Nonserialized Production

Nonserialized Production

1987-89 Saleen GT
1987 1988 1989 TOTAL:
Hatchback 1 X X 1
Convertible X X 2 2
TOTAL: 1 X X 3
Editor Note: One 1987 Mustang GT was accidentally serialized. In 1989 Saleen Autosport produced two Mustang GT conversions. These convertibles featured the following equipment:

  • Racecraft Suspension
  • Four wheel disc brakes & 5-lug conversion
  • 5-spoke 16×7″ & 16×8″ Saleen/ARE wheels w/ General tires
  • Saleen rear wing
  • Saleen/Momo steering wheel w/ cruise control
  • Saleen 170MPH gauge cluster
  • Automatic transmission
  • Smoke grey interior w/ cloth Ford Articulated Sport seats
  • Titanium tu-tone lower paint

Both convertibles wore unique exterior color schemes. One was Oxford White, with a white top and white wheels. While the other was Scarlet Red, with a black top and grey wheels.


1989-1990 California Edition GT by Saleen
1989-1990 California Edition GT by Saleen
1989 1990 TOTAL:
California Edition GT by Saleen 50 60 110
Editor Note: The 1989 & 1990 California Edition GT are typically painted Oxford White with grey interior.  These “zone specials” were produced using Mustang GT hatchbacks with the Ford factory sunroof option and a number of convenience features like power windows, power locks, cruise control etc.  Saleen installed equipment were white painted 16×7″ mesh/basket-style ARE wheels, lowering springs and teal green ID exterior decals.


1992-1993 GT Sport by Steve Saleen
1992 1993 TOTAL:
GT Sport by Steve Saleen 4 44 48
Editor Note: During the 1993 model year, Saleen Performance produced a number of Sport Editions with polished 16″ 5-spoke ARE wheels and deleted the trailing wing extension from conversion package.  A convertible GT Sport package was offered for 1993.  Convertible conversions received the familiar Saleen wing seen on serialized cars.


1994 V6 Sport by Steve Saleen
1994 TOTAL:
V6 Sport by Steve Saleen 29 29


2007-2008 Saleen Sleeper GT Supercharged
Body Style 2007 2008 TOTAL:
Saleen Sleeper GT S/C Coupe 7 8 15
Convertible 1 1
TOTAL: 8 16
Editor Note: The 2008 Sleeper Edition program was a means to liquidate Mustang GTs that were for Gurney conversion.  These were Vista Blue and Performance White coupes.  As of this writing total production is unknown.


2007-2008 Harley-Davidson F-150 Supercharged
Exterior Color 2007 2008 TOTAL:
Harley-Davidson F-150 S/C Black 711 566 1277
Dark Amethyst 133 133
TOTAL: 844 566 1410
Editor Note: Saleen Troy produced the HD F-150 S/C for Ford Motor Company. The Supercharged option features the following equipment:

  • Saleen Series VI supercharger
  • Dual stage water to air intercooler
  • 39lb. injectors
  • Hi-flow inlet tube
  • Saleen “Powerflash” performance calibration
  • Performance air filter