2014 Sturgis Mustang Rally Review


The Sturgis Mustang Rally was held on August 27-31, 2014 with rally headquarters at the Thunder Dome in . The event has such a family atmosphere that long time event staff member Dan Jacobsen referred to the event as a “Family Reunion”. One of the event sponsors was the local Saleen dealer, Scott Peterson Motors Sturgis Ford which formerly was Jacobsen Ford. Saleen Automotive was also a sponsor. Over 800 Mustangs were registered for the event with 578 Mustangs registered for the Saturday Show & Shine.

Sturgis Mustang Rally featured events included the following:

Mustang Rodeo in which the Mustangs drove through the course and both the driver and passenger had to lasso a few horses and toss bean bags for points.
Sponsor: Classic Design Concepts
Prizes: Trophies & $300, $200, and $100

Cannon Bull Run to the Carbon Shooting Complex for a competition shoot, a drive to the Moonshine Gulch Saloon, and a return drive through the beautiful and winding.
Prizes: $200, $100, and $100

Launch Box Competition in which each participant started in the launch box and raced to the stop feet away.
Sponsor: Shelby American
Prizes: $300, $200, and $100

Burnout Competition to produce smoke for a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 90 seconds.
Sponsor: LateModel Restoration
Prizes: $500, $300, and $200

Black Hills Poker Run to Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Custer State Park, Hills City, Keystone, and Deadwood. Participants collected stamps that were redeemed on Sunday to draw their poker hand.
Prizes: $200, $100, and $100

Autocross Competition.
Sponsor: Gateway Classic
Prizes: Sweet 16, 1st – 16th, trophies and share $1,800

Mustang Barrel Racing and Drifting.
Sponsor: Recaro
Prizes: trophies and $300, $200, and $100

Dyno Competition.
Prizes: $50 King & $50 Queen plus t-shirts

Mustang Drag Racing.
Sweet 16, 1st – 16th, trophies and share $1,800

Saturday Show and Shine Competition.
Sponsor: Scott Peterson Motors Sturgis Ford Saleen Dealer
Prizes: 1st and 2nd place photo plaque awards in each of 62 classes plus 5 Choice

Loud American Loud Pipes Competition to “prove that those Mustangs have more than just good looks”. Prizes: Unique “LOUD PIPES” trophy and Sturgis Jack Daniels Single Barrel

Saturday Mustang Rally Auction at the Knuckles Saloon where “Everything Mustang Sells!”

Mustang Sturgis Parade

Steve Saleen had his usual autograph sessions on Saturday at the Show and Shine and on Sunday at the Thunder Dome.

A highlight of the show was the Sunday Dice Roll for a special edition Sturgis Mustang Rally Mustang. Once again this year the Dice Roll Mustang was a Special SMR Black Label Saleen 302. Saleen was the sponsor for the Dice Roll. To go with the theme of the event, the Saleen had “Deadmans Hand” and a graphic of a card hand with “Aces and Eights”. The Saleen was a black coupe with a Red Butterfly hood. Each registered participant had the opportunity to roll 6 dice, each with only one letter on one side to make the word “SALEEN”. No one was able to roll “SALEEN” so the car was auctioned on Sunday.

Steve Saleen was the guest speaker at the Sunday evening banquet. He opened his talk with a statement that he was mad that no one knew how to spell “SALEEN”. Of course he was referring to the unsuccessful “SALEEN” dice roll that was held just before the banquet.

Steve Saleen gave a talk about his current projects. He has a new distributor in China.  His wife, Liz, and daughter, Molly, had to miss the SMR to attend events in China. Steve had photos of his Saleen S7 at the 2014 Beijing International Auto Show, the new Saleen FOURSIXTEEN all electric Tesla S, and the rendering of the 2015 Saleen 302 Mustang. On display by the stage was an impressive collection of Saleens representing several custom Saleen colors – Lizstick Red, Orange County Orange, Tire Smoke White, and Beryllium. A ChromeMolly Saleen was on display under the Saleen tent.

The Sturgis Mustang Rally has something for everyone. Mark your calendars for September 2-6, 2015.

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