Corona Chamber of Commerce Manufacturing Award


From our friends at the Corona Chamber of Commerce. – Congratulations to Saleen Automotive in Corona CA for winning the Corona Chamber of Commerce’s Excellence in Manufacturing Award for the first quarter of 2015!

Saleen Automotive, commonly known as Saleen, is an American manufacturer of specialty high-performance sports cars and high-performance automotive parts.

They manufacture 2000+ cars a year in the heart of Corona, CA.

Saleen is known worldwide for developing purposeful design elements to create the world’s best performing vehicles.

In fact, the Saleen S7 is so aerodynamically advanced, that at speeds greater than 160 MPH, the car’s aerodynamics create a down force that exceeds the weight of the car, therefore giving it the ability to corner unlike any other vehicle on the road or track.

Saleen’s streamlined vehicle development process enables products to move from concept to customer in record time. For example, the Saleen S7 went from initial design concepts to the unveiling in nine short months.

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[Source: Corona Chamber of Commerce]