Phil Frank Carbon Works


Renowned Designer Phil Frank introduces PFD Carbonworks
Celebrates 20 years of design work

June 10, 2011 – Portland, Oregon, Phil Frank, the man behind the design of the legendary Saleen S7, launches his exotic component business PFD Carbonworks. His twenty years of design innovation in the automotive and product domains have set the tone for the world of high performance aesthetics. From Nike watches and eyewear to shaping America’s True Supercar, from carbon fiber furniture to brand building, four generations of performance vehicles to premium retail experiences – while many people may not realize it, it is quite likely that they have coveted one of his many designs.

As a design consultant via *pfd, the 45-year-old Oregon native has been instrumental in designing the brands, vehicles and products of numerous companies. As an entrepreneur, he has focused his experience, time and resources into establishing PFD Carbonworks – dedicated to performance and innovation components for the automotive exotic enthusiast.

Each PFD Carbonworks component is digitally designed and CAD sculpted by Mr. Frank to ensure the highest quality production surface data for the optimal fit and finish befitting the exotic vehicle market. High performance materials, “Made in USA”-manufacturing, exacting standards and quality control ensure ultimate weight reduction and best-in-class fit, finish and quality which exotic car owners and enthusiasts demand.

The PFD Carbonworks development process includes digitally scanning of vehicles to ensure precision tolerances to within 0.135mm. Original designs are then digitally developed, refined and evaluated for aesthetic beauty and precision. Large format CNC machines are used to create flawless patterns with perfect symmetry from left to right, something rarely accomplished in the exotic vehicle component world. After that, precision autoclave molds are created for production of each bespoke carbon fiber component.

Each Limited Edition PFD Carbonworks component goes through a rigorous quality control cycle and is eventually signed off personally by Mr. Frank to ensure his name befits the end product. From here, the component is authenticated, dated and serialized prior to delivery.

The first PFD Carbonworks component available is a carbon fiber front bonnet for the first generation Lamborghini Gallardo, designed to complement the crisp lines and dramatic body of the original, while retaining an appropriate amount of the evolving Lamborghini Design DNA from vehicles such as the Reventón, Sesto Elemento and Aventador. The subtle vanishing center facet and the minimally exposed carbon fiber weave of the diving blade surfaces make a dramatic and modern visual statement. The results are stunning yet refined and elevate first generation Gallardos into a league befitting current and future Lamborghini offerings.

The second PFD Carbonworks offering is a carbon fiber aerodynamic trim package for the Audi R8 which includes front splitters, side splitters and a Gurney lip spoiler – each component designed to complement the sinuous lines and crisp details of the R8 while achieving aerodynamic performance gains.

The material richness and beauty of these carbon fiber components is enhanced by their incredible strength and minimal weight. Production begins in July, while complete packages or individual components can be ordered now. Similar design solutions for the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, the Ferrari 458 and the Aston Martin Vantage are in development.

The third PFD Carbonworks product line was envisioned as a convergence of automotive design, material richness and sculpture for enthusiast’s environments – the dramatic and visually minimal PFD Carbon Fiber Spyder Tables are a compliment to any exotic car owner’s lifestyle garage, entrepreneur’s office, bespoke living room or luxury yacht.

Each PFD Spyder Table is constructed to the same exacting standards as the automotive components, including the carbon fiber chassis, billet aluminum hub and the 12mm beveled, etched and tempered glass. The built to order Serialized Limited Edition PFD Spyder 2323 End and PFD Spyder 5325 Coffee tables are available for purchase now.

PFD Carbonworks founder Phil Frank concludes “For twenty years I’ve been designing behind the scenes for other brands via *pfd and I will continue to do so. However, by establishing PFD Carbonworks, I’ve chosen to design what I love for myself and the exotic car enthusiast community”

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