95-0010 S351 Speedster




All 1994-99 S351Rs came with the base Vortech 351 Supercharger kit pieces which included the T-Rex Boost-A-Pump (External) located in front of the fuel tank (between tank and axle) and an inline 255 in the tank (Internal) hence the Dual Fuel Pumps designation from Saleen as on S351R MSRPs. They came with the Vortech Boost Retard Ignition box and the “Dial-A-Retard” knob. They also all had the FMU running off of Vacuum Boost. The set up was standard fare in the day but complete junk now.

When we just finished re-working and retuning the Mystic S351R, which has a 408 Eagle Forged Stroker Kit in it now, we got rid of a lot of this crap and boy am I glad we did.

In the end, we went with:
* Aeromotive 304 lph In-Tank Fuel Pump (#A-11140)
* Anderson Big Pump In-Line Fuel Kit (#KITAF-6294)

Replaced all the Fuel Lines front to back with Aero-Quip properly sized units.

* High-Flow Saleen/Vortech (Just Use Vortech) Fuel Rails
* Siemens/Deka High Impedance 60 lb Fuel Injectors (#MTN-SD60)
* Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator (External not rail mounted since Vortech Rails do not have Regulator mount)

* MSD 6AL CD Ignition (#MSD-6420)
* MSD Universal Ignition Wiring Harness (#MSD-8874)
* MSD Blaster TFI Coil (#MSD-8227)
* MSD Pro Billet Ready to Run EFI Distributor (#MSD-8451)
* MSD Extra Duty Distributor Cap (Black) (#MSD-84083)
* Taylor 10.4mm 409 Pro Race Spiro-Wound Spark Plug Wires (Red) (#TAY-79267)

* Anderson Power Pipe Vortech Induction Kit (1995 – 5.8L) (#AF-0102C)
* Anderson Air-Filter and Mass Air

* Moates Quarterhorse Computer Tuning Chip (#QH1)
* Moates Binary Editor 2010 + EEC Analyzer
* Moates EEC Editor Software from Paul Booth EEC4 DEF+DLM (#EEC4 DEF+DLM)

We have a ton more stuff on the car from Snow Boost Methanol Injection, smaller Boost Pulleys, etc., etc. various other fine tuning things.

life_2012_95-0010_019.jpgYou have to understand that in the mid-90s, what Saleen put out was all there was. You could not put larger injectors on without drivers, etc. We put the Moates chip in because it gets rid of the stupid FMU and Retard box set-ups. In the end, if all your internals are strong and in great working order, concentrate on the weak-points of the S351R, which are ignition, fuel and tuning. Well heat can be a problem too, but sounds like you have that liked already. We put in a Busch Grand National Spec Griffin Dual Pass Aluminum Radiator in the Mystic S351R (ala 1999 S351R spec) Cured the heat problem right there.

Basically the problems on the early cars were they did not have forged internals and running as lean as they were, “Kaploowy”. 99s had Forged Internals which in addition to the new edge body style is why people want them. However they too had problems with ignition, fuel and tuning to get the most out. All Saleen S351Rs did.

The good thing is when you get the balance right, the right parts installed and get them tuned for your altitude and location, they are downright awesome. Nothing else like it out there. However without the right guy to work on them and dyno tune them properly, it is very hard to get them running optimally so do not be hard on yourself.

On our re-work we had to send some parts back to the manufacturers because they were not in spec to work properly. The perfect balance makes all the difference.

This winter I am doing a major detailed write up on everything we did to the Mystic S351R with part numbers, etc. to get 579 RW HP and 648 RW ftlbs out of it at 91 degF and over 6,000 ft altitude with zero detonation or issues. It can be done but the big thing is do NOT cheap out on the parts you out on it to make this work and you have to go with the right tuner with patience to dyno tune it properly.

Hope some of this write up helps.


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