IRVINE, Calif., (August 20) – Mustang performance enthusiasts rejoice! Saleen Inc., the acknowledged leader in aftermarket parts for America’s favorite ponycar, has announced the immediate availability of their advanced “MaxGrip” rear end differential for all late model Ford Mustangs. The brand new unit incorporates the latest in mechanical traction control technology, and drastically improves the handling characteristics of the entire car.

The Saleen “MaxGrip” kit features a viscous fluid-type limited slip unit that acts as an open differential until it detects a change in rear wheel speed due to slippery conditions or application of high torque – easily done in a high-performance Mustang. When this occurs, a special pump forces fluid against an internal multiplate clutch to compensate for the speed difference in the differential. The greater the speed difference, the greater the pump output. The beauty of the Saleen “MaxGrip” system is that it uses this hydraulic control to “tune” the performance of the unit including aggressiveness of clutch engagement and maximum torque bias in putting power to the rear wheels.

What does all this mean for the Mustang enthusiast? The MaxGrip unit not only enhances the straight-line and launch characteristics of the vehicle, but it also greatly increases cornering performance at entry, apex and exit. According to Steve Saleen, “the new MaxGrip is one of most cost effective additions a Mustang owner can make to their car.”

A complete overview of the Saleen Performance Parts line-up is also available on our website at Catalogs and additional technical information can be obtained by calling the Saleen Performance Parts specialists at (800) 888-8945.

MaxGrip Differential Technology

Fluidic device with progressive torque biasing performance which is tunable to the requirements of the vehicle.

How MaxGrip Works:

The MaxGrip differential includes a gerotor pump that is connected across the differential. The inside of the pump is connected to one side of the differential and the outside is connected to the other side. When there is a speed difference across the differential, which can occur when one wheel looses traction due to slippery conditions or application of high torque, the pump PUMPS! The greater the speed difference, the greater the pump output. The pressure and flow from the pump is used to actuate a wet, multi-plate clutch. The friction from the clutch is used to return the speed difference to near zero at which point the pump stops pumping and the biasing effect goes away.

The MaxGrip Provides:

  • Robust: Low duty cycle results in very long life
  • Fail Safe: If MaxGrip fails for any reason, the axle functions similar to an open differential
  • Value: Outperforms other devices at a competitive cost