Following in the high-octane wheel tracks of the hugely successful Cannonball Rally, a cavalcade of outrageous cars, daredevil drivers and madcap thrill seekers will make history in just four months time when the lights go green for the Great American Run.

Set to be the largest motor event in North America, four-hundred drivers will set off from four different destinations, slugging it out on a coast to coast race to one final destination in an epic extravaganza of man against machine. The limited entrance quota is almost fulfilled, meaning few chances remain to be in with a chance of walking away with a limited edition Cannonball Rally 600bhp Saleen Mustang and automatic entrance into next year’s $1 million event.

With one hundred drivers per route, the Great American Run start line spans four cities – Miami, FL; Atlanta, GA; Washington D.C. and New York City, NY.

After a cross-country trek through strategic checkpoints in destinations like New Orleans, Indianapolis, San Antonio and Las Vegas, all roads will eventually lead to Los Angeles. But before crossing the finish line, every competitor will be given the chance to spin their wheels at the historic Willow Springs Raceway. Pitting thoroughbred Ferraris against muscle-bound Fords, breeding counts for nothing on the Great American Run.

“Whether you’re tearing up the pavement in a Lamborghini or a Lincoln, Mini or Maybach, it’s not the metal that counts but the spirit you bring it with,” explains Tim ‘Maverick’ Porter, event organiser and veteran of seven European Cannonball Runs. “The trophy does not necessarily go to the first team to cross the finish line. Rather a target time has been set for each stage of the rally. The winning title will be given to the driver posting the nearest time overall.”

An adventure of a lifetime or race against time? The choice is yours. Pitting professional petrol heads against those of a more sedate nature, the Great American Run covers 3000 miles in just one week.

Starting on July 29, the 2007 event harks back to the Hollywood heydays of the early 1980s when Burt Reynolds’ Cannonball movie inspired a generation of road rallies.

This version of the event however has a thoroughly modern twist – a limited edition Saleen S281 ‘Extreme’ Mustang custom-built and modified by Saleen Inc., manufacturers of the world’s fastest production car, gifted to the title holder.

The stunning performance vehicle benefits from an additional 50 horsepower upgrade on the standard 550 horsepower, 525 lb-ft of torque, Saleen’s patented racecraft suspension, six-speed transmission, graphics package and internal and external performance enhancements.

The last to roll off a production line of twenty-five, the prize Mustang bears an 18 carat gold plated chassis placard attesting to its limited edition status. Its twenty-four siblings are for the exclusive use of race entrants.

Entrance to the 2007 Great American Run is strictly limited to 400 drivers and their sidekicks. To reserve your place for the adventure of a lifetime, visit For competitor information in the UK call +44 (0)1403 276191 or US toll free on +1 800-619-8593.

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