By: JAMES FOXALL on July 31, 2005
Original Article: NEWS OF THE WORLD

Fast Lane

At last the Americans have Saleen the light-they’ve built a supercar with its engine BEHIND the driver.

This latest version of the awesome Saleen S7 is the most powerful American motor in the world. With explosive performance it uses sheer brute force to see off far pricier Italian motors such the Ferrari Enzo, Pagani Zonda and Maserati MC12.

The front and rear of the body have been redesigned to cut air resistance by 40 per cent and increase downforce by 60 per cent. The suspension has also been reworked to incorporate a second set of springs.

The brakes are some of the most powerful on a production car anywhere in the world-and have to be. The Saleen has 100bhp more power than the Enzo and packs 170bhp more than the biggest Lamborghini.