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ANAHEIM, Calif. / April 29, 2008 / — Techco International today announced its new DynoJet 224xLC Dynamometer service is now available to serve performance enthusiasts throughout Southern California.

Capable of accurately measuring the rear wheel horsepower, torque, speed, RPM and air/fuel ratio of any 2-wheel drive vehicle, this dynamometer features Eddy Current Load Absorption as well as Torque Cell and Dynamic Load Control software that performs loaded tests including step, sweep and aerodynamic drag simulation. If you have a specialty, exotic, hot rod, modified Ford GT or even a stock Mustang, Techco professionals can cater to your dyno needs.

Techco will also soon start offering engineering, tuning and maintenance services, as well as performance parts, and is housed under the same roof as SMS Limited USA.

To make an appointment for a dyno run, or for more information, please contact Techco at (714) 408-9550 or

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