07-0022 Speedlab Heritage


A note from Bob McQueen regarding his recently delivered Speedlab modified 2007 Heritage Edition.


I just got the car back and have not had an opportunity to take any “quality” photos; but I do have some.

The car is a 2007 Heritage bumper #22. It was purchased from Russ Milne Ford with the side window delete, rear window sport louver, 373 rear gear, and the 475hp supercharger was added before I took delivery. After driving the car it did not take long for me to realize that I was into the rev limiter extremely fast and although the car was extremely nimble I missed the higher torque range I had been accustomed to with vehicles previously owned.

After reviewing information with Keith Batko the General Manager of Russ Milne Ford (I call him Mr. Mustang as he not only has vast knowledge of Mustangs and Saleen products but has one of the larger collections in Michigan) I decided to have the car sent back to Saleen for the engine to be pulled and stroked to the H302 specifications with forged internals, increased intercooling capacity, additional fuel delivery, and performance clutch. Saleen recommended that I upgrade to the 6 speed Tremec transmission but I was already beyond my budget so I chose not to opt for that this year (I had also added the front brake system, Watts Linkage at the rear, Rockford Fossgate sound system and painted valve covers with Saleen logo for the shows, H302 hood for added cooling, and Saleen gas door). For this reason the motor is not tuned to capacity as Saleen did not feel comfortable with the stock transmission.

With the changes made all I can say is that this car is wicked. It handles better than I could have imagined and the power is phenomenal. Next year I will certainly add the Tremec, tune, and some tires that will handle the power and suspension! This car offers the best of two worlds; style and handling; Muscle and power!

Bob McQueen