A message from Mark LaMaskin: VA window banner law update!!! – Today, 12:04 PM

Well a few thousand dollars and a court verdict and we have WON!!!!!!!

Inspection Bulletin #328
From Captain Ronald Saunders

To all inspection stations

Subject Windshield Shadebands and Tinting Films

Currently, inspection regulations do not permit film or darkening material to be applied on the windshield except to replace the sunshade in the upper most area as installed by the manufacture of the vehicle. However, at the Federal level,it has been discovered this is only a concern when tint is applied beyond the AS-1 line.

In order to be consistent with Federal guidelines, 19VAC30-70-210, paragraph 11, Glass and Glazing of the official State Police Manual will be revised to reflect this change.

Effective immediately, Sun shading material on the windshield displaying words lettering, numbers or pictures that do not extend below the AS-1 line are not considered items for inspection.


Mark @performance autosport

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