Final 2016 S302 White Label


This is a cool opportunity to get a unique build, as “last of” cars often give a Saleen a desirable provenance for the rest of its life. And not only that, it looks like a great deal for a lucky future Saleen owner! Buy it while you can!

From our friends at Saleen Automotive.

Final 2016 S302 White Label, $44,995.00

One of our good dealers had a 2016 left in their inventory. So we picked up this car and brought it to California for some sunshine and Saleen treatment. This car is being converted to a White label with Black label upgraded wheels and painted calipers. The car is a 400A with leather interior and a manual trans. I am helping the dealer move this unit since they are under snow, buy converting the car. This car is going to have an MSRP of $51,824. For a last minute Christmas gift you can purchase this car for $44,995. The car will be done by Christmas and available to ship to have before the first of the year. This is a non California emissions car. For inquires call Saleen Headquarters and ask for Vehicle Sales. Price does not include tax or license fees.

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[Source: Saleen Automotive]