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MONTEBELLO, Calif., February 7, 2014 – Global automotive leather leader Katzkin expands its performance vehicle acumen with leading edge interior design patterns created for Saleen’s 30th anniversary vehicles, on display at the Chicago Auto Show, February 8-17, in McCormick Place. Katzkin and legendary high performance manufacturing trailblazer Saleen are both celebrating 30 years in the business and their partnership reflects a strong desire to remain authentic and true to the modern day enthusiast market.

By blending the ultimate in American muscle with the global leader in automotive interior transformation, automotive enthusiasts not only have a chance to admire a great product, but can sit inside and feel the type of affordable luxury that can be created within their own performance vehicle. Both the Saleen SA-30 (30th Anniversary) 620 Camaro and 570 Challenger, complete with Katzkin designed “snowball black and white” interiors, will be on display at Saleen’s booth depicting a bold statement in performance and personalization.

Chicago is the second in a series of road shows in which Katzkin and Saleen will be partnered, and presents an opportunity for the leather leader to bring its own high quality design, materials and execution to one of the most well-known high performance niche coach builders in the country. Together, both brands deliver on the promise of unique personalization.

According to Brooks Mayberry, CEO for Katzkin, the ability to show Katzkin interior designs on Saleen concept vehicles adds to what has already become an exciting design story for Katzkin. “Our primary differentiation from any competitor is our ability to provide personalization that expresses individuality for both the consumer and the vehicle,” said Mayberry. “By teaming with Saleen within the auto show circuit, we’re opening channels to an enthusiast audience that may not have realized just how cost-efficient and easy it is to obtain a customized interior that meets their own personal taste.”

With the addition of Dave O’Connell, chief designer for Katzkin (who came on board in 2010), Katzkin has engaged design as both a core value and a supporting pillar to the company’s world-class marketing strengths. The collaboration with Saleen first began through a personal relationship O’Connell and Steve Saleen shared through their involvement at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Calif., where O’Connell is an alumnus and has been an instructor since 2001. While working on a recent project together at the school, a level of trust and professionalism became a catalyst to create the concept designs.

“Innovative design stems from passion — a value both Katzkin and Saleen can share,” said O’Connell. “And our own company culture has embraced design as a way of doing business,” he continued. “The first step is not only to understand the vehicle, but more so, the buyer. That way we can merge super-high quality, state-of-the-art manufacturing and a customization process to collectively provide customers affordable luxury opportunities that are not only exciting, but express the personality of both the vehicle and its owner.” Consumers can discover these interiors for their own vehicles at .

The Katzkin interiors on each of Saleen’s 30th anniversary models were designed to match the 30 anniversary theme of each vehicle. Only 10 each of the 302, 570 and 620 models will be produced, and the 302 has already sold-out, with very few remaining of the 570 and 620 limited production models. Consumers can view the 620 Camaro and 570 Challenger, along with several other specialty Saleen vehicles during the Chicago Show.