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All The Expected Saleen Fun-to-Drive Characteristics And A Very Affordable Price

DETROIT, Jan. 11, 2005…When Saleen introduced the N2O Focus last year, we were delighted by its immediate acceptance by the ‘Fast and Furious’ sport compact crowd. Equipped with chassis, engine and aero components developed from Saleen’s two decades of racing a nd the manufacturing of fully certified high-performance street machines such as the Saleen S281 Mustangs, the N2O Focus offers a dynamic driving experience featuring 150 horses in a great-looking package.

Of course the ‘Fast and Furious’ customers loved the extra rush of power when they tipped into the N2O’s nitrous bottle. But then a funny thing happened. We discovered that the N2O Focus had a much broader appeal than we expected. Enthusiasts of every age were buying the N2O Focus.

These sophisticated buyers were telling us they might otherwise have chosen a Mini Cooper or an Acura RSX. They also told us they are much more likely to check the option boxes for the extreme performance Pirelli Corsa summer tires and the Saleen high-performance 12-inch front brake system than they are to flip the switch that activates the Saleen designed, engineered and fully integrated nitrous system. These are Saleen customers who find the N2O’s 150 bhp and 150 lb-ft of torque more than sufficient for their kind of performance driving.

So to meet these demands, Saleen is introducing a second Focus model for 2005, the S121 Focus. Under the hood is the same new 2.0-liter, all-aluminum, doubleoverhead-cam, 4-valve, 4-cyliner engine found in the N2O minus the nitrous system. It’s equipped with the same free-flowing Saleen performance center exhaust system used with the N2O and the 4-cylinder is connected to a slick-shifting manual with a performance 3.82:1 final-drive ratio identical to the one used in the N2O Focus. Just what the doctor ordered for aggressive launches and close-ratio shifts.

Both models are perfectly content running on less expensive 87-octane fuel. But premium 91-octane fuel is recommended for the N2O for maximum power with the nitrous.

Lurking underneath the S121 Focus is the identical Racecraft suspension found on the N2O. Included are Saleen front and rear springs, N2 struts, anti-roll (stabilizer) bars and pivot bushings. At each corner is a 17 x 7-inch aluminum alloy wheel and a high performance Pirelli tire, 215/40ZR17s up front and 215/45ZR17s at the rear. Under the hood you’ll find a Saleen strut tower brace bolted across the engine compartment to stiffen the chassis and provide more precise steering and handling. Finishing touches include a Saleen high-performance wheel alignment and a precision calibrated chassis.

The S121’s rear spoiler versus the N2O’s bi-plane rear wing differentiates the two models externally. The N2O also has a hood scoop not available on the S121. Otherwise the aero packages are identical.

Inside, both models are identically equipped and detailed with special Saleen features including a speedometer with white-faced gauges, performance driving pedals, short throw shifter, shift knob, custom floor mats, various trim accents and, obviously, unique identification and badging for each of the models.

Every S121 is available with every option—12-inch-brake system, Pirelli Corsa tires, Saleen Powertech entertainment system, special paint colors—offered on the N2O.

So now there are two Saleen Focus models to choose from. Both provide handling, performance, style, sophistication, refinement and the pure driving pleasure expected of every Saleen automobile. The N2O offers 75 extra horses “on demand” when you open the nitrous barn door, and it’s affordably priced at $26,519. The new S121 Focus is also a great value at an even lower price of $24,445.

Ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy the dilemma!