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CLOSER LOOK: 1998 S281 COBRA (98-0075)


98-0075 S281 Cobra
98-0075 S281 Cobra

When Saleen Performance debuted their new S281 for 1996, they resumed to offer a mainline model that featured familiar styling and suspension upgrades on the SN95 Mustang. Introduced as an entry-level, serialized Saleen vehicle to complement their labor-intense and performance juggernaut S351; this first generation of S281 returned Saleen Performance to their roots by focusing to improve handling and aerodynamics characteristics of the forth generation Mustang GT powered by a newly introduced 4.6 liter, 2-valve, “Modular” V8 from Ford Motor Company.

98-0075 S281 Cobra
98-0075 S281 Cobra

For those in need of more “horsepower,” a little-known available option was to substitute the standard Mustang GT chassis for that of an SVT Cobra with it’s free-revving 4.6 liter, 4-valve V8 engine. This “special” S281 Cobra conversion was elected by eleven customers during the 1996 model year. Production increased to eighteen units for 1997 with newly established publicity and ordering details for the S281 Cobra Edition.

Chris Chrisanti of Illinois was introduced to Saleen Mustang ownership by way of a thoroughly enjoyed 1994 S351 Supercharged coupe (94-0042). With desires of a streetable, less-complex, but equally rare Saleen Mustang; Chris sold his beloved ’94 and began his search for a new steed.

While cruising social media posts in October 2014, a young preteen skateboarder shared a photo of his dream ride, what appeared was a Chrome Yellow S281 coupe with Cobra fender emblems. Further investigation proved futile as this “youngster” would not respond to direct messaging as to the local of this vehicle. Attempts made to contact relatives of the boy were also rebutted. An impatient review of his user profile gave a home state of Florida. Where to begin? CarFax reports were pulled for each of the 1998 S281 Cobra coupes in Chrome Yellow. The lone example last registered in Florida was 98-0075, specifically in Panama City.

First spotting: 98-0075 S281 Cobra
First spotting: 98-0075 S281 Cobra

With little else to go by, an ensuing search of local dealer inventory took place through the remaining week and weekend. Attempts to locate 98-0075 failed. With nothing to lose, the photograph was referenced again. What clues could assist in locating this dealer? Item of note were: Promo material stuck to windshield, antenna streamer, bright red truck bumper, chain link fence, gravel lot and street corner intersection with newly paved sidewalk.

Again, local dealers were searched with an eye towards finding similar promo items on their vehicle inventory, whether they had a bright red truck listed for sale and where their dealership was located in relation to intersections using Google Maps. Eventually, this dealer was located while 98-0075 was being prepared for resale and prior to promotion on their website. Coincidentally, Chris’ father would be vacationing nearby and agreed to inspect #75 giving a leg up on any competing buyers. A deal and preceding sale was arranged before the dealer publicly offered #75, teasing false hope to many that called looking to make a quick purchase once 98-0075 went public. Causing debates of: “How did this car sell so quickly?”

• Replacement Ford remanufactered long block installed @ 20,000 miles
• BBK full-length headers
• BBK cross pipe w/ converters
• BBK throttle body
• Anderson power pipe
• Smaller supercharger pulley
• 60# injectors
• 340 lph in tank fuel pump
• SCT tuner
• 491 RWHP
• 1999-04 Saleen-style 18×9″ & 18×10″ wheels

Video: 98-0075 from November 2014

Produced during April 1998 and shipped on the 29th of that month, #75 features the most Saleen optional equipment for a 1998 S281 Cobra coupe. Our order began with an Chrome Yellow SVT Cobra coupe featuring the Ford Preferred Equipment Package (Mach 460 sound system and Ford leather seating). Side note: Both Chrome Yellow and Bright Atlantic Blue were introduced on the SVT Cobra during springtime ’98.

After arrival at Saleen Performance’s 9 Whatney facility in Irvine California, #75 grabbed the following: Heat extractor hood (standard for Cobra Edition), Chrome Yellow Speedline magnesium wheels, tire upgrade, Saleen/Recaro leather seating, 2-point chassis brace, and supercharged twin gauge pod by request of dealer.

For the 1998 model year Saleen produced 208 Mustangs, 173 were S281 models, 35 were based on the SVT Cobra chassis, 14 were of the SVT coupe body, 5 SVT coupes featured Chrome Yellow paint and 4 SVT coupes featured Chrome Yellow wheels. Of those, 3 had the Speedline Magnesium Wheels, 2 were equipped with the optional 2-point chassis brace, 2 had the twin gauge pod while 98-0075 was the lone S281 coupe, SVT chassis, Chrome Yellow paint to receive the optional Saleen/Recaro seating.


– Laser Red exterior, Black interior, coupe: 2
– Laser Red exterior, Black interior, convertible: 2
– Laser Red exterior, Unknown interior, convertible: 1
– Black exterior, Black interior, coupe: 1
– Black exterior, Black interior, convertible: 7
– Crystal White exterior, Black interior, coupe: 5
– Crystal White exterior, Black interior, convertible: 5
– Crystal White exterior, Saddle interior, convertible: 1
– Bright Atlantic Blue exterior, Black interior, coupe: 1
– Bright Atlantic Blue exterior, Black interior, convertible: 2
– Chrome Yellow exterior, Black interior, coupe: 5
– Chrome Yellow exterior, Black interior, convertible: 3

[Source: Chris Chrisanti]


Shipped to Riverside Ford on July 16th of 2012, S302 Black Label SC serial 12-015 had a number of identification variances not seen on other production Black Label Mustangs. A vehicle that was (and is) an emblem/identity transition car that shows both “SMS” and “Saleen” features.

Unique Features:
* Previous generation grill emblem used as fender emblems
* 2008-12 ASC/Saleen, MJA/Revstone era 14″ StopTech brake kit with silver “SALEEN” text
* No trunk panel mounted model identification emblem
* 2010-12 MJA/Revstone S-series gauge cluster
* 2010-12 MJA/Revstone S-series sill plates
* Saleen logo’ed Ford Racing supercharger
* Front bumper serial decal with SMS font
* SMS logo seating with SALEEN logo trunk mat
* SMS dash serial plate

Comparatively, 12-016 S302 Black Label SC shipped to Rich Ford on October 27th of 2012 featured a “SALEEN” logo’ed interior kit, S-logo wheel center caps, Saleen font serial bumper decal and 2005-10 era fender emblems, but used the SMS gauge cluster and sill plates.

From that data we have collected, it appears SMS Limited/Saleen Automotive produced 10 Mustangs* with Kona Blue exterior paint. Kona Blue was offered from model year 2010 and canceled during the 2012 production year.


Kona Blue, 460 Black Label Supercharged coupe: 1

Kona Blue, S302 Black Label 4-V convertible: 1
Kona Blue, S302 White Label coupe: 2

Kona Blue, S302 Black Label Supercharged coupe: 1
Kona Blue, S302 Yellow Label coupe: 2
Kona Blue, S302 White Label coupe: 3

Saleen serial 12-015 appears to be the only S302 Black Label coupe painted Kona Blue.

*Editor Note: We believe MJA/Restone produced five Mustangs in Kona Blue from 2010-2011.

Stock Number:9191
Exterior Color:Kona Blue Metallic
Interior Color:Black and Silver
Engine:Gas V8 5.0L
Body Type:2dr Sports Coupe
Transmission:6-Speed Manual

12-015 S302 Black Label Supercharged
12-015 S302 Black Label Supercharged

About this Vehicle

Only 8,573 Miles From New on this awesome and extremely limited production 2012 Ford Saleen Black Label Mustang GT. This pristine example is #12 of Only 15 built. Finished in rare and highly desired Kona Blue Metallic with Silver 302 graphics over an impeccable Black and Silver Leather Interior. This fantastic Mustang is believed to be one of just two S302 Black Label coupes produced in Kona Blue, and may be the lone factory supercharged Kona Blue coupe. Powered by a 5.0L V8 engine that has been the subject of Saleen’s engineering prowess – the Twin-Screw Supercharged powerplant now delivers an impressive 625 horsepower and 550lb-ft of pavement-shredding torque. 6-Speed Manual Trans. Saleen Signature Series S4 Suspension includes; Specific rate Front and Rear Springs, S4 Front Struts and Rear Shocks, S4 Front and Rear Sway Bars with High Durometer Pivot Bushings. 20″x9″ Saleen 5-Spoke Alloy Wheels. 14″ Front Cross-Drilled Brake Package, Factory Chrome Wheel Upgrade, Brightwork Trim PackageShaker 500 Stereo System, Saleen Illuminated Door Sills, Ambient Lighting, High Performance Dual Exhaust with High-Performance Mufflers, Leather and Alcantara Two-Tone Performance Front Seats, 6-Way Power Driver Seat with Memory. This Saleen is in ‘Showroom Fresh’ condition inside and out, and is ready to drive, show and enjoy for years to come.

12-015 S302 Black Label Supercharged
12-015 S302 Black Label Supercharged

This is not your every day Mustang. Any Saleen produced Mustang is a special high-performance machine but, this car is the Ultimate Saleen Mustang GT. One of only 15 crafted by the masters at Saleen, this example is beautifully finished in Kona blue Metallic. Mere words alone do not provide this jaw-dropper the justice it is due. A true ‘Must-See’ Mustang, this car is built to provide modern reliability and a streetable driving attitude – with 600+ horsepower to back up the attention that this intimidating Saleen Black Label Mustang commands. To put it simply, This Is An AWESOME Car! If you’re ready to stand out with the perfect mix of muscle car attitude and first class modern performance, featuring a no-nonsense combination of menacing looks and vicious street manners, this Saleen Mustang GT is your kind of car.

12-015 S302 Black Label Supercharged
12-015 S302 Black Label Supercharged

For more information, or to discuss delivery arrangements for adding Saleen Black Label Mustang #12 to your collection, contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales consultants today or always feel free to drop by our Bellevue, WA facility – Home to the West Coast’s Most Diverse Inventory of Luxury, Exotic, Collectible and Special Interest Automobiles with 200+ Always on Site. Nobody Has What We Have!

Park Place LTD Motor Group
1880 136th Place NE
Bellevue, WA 98005

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[Source: Park Place LTD Motor Group]



For the 1988 model year Saleen Autosport kicked Mustang production into high gear. Coming off of the championship 1987 Escort Endurance season and moving vehicle production to an expanded facility in Anaheim California, Saleen was on top of the world for 1988.

Saleen Autosport advertised seven standard exterior color combinations and two interior colors for 1988, they were:

* Black / Silver Exterior Graphics
* Black / Gold Exterior Graphics
* Oxford White / Blue Exterior Graphics
* Oxford White / Silver Exterior Graphics
* Scarlet Red / Silver Exterior Graphics
* Scarlet Red / Gold Exterior Graphics
* Medium Charcoal Grey / Silver Exterior Graphics

* Charcoal Grey Interior
* Sand Beige Interior

Though, by request unlisted color combinations and non-standard exterior colors could be ordered with an optional fee.

88-0421 Saleen Mustang
88-0421 Saleen Mustang

Produced in Saleen Autosport’s new Anaheim facility during April 1988 and shipped to Bleakley Ford in May; 88-0421 was a standard Saleen Mustang conversion and contained the expected Ford and Saleen features.

For the 1988 model year Saleen produced 709 serialized Mustangs, 705 were street models with four competition prepared vehicles. The body style breakdown of those street models is, 543 hatchbacks, 137 convertibles and 25 coupes.

Of the 543 street prepared hatchbacks, it is known that 147 were painted Oxford White (paint code 9L). Of those, 18 featured Sand Beige interiors. Fourteen models were equipped with 5-speed manual transmissions, while 4 had the optional automatic.

For the model year 1988 it is known that Saleen Autosport produced a complete total of 106 Mustangs with Sand Beige interior.

From model year 1987 through 1989, Saleen Autosport produced a total of 209 Mustangs with Sand Beige interior. Of those, it is known that 36 were painted Oxford White (paint code 9L).


Oxford White, Sand Beige, hatchback, manual transmission: 1

Oxford White, Sand Beige, hatchback, manual transmission: 14
Oxford White, Sand Beige, hatchback, automatic transmission: 4
Oxford White, Sand Beige, convertible, manual transmission: 1
Oxford White, Sand Beige, coupe, manual transmission: 1

Oxford White, Sand Beige, hatchback, manual transmission: 12
Oxford White, Sand Beige, convertible, manual transmission: 3

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[Source: Jay Karolyi]



01-0643 S281 Supercharged Speedster
01-0643 S281 Supercharged Speedster

Angel Muniz of New York is a lifelong “Saleen Freak.” Having owned two previous S281 “New Edge” coupes, Angel recently upgraded to a modified Supercharged Speedster. As a child, Angel loved reading car magazines, wishing he could one day own a vehicle worthy of a centerfold feature. For the past year Angel was on the lookout for a “special” Saleen Mustang and found 01-0643, an S281 Supercharged Speedster with a rare optional Ford white leather interior and white top. Angel’s surprise bonus to this find was the history of 01-0643 being a former Street Thunder magazine and calendar car.

01-0643 S281 Supercharged Speedster
01-0643 S281 Supercharged Speedster

Produced during May 2001 and shipped to American Ford, 01-0643 contained the following Saleen equipment: Tire Upgrade, 10″ rear wheels, painted door panels, floor mats, 13″ front brakes, chrome wheels, tonneau bag and stripe delete.

From model year 1999 through 2002, Saleen Performance produced 12 Mustangs with optional Ford white leather seating. For 2001, Saleen converted five white seat cars. Of those, four were painted Oxford White and two were equipped with the optional automatic transmission.

Aftermarket modifications include the following:

• Rebuilt original supercharged long block
• Bored .20 over to 284c.i.
• New Cobra crankshaft
• Cobra oil pump / pick up tube
• Diamond +20 – 19cc ceramic coated forged pistons / Diamond rings
• Manley H beam rods w/ ARP 2000 bolts
• Fed Mogul Main bearings
• Fed Mogul Rod bearings
• ARP main studs #ARP156-4101
• Comp Cams XE270AH
• Manley valve springs
• Valve job and new valve seals
• Engine was washed, bored, honed, balanced and assembled by Modular Performance
• Built to handle well over 1000hp!

• ProMotion built Tremec 3650
• New bearings, synchros, seals, small parts kit, fork pads
• Ford TSB + beefy forks
• 68% overdrive
• Built to ProMotion Performance race spec and precision shim to handle 1000hp

• Chicane RIPP cold-air intake
• Accufab polished 75mm throttle body
• Upgraded intercooler pump
• BBK ceramic coated Long tube headers
• BBK X pipe
• NX Nitrous wet kit retrofitted to run alcohol through “fuel solenoid”
• Snow Performance methanol kit (used only with nitrous)
• Innovate air/ fuel gauge
• MGW shift handle/ Saleen carbon fiber shift knob
• Saleen EXTREME heat extractor composite hood

Congratulations to Angel on his new purchase!

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[Source: Angel Muniz]



96-0002 S281 LOA
96-0002 S281 LOA

Currently, Saleen Automotive offers a dozen custom exterior paint colors on their line of performance vehicles. Though in the late 1990s during the SN95 era, there was one available non-factory hue. A single color that could represent green, blue, purple and gold. This lone color was Extreme Rainbow, the initial optional Saleen custom color developed with partner BASF.

BASF introduced a line of “Extreme Colors” in 1996. Of these first three Extreme hues, Rainbow was the most varied. Officially offered by Saleen as an option for the 1997 model year, they would go on to produce a total of 19 vehicles in this chromatic paint before this color disappeared after the 2009 model year.

One such vehicle is 96-0002, this special SN95 S281 coupe is among the earliest Saleen Mustangs to showcase this unique paint option. Current owner, Jaeda Crosby, located 96-0002 through a fever-pitched search for an original Saleen Extreme Rainbow Mustang. Given both the limited production and limited availability of this color, Jaeda had few leads and numerous dead-ends in trying to locate a vehicle in the United States. Perseverance sent Jaeda to the United Kingdom where #02 had lived since 2004.

Produced during October 1996 and shipped on the 25th of that month, #02 features an interesting list of early Saleen optional equipment. Beginning with the newly introduced S281 coupe, #02 hosts the following: Heat extractor hood, Speedline magnesium wheels, tire upgrade, 13″ front brake upgrade, and Saleen/Recaro leather seating.

For the 1996 model year Saleen produced 444 Mustangs, 424 were S281 models, 413 were based on the GT chassis, 191 were of the GT coupe body, 177 GT coupes featured 5-speed manual transmissions and 27 GT coupes with manual transmissions featured Opal Grey interior. Of those, 4 had the Saleen/Alcon brake upgrade, 20 were equipped with the optional 3.55:1 gears, 3 had the Tire Upgrade while 96-0002 was the lone S281 coupe, GT chassis, Manual Transmission, Opal Grey interior vehicle to receive the optional Saleen vented hood, Saleen/Recaro leather seating, Speedline Magnesium Wheels and Optional Custom Paint.

Of the 444 street Mustangs produced for the model year, one was painted a Saleen custom color. 96-0002 is this car.

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[Source: Jaeda Goodwin Crosby]



Editor’s Note: Two SA-20 Extreme spec models were constructed late in the production run of anniversary cars. Their serial number are 03-0010SA and 03-0011SA. Both vehicles were sold to S7 customers with the belief of being a one-off model. 03-0010SA stayed in the United States while 03-0011SA was sent to Mexico. Neither car was driven by their original purchasers.

03-0010 SA-20 Extreme
03-0010 SA-20 Extreme

Back story – The previous owner/buyer is a well known exotic car collector.

It was told that the owner had ordered one or two Saleen S7 Competition Twin Turbos and Steve Saleen tried to convince him to purchase one of the last SA-20s. However, the purchaser was not interested in the Mustang, it wasn’t exotic enough, nor possessed enough power. Steve convinced him that he could “hook” him up with a one-off SA-20 with a more “exotic” setup. So, the sales pitch worked and he got the SA-20 too. Steve and his crew got to work with creating the SA-20 Extreme plus. It was told that it might have been kicked up a notch from the Extreme package. The car that Saleen created became the SA-20 #0010 with the Extreme package and enhanced PowerFlash.

No more grainy photos or secondhand hearsay… she will be kept nice, pure and original for posterity in a climate-controlled garage with the other Saleens. SA20-10E has only 247 original miles, and keeping in mind that I will exercise this pony a couple times a year, but I wouldn’t expect mileage to show but about 300 to 350 after 10 to 15 more years.

My plan would be, if I can a) convince the wife and b) be available: is to bring the car to the Saleen Open House in Sept., so that Steve can be reintroduced to her after a 12 year lapse, but to get an autograph also.

Enjoy the pics!

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Photographer: Mike Harding
Ken Pollock Performance Auto

Launched during the LA Auto Show in autumn 2013 to celebrate Saleen Automotives 30 years of manufacturing, this pearl white and yellow 30th anniversary appearance package was made available for 302 Mustang, 570 Challenger and 620 Camaro models. Final build was capped to thirty cars total (ten editions in each vehicle series) at a base cost of $95,000.00.

The Saleen Anniversary 30 (SA-30) offered custom Tire Smoke White Pearl exterior paint, color match wheels, custom yellow-silver-white exterior graphics and unique charcoal/white two-tone interior appointments. These commemorative editions were fashioned with Saleen Black Label series exterior and performance enhancements.

Our feature car is 302 Mustang 14-005SA and originally delivered to Ken Pollock Performance Auto in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania.

Number 005 started life as a redirected Race Red GT Premium that was destined to become a George Follmer Heritage Edition. Because of this, it is one of few SA-30 Mustangs to receive a color matching Tire Smoke White Pearl engine compartment. Most SA-30 editions were produced using factory black painted donor vehicles and retained their original black hue engine bay.

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[Source: Ken Pollock Performance Auto]


Photography from Jay Brown at Price Toyota Scion in New Castle, Delaware.

Throughout the 1980s, a common connection shared among these high-performance vehicles produced by Saleen were their construction and assembly in the trendsetting state of California. Though, during the dawn of a fresh decade, new methods of assembly as well as new challenges toward 1990s business survival caused revision to this shared link.

For model year 1991, a majority of Saleen Mustang production took place in Saint Charles, Missouri under the expertise of subcontractor Cars & Concepts. For historical context, it took about 14-years to again see large qualities of Saleen vehicles produced outside the state of California; with the introduction of Saleen Special Vehicles (SSV) and their Troy facility in Michigan for the 2005 model year.

With the close of 1991 vehicle production, a number of familiar items would go away. This model year marked the farewell for those famous 16-inch angular 5-spoke, or optional basket weave, design wheels from American Racing. Both the Saleen/FloFit seats, a staple since 1987, and grey cloth seating material would disappear. Model year 1991 would also be the final year Ford Motor Company offered the Mustang LX with black side moldings; opting for body color trim in 1992 and 1993.

Though these “lasts” account for minor alterations in overall product packaging, it does make the 1990-91 series of Saleen Mustang the final versions with the “totally 80s look” on display. With 1991 models specifically representing the final vehicle offerings from the original company known as Saleen Autosport.

When we examine model year 1991 using our feature car, ID number 91-0025, we see Saleen produced an estimated 102 serialized Mustangs for the year. Of those, 92 units were standard models with 58 based on the 3-door hatchback body. It is believed 20 were painted Oxford White. When we review those 20, Titanium Grey interiors were in 12 units with seven featuring the optional 3.55:1 gearing. -DB

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[Source: Jay Brown]

CLOSER LOOK: 2003 S281 EXTREME (03-0015E)

A closer look at Jarred Williams’ 2003 S281 Extreme #15.

03-0015 S281 Extreme
03-0015 S281 Extreme

2003 Saleen S281E

2003 S281E #15 manufactured in Irvine, CA
4.6 2V 445 HP Engine
Supercharged 6-Spd
Zinc Yellow
10,700 miles

3.73:1 Gears
+ Extreme Options

1 of 14 S281E vehicles
1 of 4 S281E coupes
1 of 1 S281E coupes in Zinc Yellow

Cobra Tank
Focus Pumps
Kenne Bell Boost-a-pump
Siemens 60lb Injectors
SCT 90MM Mass Air Meter
Chicane Sport Intercooler
Bassani X-pipe
3.73 Gears
Raptor Shift-light

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Model year 1999 marked the final chapter for Saleen Performance’s S351 Mustang. After six years on the market, a combination of changing government emissions/fuel vapor regulations in addition to a lack of inventory and technical support with pushrod engines from Ford Motor Company, led to the elimination of Saleen’s halo product offering.

Launched in 1994 as the new standard serialized Saleen Mustang package for retail sale, the S351 offered Saleen’s highest content of unique equipment and most labor intense remanufacture when compared to all their previous vehicle lines from 1984-93. Even in base, no option form, an early 1994-96 S351 conversion featured the customary 351 CID engine swap, adaptation of a heavy-duty Tremec transmission, modified mounting of each and a shortened driveshaft. Buyers received a familiar Racecraft Suspension package, featuring a larger front sway bar, G-Load brace, firmer bushings, lowering springs and revalved shocks/struts. While inside the passenger compartment new Saleen/Recaro front seating, a matching rear seat cover, “Saleen” logo floor mats, a leather Momo shift knob and a Saleen white face gauge package left no doubt this was a special Mustang.

After Saleen Performance released their S281 Mustang, this caused a “rethink” as to what the S351 model line should offer in content, value and performance. With the newly established S281 leading Saleen’s value market; there was no need for the S351 to continue in base form. Steady development launched the S351 into supercar territory for their 1997 model year. For ’97 the Vortech supercharger became standard equipment as did a 6-speed manual Tremec transmission. Standard heat extractor, Saleen/Alcon front brake upgrade and Speedline magnesium wheels continued unchanged from the 1996 product offering.

Prior to new model unveil and manufacture for a newly restyled 1999 Saleen Mustang line, Saleen Performance announced that ‘99 would mark their final year of assembly and sales for the S351. Production was set to carry throughout the 12 month calendar, when necessary Saleen used model year 2000 Ford Mustangs to finish orders late into ‘99. This final production year for the S351 would inadvertently be the lone version built on the “New Edge” design Mustang introduced for 1999 and carried through 2004.

99-0012S S351 Speedster, Marietta Ford advertisement
99-0012S, Marietta Ford advertisement

Or feature car, 99-0012S, debuted during the Mustang 35th anniversary celebration event in Charlotte North Carolina. A festival organized by the Mustang Club of America for spring 1999, 99-0012S was part of the infield Saleen Performance display and added to the spectacle at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Ordered by Marietta Ford and shipped on April 13th, #12S contained the following Saleen equipment: 3.55 gears, Torsen differential, tire upgrade, 10″ rear wheels, chrome wheels, Saleen leather, floor mats, carbon fiber interior trim, Speedster tonneau and custom paint. Coincidentally Marietta Ford would order a near twin of 99-0012S for the 2000 model year using an S281 Supercharged model as the foundation. (Read about 00-0387)

For the 1999 model year Saleen produced 420 street going Mustangs, 46 were S351 models, 26 were of the convertible body style, of those there were 21 built using a 1999 model year chassis, 3 featured optional Saleen paint while 99-0012S was the lone S351 painted Extreme Rainbow.

“Day two” additions are not uncommon for S351 Mustangs, there are a number of owner requested modifications present on #12S, both to increase the looks and performance. Our feature vehicle holds a distinction of attaining these mods by the hands of Joe Gosinski and Chicane Sport Tuning in Torrance, CA. Joe a noted former Saleen employee and mastermind of custom late-model Mustangs worked his magic to detail #12S beyond factory.

Final power number of 99-0012S are the following: On 91 octane pump gas 600+ HP and 600+ LBS torque at the wheels using a conservative tune.

Aftermarket modifications include:

• Global West Tri-ladder Sub Frame Connectors Maximum Motorsport Camber/Caster Plates Maximum Motorsport Pan hard Bar Maximum Motorsport Lower Control Arms W/ Adjustable spring perch Maximum Motorsport Front Coil Over’s W/ Adjustable Ride Height Maximum Motorsport Torque Arm

• 351 SVO Block (original block that came with car) Stroked to 408ci
• 225 AFR heads
• JE Custom Dish Pistons
• Manly Rods Race
• Bassani Shorty Header
• Trick Flow Intake (extrude honed upper and lower) S-Trim Vortech Supercharger (original Equipment) Anderson Power Pipe 90mm Mass Air Cog Drive Belt on Supercharger Custom Aluminum pullies Powdercoated Accessories, Brackets & Covers
• 2003 Cobra Fuel Tank W/ Twin Pumps Converted To Return Style Fuel Delivery Kenne Bell Boost A Pump 55lb Fuel Injectors

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[Source: 21st Century Performance]