With the Introduction of Its Expedition/Navigator Supercharger

TROY, Mich., June 20 — Saleen’s SpeedLab division has released its acclaimed Series VI Twin Screw Supercharger for model year ’07 – ’08 Ford Expeditions and Lincoln Navigators, providing both muscled acceleration and around town drivability.

The Expedition / Navigator gets serious power from SpeedLab’s series VI twin screw supercharger with two stage water-to-air intercooling system. Your right foot will command an additional jaw dropping 100 horsepower & over 100 lb/ft of torque at the rear wheels.

So the next time you strap on your 8500 lb performance sport boat, do so with confidence knowing that your ride has an additional 60 lb/ft of low end torque at your disposal. Passing is no longer a white knuckle experience with your SpeedLab supercharger pumping out an impressive 30% improvement in 45-65mph passing times.

“SUV owners today need tremendous versatility out of their vehicle,” states Michael Lingo, Vice President & General Manager — Aftermarket Division, “so whether you want to catapult yourself from 0-60 mph in under 7.0 seconds, tow your boat to your favorite lake, or simply deliver the soccer team to practice — this supercharger delivers with minimal effect on fuel economy.”

SpeedLab engineers spent countless hours on the dyno and road testing this supercharger kit to ensure the optimal balance between power, drivability and durability. The result is a daily driving experience that provides the boost needed for uphill acceleration, towing, and confident passing.

The Saleen S331 Sport Truck provided the DNA to the Expedition/Navigator supercharger so rest assured that you will receive the quality and reliability you have come to expect from Saleen, a true OEM manufacturer of specialty vehicles. SpeedLab will provide an industry best limited warranty further demonstrating its commitment to manufacturing excellence and customer satisfaction.

The Supercharger is available through Saleen’s SpeedLab Division. Call today at 800-888-8945 to speak directly with your Saleen SpeedLab specialist.

Since the company’s inception in 1984, Saleen has produced thousands of complete and EPA certified vehicles, more than any other specialty automobile manufacturer. In addition, Saleen has equipped more than 600,000 vehicles worldwide, further emphasizing their capabilities and commitment to excellence.

A nine-time Manufacturers’ Champion in GT sports car racing, Saleen manufactured the American super car — the Saleen S7, as well as the S281 Mustang, S331 Sport Truck and the Saleen/Parnelli Jones Limited Edition Mustang as well as the new Dan Gurney Signature edition Saleen. In addition, Saleen provided all paint and assembly of the Ford GT as a special project for Ford Motor Company. Saleen is also currently providing paint and subassembly for the Dodge Viper SRT-10. Saleen’s World Headquarters is located in Troy, Michigan.

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