Talk Beauty With Molly Saleen


By: LOREEN on January 20, 2016
Original Article: COUCOUJOLIE.COM

Molly Saleen is the daughter of Steve Saleen, automotive pioneer of Saleen, Inc. Molly is now the Vice President of Retail Operations for Saleen Inc. Molly has helped launch the Saleen Challenger in 2008, the Saleen 302 Mustang in 2010, and the Saleen Camaro in 2012 providing the market with a fresh take on the new muscle car era. She has also received industry recognition with the release of its patented ultra efficient SMS 296 Supercharger system. Molly has also been designing a women’s racing inspired fashion line. Molly doesn’t just do retail in the car industry she also races. She is one of the few known female NASCAR drivers.

I asked Molly what some of her favorite products were and this is what she said.

My favorite 3 products are:

I absolutely love the Osmosis Skincare Gentle Cleanse; It has a great minty feeling to help you feel really clean without drying your skin. After cleansing I moisturize with Bio Peptide Cream by Image Skincare since I have sensitive skin its organic and very hydrating and smells amazing! Lastly, I always have MAC’s Candy Yum-Yum Lipstick and pair it with their Shock Value Lip Liner in my bag as I’m obsessed with this hot pink look plus it matches my car!

I would recommend to regularly receive a facial treatment or peel to give your skin a healthy glow, I frequently visit Katie at Flawless Skin & Body as I am also in and out of my race helmets, getting facial treatments are a key component for fabulous skin. Also, I would totally recommend an organic airbrush tan, it doesn’t leave you orange or have you worrying about streaks!

Follow Molly on Instagram @MollyPopPink.

XO, Loreen

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