By: N.A. on December 13, 2005

The Balfe Motorsport Team will graduate to the GT1 class of the FIA GT Championship next season after taking delivery of a 750 horse-power Saleen S7R chassis.

Shaun Balfe will be one of the drivers with the second seat in the car yet to be filled.

“It’s been a tough few months making the decisions to move to GT1,” said Newark Glass-backed Balfe.

“We had an incredible debut season in the FIA GT Championship with the Mosler this year.

“Whatever we chose for next year, we wanted to move forward. To score points is a must for me and it’s also what the team wants too. The move into GT1 will be tough. But it’s what we at Balfe Motorsport have always enjoyed.”

The battle for the title this year has proved the level of competition is fierce. As a driver, Balfe admits he is relishing the challenge of the GT1 class. From a team perspective though, he knows it will be a tough challenge in 2006.

“We know everyone in the team is revved up for next season,” he said. “From a driving point of view, it will add a little bit more pressure and it’s certainly going to be the toughest year of my racing career so far.”

The team has already taken delivery of the car and plan on a small test to allow Balfe to reacquaint himself with a GT1 machine before a complete rebuild over the winter months.