Las Vegas, NV – November 3 – SOEC/Saleen Forums News — At the opening day of the 2009 SEMA Show, Steve M. Saleen and his SMS Supercars unveils the production version of the SMS 296 Supercharger™ System for the 2010 Mustang featuring the efficient SMS Duo-Path™ Induction (patent pending).

With over 30 years of racing and supercharger experience, Steve M. Saleen and the SMS design team have partnered with the leaders in the industry to create the ultimate solution for performance enthusiasts with their innovative SMS 296 Supercharger™ System. The new supercharger is able to boost under-hood horsepower by up to 45% in a variety of engine configurations. The SMS 296 Supercharger™ System is standard on the 475- and 650-horsepower 2010 SMS 460 Mustang, the 500- and 700-hp 2010 SMS 570 Challenger and the 550- to 750-hp 2010 SMS 620 Camaro. The system can also be ordered separately and installed into existing vehicles through SMS Superparts, Steve Saleen’s Performance Parts Division.

The SMS 296 Supercharger™ System is the eighth generation supercharger system to grace the engine bay of a Steve Saleen vehicle. This modular system is designed to fit a wide variety of modern vehicles and engines including Dodge Challenger R/T and SRT8, Chrysler 300, Charger R/T and SRT8, Camaro LS and two generations of Mustang GT.

SMS 296 Supercharger™ System features the LYS32M3 compressor module by Lysholm® for SMS, which puts out an astounding 32 cubic meters of air per minute. This patented screw compressor technology increases horsepower while reducing fuel consumption compared to similarly powered normally-aspirated engines.

SMS Six-Pack™ Intercooler System

The patented SMS Six-Pack™ Intercooler System features six cylindrical 0.2mm micro-fin Laminova® intercoolers which provide more than 60% additional cooling, flow efficiency, reduced pressure drop and air charge temperature cooling compared to traditional box-type intercoolers. This optimized system features 2.5 gallons of coolant, single-pass coolant flow, a 90 l/min water pump, dual-line coolant hoses and a high-volume dual pass heat exchanger to handle the most extreme horsepower configurations.

SMS Duo-Path™ Induction

The SMS 296 Supercharger™ System for the 2010 Mustang features the innovative, efficient and beautiful SMS Duo-Path™ Induction, which divides the cold air induction behind the throttle body and air box into two symmetric paths to the rear intake of the compressor. This dual-path system maximizes the flow cross section in the tight engine compartment of the Mustang, while also functioning as an aesthetic enhancement by obscuring the clutter associated with the top of the engine.

SMS Power Boost Efficiency

The innovation and internal efficiencies of the SMS 296 Supercharger™ System enable the system to deliver major horsepower gains within a 5-7 PSI boost range in most engine applications, with the benefit of reduced component fatigue for longer engine life.

SMS Tailor Made™ Options

The SMS 296 Supercharger™ System innovation continues on the outside as well with SMS Tailor Made™ custom finishes and powder coat color options for those horsepower enthusiasts who wish to match the impact under the hood to their rear wheel output! SMS offers custom-built systems to most specifications from its extensive list of options, including polishing, painting and anodizing of the castings and components.

SMS Superparts

At the 2009 SEMA Show, Steve Saleen also announced the formation of SMS Superparts. A subsidiary of SMS Supercars, the new venture will be a source for all Mustang, Mopar and Camaro enthusiasts to locally locally the new SMS296 Supercharger and have it installed.

Please visit for more information. For a broad understanding of the workings of superchargers please visit SMS Supercars and SMS Superparts will be at SEMA, in the Main Hall at booth 24965.

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[Source: SMS Supercars]