BREA, CA. September 15, 1987… After 122 years, Atlanta was on fire again, Saleen Autosport came to town. Bearing 3 Saleen Mustangs and 2 Saleen Sportrucks, the track at Road Atlanta on Sept. 6 & 7 “felt the heat”.

Out of 5 vehicles representing Saleen Autosport and its sponsors, they took home a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th.

In a 6 hour SCCA Escort Endurance race the Saleen Mustang #19 driven Steve Saleen & Rick Titus took 1st, the #20 “ladies team” of Desire’ Wilison & Lisa Caceres took 2nd and newest entry #9 piloted by Trans-Am and Indy star Pete Halsmer and Danny May took 4th. All 3 cars finished on the same lap and all 3 cars led at some point during the 6-hour event.

The Saleen Sportrucks had their best finish yet in the Coors Racetruck Challenge with Steve Saleen, team owner and designer, finishing 3rd in his #20 and Pete Halsmer in the #19 finishing 6th after losing the lead due to an “altercation” with a Nissan and a subsequent flat tire.

The “Saleen March” through the South continued on to Memphis and to the brand new Memphis International Motorsports Park for the 6th round of Coors Challenge on Sept. 12 & 13.

Steve Saleen and Pete Halsmer returned to field #19 & #20 Saleen Sportrucks against the best of the imports. Nissan, Toyota and Jeep had proved to be the fiercest competitors for the Ford Ranger, but the “March through Georgia” kept up the steam through Tennessee and brought home a first win for Ford and General Tire in the new Racetruck series.

The Saleen Sportrucks grabbed a 1-2 lead in the first turn and showed their off shore buddies the rear bumper view the remainder of the race.

Saleen Autosport, Ford, General Tire, and all the associate sponsors are appreciative of the support received by the team at every location across the country. We continue on to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course for the second 24-hour race of the year. The heat is on!