April 26, 1986 – Sears Point Raceway was the maiden race for the Saleen Mustang in the Showroom Stock Endurance Series. Heads were spinning from logistical nightmares of the season to follow. Only 6 races but -would you believe – 80 hours of race laps, 56 wheels, 337 tires, 1,500 gallons of race gas, 2,025 gallons of tow gas, 16,200 miles of towing, 117,600 airway miles, 72 hotel rooms, 18 rental cars, 24 mouths to feed, 120 gallons of coffee and 6, yes, 6 driver egos all in the space of one 23 ft. motorhome. “We definitely had our work cut out for us!” said Team Manager, Steve Saleen. With the addition of the second Saleen at Nelson Ledges 24 hours – “What do you mean – it’s time for another pit stop!”

When you think about it – endurance racing is like – well come to think about it – I don’t want to think about it!