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TROY, Mich., July 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Automotive Performance Industries LLC (API) and its partner companies announced today that they expect to bring 300 new jobs to southeastern Michigan by the end of 2014 as they expand a specialty-vehicle business. Automotive Performance Industries is an umbrella company that consolidates auto suppliers working in the high performance, showcar, fleet specialties, engineering services, and vocational vehicles market.

“Automotive Performance Industries has set the stage for our partner companies to expand and hire more people and to gain new contracts,” said Karl Storrie, API president and the former president and CEO of Dura Automotive Systems. “As a result of the recent downturn, a lot of these companies went out of business. We are consolidating companies to gain synergies and to provide them with the facilities to bid on contracts they could not bid on before because they lacked the factory space.”

In mid-June, API moved into a facility with deep automotive roots formerly known as the “Saleen building.” The site was once used to build the Ford GT and Saleen Mustang and to paint Chrysler’s Viper sports car. The 183,000-square-foot facility, which is located at 1225 E. Maple Road, features a $7-million specialized paint system known as “High-Bake.” The High-Bake system operates at temperatures up to 325-degrees Fahrenheit and provides an OEM with a high-quality paint surface far beyond the capabilities of most factory paint shops.

“Our partner companies do mechanical work, make parts and assemble complete vehicles,” Storrie added. “In addition, they modify complete vehicles in this highly modern facility.”

API has ambitious plans to make southeastern Michigan a hub for the specialty-vehicle business.

“The long-term goal is to build this business to more than triple its current size,” Storrie said. “We would also like to expand the product lines into other areas such as defense and medical. We do very well in the fabrication of parts and painting.”

Two anchor companies, Alternative Automotive Technologies and Classic Design Concepts, are now operating in the new API facility.

“Individual partner companies will operate under the API banner, but will maintain their company and product identities,” Storrie said.

Alternative Automotive Technologies, a contract manufacturer, is at work modifying the 2012 Chevrolet Camaro into a 700-horsepower $100,000 specialty vehicle. It also builds engineering vehicles for a wide range of customers. Alternative Automotive Technologies is owned by Bryan Chambers, who formerly worked at Saleen Performance and supplier MSX.

The second anchor tenant, Classic Design Concepts (CDC), is a premier manufacturer of automotive parts for American performance cars. CDC has been an innovator in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of quality restyling components for enthusiasts and OEMs for over 22 years. CDC is the supplier for well-known projects such as Mach1, Lincoln LS-E, and Shelby GT350, to name a few. George Huisman is the founder and CEO of Classic Design Concepts.

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