2006 S281 Supercharged w/ Scenic Roof


Text & Photos: REDMOSESSC

Hello fellow Saleen enthusiasts, I’ve been lurking on the site for a bit, I’ve made a few posts and a thread trying to brush up on my Saleen details because I was making a deal on a 2006 Saleen S281, I bought it!

It’s a long story, I tried to buy this car about two years ago before I bought my current 2007 Mustang GT convertible. The dealer had it in the used lot, over time and several visits they finally came down to a price we could both agree on. The car has 5k miles on it, it has some little things to fix here and there, but its clean. The car was built in 2006 purchased in ’07, the dealer was the second owner, I still have the warranty until May!

I like the color, but yellow is not really my thing, I would never buy a yellow car. The Scenic Roof was really the hook for me, i love convertibles, but this Scenic Roof is the ultimate compromise. The seats are so much more comfortable and better looking than my GT, it has a blower, suspension work, large brakes, it just has a lot of stuff I’ve already done to my GT, but with a tons of icing on the cake. I had to have this car, its the best worst decision I’ve ever made.

Its been snowing, so I haven’t been able to drive much, but so far its fun! Great low end torque, its sunny in the car, even in the winter!

It’s an Irvine, CA car, its also an early Glass Roof, its also Supercharged, its also YELLOW. I get that feeling that the build #’s of this combo are small.

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