LOS ANGELES, March 7 — Dunlop Tires announced today that it has been selected to supply two high-powered Saleen Inc. limited-edition performance cars.

Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 275/35R20 tires will be standard equipment on the 4.6-liter, 325-horsepower Saleen Mustang S281 coupe, convertible and speedster models, Dunlop said. This is the first original-equipment fitment for the SP Sport Maxx tire.

To cater to the sport compact-car tuner market, Saleen’s nitrous- compatible Focus N2O features European rally car styling and agile, nimble performance. The sport compact will ride on Dunlop SP Sport FM901 tires, 215/40R17 on the front and 215/45R17 on the rear.

Andy Traicoff, director of Dunlop consumer tire marketing, said Saleen and Dunlop both “target ‘in-the-know’ drivers, who share passion for their performance vehicles and the driving experience.

“They know the differences between performance cars and performance tires. They understand the importance of lap times, 0-to-60 mph acceleration, g forces in a slalom and braking capability.

“Enthusiasts understand that it’s not just a Mustang. It’s a Saleen Mustang. It’s not just a Focus. It’s a Saleen Focus. And they understand that not all performance tires are created equal,” Traicoff said.

Saleen founder and president, Steve Saleen said, “I have a tremendous passion for cars, for racing cars and for driving. It’s not just the need for speed; it’s the thrill of driving a fast car. Saleen and Dunlop are a perfect fit.”

For 20 years, Saleen has transformed the southern California tradition of car performance building into a science. His manufacturing business has developed a system of mass customization. And many of his cars find their way into the movies, such as his Saleen Mustangs in 2 Fast 2 Furious and Hollywood Homicide.

Dunlop’s Traicoff said the brand’s flagship ultra-performance tire — the SP Sport Maxx — on the Saleen Mustang “enables drivers to experience pure racing-inspired technology every day.”

The SP Sport FM901 ultra-performance tires on the Focus N2O are engineered specifically for sport compact performance cars. The tire’s extreme directional tread pattern and wide tread profile provide exceptional handling, grip, even treadwear and a radical appearance that’s well suited for driving enthusiasts, Traicoff said.

Dunlop, a global tire brand for The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company , has an excellent reputation among performance car enthusiasts. Well known for its prestigious original-equipment fitments, Dunlop is also a key supplier to sport compact enthusiasts featuring “tuner” tire sizes and race series sponsorships. For more on Dunlop tires, go to .

Saleen vehicles can be purchased through authorized Saleen dealers. Each Saleen comes with serialized console and engine bay plaques that verify the authenticity of the vehicle. For more information, visit .