The Saleen Store


A New Era in Automotive Retailing Roars In!

July 29, 2006 – IRVINE, CA – From the high-performance specialty automotive manufacturer, Saleen (, now comes, THE SALEEN STORE!

Opening today, in the Irvine Spectrum, Orange County, California, is The Saleen Store. Saleen has created a unique shopping experience that will undoubtedly set a new standard in the automotive and the retail industry. The Saleen Store is so different that it has created a buzz, and that buzz has traveled almost as fast as the world’s fastest production car, the Saleen S7.

Extreme Experience

“Anything with the Saleen name attached to it has to exceed our uncompromising standards”.  Founder & CEO of Saleen, Steve Saleen states, The Saleen Store is a total brand experience — whether it’s through our legendary vehicles, aftermarket performance parts or hot new apparel, we guarantee a unique shopping experience”

“We have split our store in half, covering lifestyle and the technical performance side. On the lifestyle side, you’ll find a unique Saleen-branded performance automotive clothing line, posters and memorabilia.  As for the technical side, we’ll have people and interactive displays that can answer practically any question one might have about automobile performance,” Says Steve Saleen.

For car enthusiasts who have followed Steve Saleen and his Saleen Mustangs for over two decades it is not surprising that on one side of the store they are literally standing in the middle of a Saleen Extreme Mustang. Newcomers will see a vehicle dissected down the middle and will only emphasize the fact that The Saleen Store is truly one of a kind. There is an immediate realization that Saleen is passionate about its performance vehicles by exposing every detail of the Saleen Extreme, from the engine, drivetrain, to the suspension – viewers will see the technology that goes into the manufacturing an Extreme Saleen Mustang that produces 550 hp and 500 ft-lb. of torque.

On Display & Seamless Selection Service

Adding to the definitive drama of The Saleen Store are the cars currently on display:

  • The 435 hp Supercharged Saleen Mustang
  • The American Supercar, the 750 hp Saleen S7

Knowledgeable Saleen personnel are ready to talk about the innovations, technology, and performance figures of all Saleen models.  Discovery test drives will be available.

The Saleen Store can help to arrange vehicle purchasing, financing, administering trade-in assessments, as well as provide buyers with genuine Saleen Speedlab Aftermarket Parts sales and installation.  Guests considering purchasing a new Saleen will find it easy to do so with The Saleen Store’s zip-code-based referral service.  This seamless referral service originates at The Saleen Store and concludes at the guest’s nearest Saleen Certified Dealership.

Feel the Excitement

“Our guests can also experience the exhilaration of driving a Saleen S7 when they use our in-store race simulators. We have two state-of-the-art driving simulators, on which a Saleen S7 can race on some of the world’s famous racetracks,” says Steve Saleen.

“It’s a remarkable simulation that gives you a lot of feedback, so you feel every bump of the track, and the sensation of going up and down hills.  You can program the same specs as a real Saleen S7R race car – from the tire pressure to the percent of slip between the left and right tires.”

If that is not enough, The Saleen Store has a Saleen N2O Bar.  For people, menu items range from ice cream, water, soda, Red Bull and oxygen.  For their cars, nitrous oxide and hydrogen are available.  The store is sure to encompass a full-range, high-octane ambience for everyone.

Saleen Style Now A Fashion Statement

Visitors to The Saleen Store will have the opportunity to choose from the Saleen fashion collection. The current Saleen apparel line celebrates exceptional investment, exotic design, and exclusive ownership – the same attributes that are the same uncompromising standard in every Saleen vehicle. The Saleen line includes everything from hats, to leather jackets, to driving shoes, and beyond. Also available are Saleen-branded watches, pens, and other fine gifts.

Saleen – Born of Racing

Steve Saleen’s high-performance history delves beyond the first Saleen Mustangs that went on sale in 1984.  As a race car driver, Steve launched his racing career in 1969, where he competed in his first time trial. He then proceeded to win the first race he entered in 1970, and then moved to a professional racing career from the 1970’s through the 1980’s and 1990’s ranging from the Formula Super Vee, to the Formula Atlantic, and later to sports cars, truck and Indy car series.

Based on his racing and manufacturing successes, Steve catapulted the company to new heights by entering the luxury supercar niche in 2000 with the Saleen S7, at the famous Pebble Beach Concours de Elegance in Monterey, California.  By the following year in 2001, the race version was introduced – the S7R, and was quick to dominate racetracks around the world during its inaugural season. The Saleen S7 went on to win four Drivers’ Championships in four different series – American LeMans, European LeMans, Grand Am and Spanish GT!  Inside The Saleen Store, Born of Racing is a historical graphic tribute to all things that began and continue Saleen.

In the Heart of the O.C.

The Irvine Spectrum located in the heart of Orange County hosts over 11 million visitors each year. Steve Saleen comments, “People come for dining, entertainment, shopping and just gathering. It is a microcosm of the California lifestyle and our nation. With our Irvine manufacturing plant just minutes away, we have an exceptional opportunity to reach out to the consumer. Also, our representatives can schedule factory tours.”

Saleen – The Specialty Vehicle Manufacturer

As a Specialty Vehicle Manufacturer since 1984, Saleen offers a range of high-performance vehicles. The Saleen Extreme S281 (Supercharged and 3-Valve), S331 Sport Truck (Supercharged and 3-Valve), and the Saleen/Parnelli Jones Limited Edition Mustang, to America’s Supercar – the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo.

Everything at Saleen is literally built from the ground-up, by skillful hands.  The Saleen staff consists of a wide range of designers, R & D engineers and production team members that works together pushing the envelope of development, manufacturing, and certification of high-performance specialty vehicles.

“We truly see The Saleen Store setting a new standard for the future of automotive retailing,” said Steve Saleen.

More About Saleen

Saleen second factory is located in Troy, Michigan.  Like the Irvine facility, the Troy facility manufacturers the Saleen S281 Mustang inventory and will continue to assemble and paint the Ford GT through the end of its 2006 summer run.  Afterwards, Troy will begin to manufacture the S331 Sport Truck and the Saleen/Parnelli Jones Limited Edition Mustang.

Internationally, Saleen has expanded manufacturing efforts in Canada and in Saudi Arabia, as well as adding distributors in Japan, Italy, and Mexico. Saleen continues to grow domestically with the Certified Saleen Dealership network across the U.S., which is slated to reach nearly 300 dealers by fall of 2006.

On TV or at a Theatre Near You

In recent years, both the Saleen S7 and the S281s have been featured in the Hollywood limelight, and their demand continues to grow.  Appearing as “God’s Car”, the S7 arguably stole the show in “Bruce Almighty”, and later starred in 50 Cent’s music video, “Candy Shop”.

The S81s have had cameo appearances in “Hollywood Homicide”, “2 Fast 2 Furious”.

Well-Traveled History…What’s Next?

In the world of retail, no less!  As Saleen has established a prolific history in racing, automotive, and manufacturing, this only scratches the surface of what’s to come from Saleen.

The Store is Saleen’s latest journey to bring…

  • Extreme Performance
  • Exotic Design
  • Exclusive Ownership
  • Exceptional Investment
  • Experience It

You’ll find Saleen, Power in the Hands of a Few ® at the Irvine Spectrum!

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