NY (March 20, 2008) – ASC, America’s Tier 1 automotive supplier of design and open air /body systems integrations and Saleen, America’s premiere automotive enthusiast brand have come together to deliver two new market-leading innovations wrapped in industry-leading style and performance:

  • ASC’s “InfiniStor” Power Tonneau System, featured on the Saleen S331SC, is sure to attract the attention of truck enthusiasts for its increased functionality and improved aesthetics.
  • ASC’s “SKYVu” Scenic Roof System, featured on the S281SC, is a natural evolution to Saleen’s market leading Scenic Roof, captivating the hearts and minds of coupe owners.

“The marriage of ASC and Saleen represents the perfect combination of performance and new product innovation,” stated Steve Laurain, General Manager of ASC. Marques McCammon, General Manager of Saleen Automotive replied, “ASC has been leading the market with engineered body system integrations for over 40 years and they have the largest independent automotive design organization in the U.S. I can’t think of a better partner for Saleen.”

InfiniStor Power Tonneau system

The new InfiniStor Power Tonneau System, featured on the S331 Supercharged sport truck, is a true innovation in truck accessories and feature content. The key fob actuated power tonneau system provides the consumer the opportunity to access the truck bed from either the cabin or tailgate side of the bed with the push of a button. This allows smaller cargo to be dropped into the bed in much the same way that you would access the trunk of a car or SUV.

For larger cargo, drive the tonneau system from the rear to the front to open the entire bed as the tonneau collapses to a small footprint of just under two feet. With the system in the closed position, Infinistor delivers security for cargo by virtue of the self locking drive system.

“The InfiniStor is designed to provide pick up truck manufacturers with real feature content in the truck bed,” said Laurain. “The system has production vehicle snow loading capacity equivalent to any convertible top in the industry and has been shown to increase fuel economy in some truck applications.”

InfiniStor’s automotive grade coated acrylic fabric top covers are both colorfast and durable as they are made from the same materials that ASC uses on Toyota’s market leading Solara convertible top and the Jeep Liberty “Sky Slider” Roof. The system and all of its components have been thoroughly developed to ensure robust function in hot and cold weather and in clean and dirty environments.

What’s best is that the system will fit nearly any truck bed in the market, can work seamlessly with most bed rail cargo systems, and if need be, can be easily removed from the bed all together when carrying extra large loads.

SKYVu Scenic Roof system

The second punch from the Saleen / ASC duo is the all new “SKYVu” scenic roof system. SKYVu is the ultimate hybrid of a scenic roof and a sunroof with the open air feeling of a convertible. This power roof system replaces the entire roof of the Saleen S281SC with glass allowing the consumer to experience a sun drenched cabin than can only be found in a Scenic Roof equipped Saleen coupe.

Then, at the push of a button, the glass paneled roof lifts open and slides over the vehicle backlight to reveal a roof that is completely open to the SKY.

“In the SKYVu, we have achieved a convertible experience without the weight penalty, and without the compromise of the coupe roofline that usually comes with the convertible,” said Chris Theodore, Chief Technical Officer of Saleen and ASC. “The result is a safer, faster, open air vehicle experience.”

SKYVu leaves the roof rails of the vehicle intact, allowing the vehicle to maintain core coupe structure that leads to chassis rigidity critical to ride and handling performance and does not compromise structural integrity of the vehicle in roll-over scenarios. It is a system based on proven and robust technologies that ASC executives say can be integrated into nearly any production coupe application.

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