The crowd looked on as Black Label Saleen 302 was unloaded.


Photos by: Betsy & Rudy Beyer

Since Saleen is located in Corona, California East Coast fans didn’t have an opportunity to see a 2015 Black Label Saleen 302 in person. The debut of the 2015 Black Saleen 302 was in Los Angeles on March 20, 2015. The debut car was painted in a new Saleen Signature color, California Sunset. The color is a bright gleaming yellow that changes tones as the amount of sunlight changes, like the California setting sun.

A Beryllium Black Label Saleen 302 was displayed at the April Knott’s Berry Farm show on April 19, 2015 while the California Sunset Black Label Saleen 302 was in a China.

The Ford Nationals in Carlisle, Pennsylvania was the East Coast debut of the 2015 California Sunset Black Label Saleen 302. The car hauler trailer arrived around 3:00 P.M. on Saturday, June 6. Excited fans crowded around the Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Club tent as Saleen staff, Derek Hall and Dan Webster off-loaded the Saleen from its trailer stall.

At this point a chef would have passed out samples of the delicacy that was just prepared. Steve Saleen didn’t distribute samples of the car, but patient fans did receive a free autographed poster of the new Black Label Saleen 302. In addition to the posters, cards with the Saleen 302 specifications and Sturgis Mustang Rally magazines were passed out.

While Steve Saleen signed posters, the Black Label Saleen 302 remained on display in front of the SOEC tent. The curiosity of the crowd was satisfied, and the desire for a new Saleen was been awakened for many fans.

After the autograph session, seven Saleen vehicles participated in the parade to downtown Carlisle to park and remain on display for the evening. After the parade, the group went to dinner at Apple Bees.

The Supercharged Black Label Saleen 302’s starting price is $73,214. If you are currently unable to fulfill the desire own a Supercharged Black Label Saleen 302 with the full body Saleen makeover, then other versions are available. The naturally aspirated Black Label Saleen 302 starts at $62,362, the Supercharged Yellow Label Saleen 302 starts at $53,720, and the naturally aspirated White Label Saleen 302 starts at $42,754. Check out for details.

In the past, Saleen Mustangs were together on the Showfield, but other Saleen vehicles were scattered in their respective class based on the Ford model. This year Carlisle Events added a Saleen Powered Class so that all Ford/Saleen produced vehicles could be parked together.

The Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Club was pleased to host Steve Saleen’s appearance at the Carlisle Event. Thank you to all of the Saleen owners who helped with many tasks. Also thank you to Ken Appell and the Carlisle Events staff for their help. Lance Miller and Bill Miller (great friends but not related) are the owners of Carlisle Events. Under their direction the Carlisle Ford Nationals has become a great place for our Saleen owners to gather and share their enthusiasm for Saleen “Power in the Hands of a Few”.

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