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Looking for a special Saleen?

If you are like Associate Editor Johnson and like to torture yourself, or you are really in the market for a Saleen of your own, Greg Wackett has the site for you. They will help you find, authenticate, and buy a Saleen. For the full press release and linkage, follow the jump…

The Saleen Locating Service proudly announces its new website geared to provide Saleen enthusiasts and collectors a single venue to pursue everything Saleen. Founded in 1991, the online service at now provides access to a myriad of resources to help share with new owners in the hobby what it means when Steve Saleen coined the phrase, “Power in the Hands of a Few.”

Saleen enthusiasts are encouraged to log-on to whether they are buying or selling a Saleen or related parts and memorabilia. “All purchases are private transactions, so sellers as well as buyers should do their research,” reminds founder and president Greg Wackett. “Anyone in the market for a Saleen should utilize the library of resources available at our partner site hosted by the Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Club at At SOEC, enthusiasts will find the most complete archive in the world of Saleen literature, vehicle production figures and other historic sales materials.

But before a final transaction is made, a buyer should always consult with Saleen’s own Team Saleen ( to verify the authenticity and original equipment of a potential purchase. Performing your due diligence is key when making any investment,” reminds Greg. “Unfortunately there have been quite a few ‘tribute’ cars built over the years that have been mistaken for the ‘real McCoy.’”

“Our mission is simple,” says Greg. “From the start, our goal has been to provide an exclusive venue for Saleen enthusiasts to trade authentic Saleen vehicles as well as parts and collectibles, and we have always maintained that integrity,” he continued.

As an introductory offer made possible in part by the Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Club, ads for new or used Saleen vehicles for sale are complimentary to dealers who are part of the Saleen Certified Dealer Network. Members of SOEC can also run complimentary ads at Saleen’s own executive fleet and press vehicles are also advertised with the service, which makes it an ideal venue for those seeking a piece of Saleen history.

Saleen Locating Service on the on the Web:

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Having founded the Saleen Locating Service in 1991, Greg Wackett has gained an intimate understanding of the appeal of Saleen vehicles and the individuals who are drawn to them. That same year Greg also helped to co-found the Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Club (SOEC), the only officially-recognized and supported organization representing the marque. Greg’s inspiration and enthusiasm for Saleens dates even further back, to when Steve Saleen first introduced his unique Mustangs to the public for the 1984 model year – an exciting new brand which brought exclusivity and performance to a handful of enthusiasts.

As more and more of these serialized vehicles were produced, it became apparent there was a need to facilitate the market of previously-owned Saleens. That need inspired extended discussions with Liz Saleen, then company matriarch and director of Team Saleen, publisher of the official Saleen Registry. The two explored ideas about how to distribute a list of available cars to those who were potentially interested in them. It soon became apparent that it was important to also track the market and provide a mechanism to help establish values of used vehicles – yet Saleen had no staffing resources to provide such services and at the same time needed to remain independent of that function. So with Saleen’s encouragement and blessing came the birth of the Saleen Locating Service. Over the years and through grassroots efforts, hundreds of these lists were either mailed, faxed or e-mailed, and have been regarded as the “must have” resource for every collector in the hobby. It is know that when the fax machine rang at Saleen’s headquarters with the latest Saleen Locating Service report, countless employees were perusing the list for those “must have” vehicles.

The Saleen Locating Service, in conjunction with the historical archive at the Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Club website,, offers authoritative historical resources including original vehicle specification documents and other literature to ensure that Saleen shoppers can be well-informed. While acting as independent organizations they do share a common goal to promote the hobby, truly making these resources for Saleen enthusiasts, by Saleen enthusiasts. SOEC member David Bruno is not only creative director for SOEC’s website and its publication, “Saleen Alley,” but he has also served as curator of these archives which have been years in the making, and his dedication to his craft is clear.

The Saleen Locating Service was also instrumental in getting the limited-production Saleen vehicles listed in the NADA Guides publications to help track and provide authoritative pricing information – an essential aspect of the collector car hobby – and efforts continue to expand recognition of the brand. The service links to an archive of Saleen pricing guides, production numbers, press information and other historical literature on SOEC’s website, and also reminds buyers to contact Saleen for authentication of a particular vehicle before purchase.

Having personally owned and traded well over a dozen Saleen vehicles (he and his wife currently own four, plus two pedal cars), it’s an understatement to say that he is passionate about this hobby. Over the years he has given hundreds of hours of his time to such efforts as supporting the Saleen/Allen RRR SpeedLab racing team, contributing to “The Saleen Book” by Brad Bowling (, as well as volunteering at numerous shows, corporate open houses and at other Saleen events across the U.S.

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