07-0022H Speedlab 302


Update from Bob.


I have managed to get to two Saleen events at dealerships; one in Niles, MI where they had the S7 and S5 on display as well as the New Hudson, MI event. The only car show I have managed to get the vehicle in was the Carnival of Cars at the Packard Proving Grounds in Shelby Township, MI. I received an award/placard for “most outstanding vehicle” in my class.

I have attached some photo’s taken just before and most recent (two of which are at a classic show at Coyote Joe’s Friday event). I also included a “spy” photo of my car while in Troy. You can see the corporate Parnelli car next to mine. On the other side was a red S7 under a plastic cover.

I know it’s late, I will still send you two or three “quality” photo’s in a nice spot with proper lighting. I was hoping to have the Nitto’s with stretched Heritage rims on for them as well. This is due to be complete on Wednesday.

Ps. Since I have also met three additional Saleen enthusiasts with vehicles and hope to attend an event with all present (2 SN95 bodies both SC’s and one 2005 S281SC)

Bob McQueen