Some of you already know we have our new forum online — finally. I regret it took so long, but it took a few server software upgrades and some blocks of spare time (coinciding with bouts of enthusiasm) to work through the kinks and bring the ideas to life. Some ideas are still to come to fruition.

The new forum launched Tuesday night, and is the final major link in David’s vision of what the Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts website should be. Interestingly, like myself, he is not yet a Saleen owner, but someday hopes to be.

Many of you may not know that this hard-worker has certainly put a thousand hours (if not two thousand or more) into the content available at SOEC’s website, never mind the re-design of Saleen Alley and his contributions to the forum. Thank goodness for his yearn for learning and his willingness to dedicate his blood, sweat and tears into this. It is a collection of works that we all should be proud of, and hopefully it will help us to stay motivated to increase our presence in the Saleen hobby.

This forum launch also concludes the phase-out of content at as it has been migrated over to Some of you may recall that in 1998 or 1999 we lost our original domain name,, and were forced to come up with Back in early 2003 became available again, and we snatched it up. And starting about two years ago when David wanted to re-do the website, we launched the new content on — starting with a clean slate.

All e-mail addresses — and even links to “existing” content — are in the process of being migrated to their new counterparts, or soon will be. When the phase is complete, anyone attempting to visit will instead be routed to, and likewise with the e-mails, so nothing should get lost.

Those of you who have not yet registered for the forum — please register and let me, Wayne or David know if you need a hand.



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