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From our friends at Saleen Motors International.

Lin tournament debut “Forest City”
Who Supercar Performance and Practicality cannot be Reconciled?

(2016-05-09) As the majority of the people in mind I’m the first city exhibition brands and the Southwest Automobile Exhibition industry’s leading brands, the sixth grand Guiyang International Motor Show will be held at the Guiyang International Conference and Exhibition Center May 5 to May 9.

2016 Saleen "Black Shadow" Mustang
2016 Saleen “Black Shadow” Mustang

This time, the race Lin brand will serve as a benchmark for American supercar bring its most classic cars – Mustang Race Lin Guiyang Motor Show debut in the Chinese market, but also strive to continuously promote the positive energy of the American ultra-running culture. This is also the season since 2014 declared Lin officially entered the Chinese market in southwest China set foot in the second.

On this show, exhibited a total of two tournament game Lin Lin Mustang, one of which is highly favored by consumers, “Paul Walker California sun commemorative edition of” familiar game Lin brand must know that this is a special paint color Mr. Steve Lin tournament in honor of his beloved disciples, but also one of the race cars Lin shareholders Hollywood actor Paul Walker’s sudden death and personal development.

5.0 liters engine, equipped with a unique super match Lin mechanical supercharger, and after the race Lin program overall tuning horsepower reached 710 hundred meters acceleration 3.5 seconds, it is the king of the beast!

2016 Saleen "Black Shadow" Mustang
2016 Saleen “Black Shadow” Mustang
2016 Saleen "Black Shadow" Mustang
2016 Saleen “Black Shadow” Mustang

Another is the “Black Shadow” 2.3T Sport Edition Mustang race Lin, do not underestimate the strength of the TA, 350 horsepower, a hundred kilometers acceleration 5.0 seconds, the torque is up to 518 meters twist! For everyday home, while driving even enough to shine on the track TA. Do not believe? Then with a look at the TA game Lin masters of “love” is reflected in where:

*Game Lin program intake
*MangaFlow exhaust system
*ZR rated tires
*Track-level chassis tuning
*World-class master repairer vehicle optimization

2016 Saleen "Black Shadow" Mustang
2016 Saleen “Black Shadow” Mustang

“Mustang” The car has been since the birth of 52 years, has come today in the world with more than 800 million car owners and crazy love ten million fans, courtesy of two masters repairer effort and merit, one of whom race Lin founder of the car, known as the “godfather of American supercar” Mr. Steve Lin tournament, he is the American dream founder S7 supercar, but also through years of careful research and development will single-handedly pushed the Broncos this classic car peak.

As the importance of the Southwest market, Lin Chinese race will be the first day after the end of the show, that is, May 10, in Guiyang expand “Lin Mustang race test ride” so that more consumers to experience the race car lin the unique and close to the people. (Test ride please visit Guiyang International Auto Show 7-11 tournament Lin booth inquiries)

Lin in the game, we advocate the slogan: “a man who can afford to open the ultra-running.”

American ultra-running culture tells you that ultra running performance and practicality of combining the original is not so far away!

Finally, fans welcome friends to visit Guiyang International Auto Show 2016 Booth 7-11, Lin car race experience to bring you the ultimate experience.

Lin race, few people can control the ultimate power.


[Source: Saleen Motors International]