00-0387 S281 Supercharged Speedster, Extreme Rainbow



Extreme Rainbow became the first optional Saleen custom color to capture both media and enthusiast attention. Developed by BASF, a partner in the Horse of a Different Color contest of 1996 that produced a one-off Extreme Mystic S351, Rainbow took a baton from Ford Motor Company by continuing to offer color changing pigments for mass consumption.

Introduced through BASF’s Extreme Colors line, Rainbow would become a long running staple in Saleen’s custom color chart. From late 1996 through 2009 Saleen produced 19 vehicles in this retina blasting hue.

One such vehicle is 00-0387, a unique S281 Supercharged Speedster loaded to the gills with optional equipment. Current owner, Johnny Elias, located 00-0387 by way of a popular internet auction site this past winter. No stranger to New Edge Saleen Mustangs, Johnny captured 00-0387 with much anticipation.

Produced in May 2000 and delivered to Marietta Ford, #387 features a laundry list of optional Saleen equipment. Beginning with an S281 Supercharged convertible, #387 hosts the following: Heat extractor hood, 10″ rear wheels, tire upgrade, chrome wheels, 13″ front brake upgrade, Saleen/Recaro leather seating, Saleen floor mats, carbon fiber accent trim, and Speedster package.

For the 2000 model year Saleen produced 974 Mustangs, 203 were Supercharged convertibles, 178 featured 5-speed manual transmissions and 94 were Speedsters. Of those, 19 had Saleen/Recaro leather seating with four featuring carbon fiber trim.

Of the 974 street Mustangs produced for the model year, eight were painted a Saleen custom color.

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