This week we celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the new Saleen Forums at soec.org.

During this past year we have increased our activity ten-fold over the previous year, thanks to a new forum design and an expanding membership. We are currently enjoying more than 13,000 visits and 80,000-plus page views per month, making this the most active Forum of its kind.

We are incredibly proud to have nearly 600 new owners and enthusiasts who have joined the Saleen Forums in the past 12 months, making this the premiere place to discuss Saleens online with nearly 1,400 participants total!

It’s especially rewarding that many of you come here to seek authoritative information and news about the hobby, or to obtain help or guidance about your vehicles — and when asked, numerous people step-up to help, and that’s really what this community is all about.

Certainly a driving force behind the success of Saleen Forums has been the vast historical library of Saleen sales literature and related publications that has been archived at the new soec.org website by SOEC Historian and Webmaster, Dave Bruno. If it were not for his passion for documenting these past 25 years of Saleen history, we would not have the audience we have here. This has been a multi-year project involving hundreds of hours, and it will be enjoyed and referenced for generations to come.

And many grateful thanks to Liz Saleen and SOEC President Debbie Blaylock who inspired us to collaborate on this collection — to help current and future owners learn about these exciting vehicles.

And certainly a gracious thanks goes to Greg Wackett of Saleen Locating Service (http://www.saleenls.com) who loaned us much of his precious collection and offered a tremendous amount of moral support as well as invaluable expertise.

Here’s to another year of Aiding the Addicted.™

Happy Anniversary!

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