1994 Saleen commercial shoot


From our friends at Saleen Automotive.

1994 Saleen commercial shoot
1994 Saleen commercial shoot

“TBT… did some driving for a Saleen commercial around 1994… some footage also being used for ND Spark Plugs (to my recall.) This was taken just after coming through Turn 9 at Willow Springs at speed, and then slowing to draft the ShotMaker camera truck. Steve Saleen is in the yellow driving suit.

We later ‘mixed it up’ on the track with Steve in a yellow supercharged Saleen S351, while I drove a red Corvette. There were a lot of driving moves performed to add more excitement on camera, rather than taking the correct (and smooth) line all around the track.

It was a nice ‘day at the office.'”

Photo credit: David Parcell

[Source: Saleen Automotive]