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Auburn Fall Auction – August 27-31, 2014

2011 Ford Saleen Brenspeed S302 Mustang
Ford VIN: 1ZVBP8CF7B5130864
Saleen ID: 11-0001-DR
To be offered on Saturday, August 30, 2014

11-0001DR S302 Brenspeed
11-0001DR S302 Brenspeed

Estimate : $65,000 – $85,000
Saleen Mustang #DR1 –The Prototype, Only 4,500 Miles from New, Supercharged V-8 Engine with 650+ Horsepower, Charity Car with Proceeds Being Donated by Brenspeed to the Next Gen Education Program

Supercharged 302 TI-VCT V-8 (Forged), 650+ HP, stainless steel headers and exhaust, upgraded axles and differentials, six-speed automatic transmission, four-wheel disc brakes; wheelbase: 107.1”

The original Ford Mustang debuted on April 17, 1964. Ford originally expected 100,000 units a year to sell, as it was deemed a revolution in design and appearance. Ford was inundated with interest, as well as orders, for these benchmark cars, and by the end of first day they had already taken 22,000 orders! An astounding 417,000 units were produced in the first year alone, and exceeded one million units by the end of the second year.

Ford had created a modern day monster, and being offered in many guises from coupes to fastbacks and also convertibles. Ford’s stance on the Mustang was to also create a pedigree, something the spirited drivers amongst us would enjoy. So, to air their opinion, they campaigned the Mustang as the Official Pace Car at Indianapolis in 1964; the crowds loved it.

For some, though, the Factory Stock cars were still not special enough and a gap in the market led to specialized tuning companies plowing the way forward with special builds to give a “Track Experience” through a driving set up that could also haul the groceries home as well. Many bespoke tuning companies have been conceived over the years but one name stands out in these modern times – “Saleen”.

The car you see before you is very special indeed. The serialized 2011 Saleen Drag Racer #1 was built by Saleen & Brenspeed for marketing purposes. It was to show the capability of the Saleen Mustang with upgrade options much beyond the standard Saleen Mustang typically available, yet it carries a Saleen tagged serial number.

This car should be a Saleen collectors dream. If you want something rare, this is it. Brenspeed has been initiating Saleen’s mechanical upgrades for a number of years now and has made a name for themselves in the marketplace as one of the leading tuning companies. Many have tried to create fast and competitive Mustangs over the years but their attention to detail, research, and development, has led them to create some of the most well known and prolific Mustangs in the world today.

With a Forged Supercharged 302 TI-VCT with steel crank and upgraded rods and pistons, the motor got the best of everything. The car’s concept was to push the boundaries but yet maintain reliability, which was not always associated with higher horsepower cars. Brenspeed installed a 2.4 litre Twin-Screw supercharger to obtain the power required for the project, this Supercharger was only ever fitted to two Saleens and never went into production as its cost was deemed too expensive by its peers, thus creating a true “Prototype” Mustang. When Shelby was only using a 1.9 litre unit on their cars, you can understand how much more powerful #DR1 really is.

The brakes were upgraded as well as the exhaust system. Axles and gearing were also modified to take the extra power. In fact, no stone was left unturned with this very special car. As with most cars of this racing pedigree, the cabin area is not set for comfort, but this car received bespoke Carbon Fiber Buckets wrapped in leather and, with its exterior finished in Ingot Silver Metallic wearing its 20 Saleen Alloy wheels, we are sure you’ll agree this is one handsome vehicle.

This is a truly special car, a prototype, a Sunday car for cruising and an animal at the race track if the mood takes you. It has covered a mere 4,500 miles since its completion and has been housed in the main foyer of Brenspeed’s Indiana Headquarters. Offered without reserve, with Brenspeed donating the proceeds to the Next Gen Education Program, this car will undoubtedly be the charitable highlight of the evening.

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From our friends at Saleen Performance Vehicles.

Congratulations to Kent Nine and the entire Brenspeed Team for a big win in Bradenton Florida this past weekend at the NMRA Spring Break Shootout!!! Good job Kent, looking forward to another awesome showing in Atlanta next month!!!

Kent Nine and the Brenspeed Team take class win at NMRA Spring Break Shootout
Kent Nine and the Brenspeed Team take class win at NMRA Spring Break Shootout

[Source: Saleen Performance Vehicles]


From our friends at Saleen Performance Vehicles.

[Source: Saleen Performance Vehicles]


From our friends at Saleen Performance Vehicles.

Seventh Annual Aeromotive NMRA Ford Nationals - Milan, MI
Seventh Annual Aeromotive NMRA Ford Nationals – Milan, MI

[Source: Saleen Performance Vehicles]


– Saleen Performance Vehicles partners with Brenspeed to compete in 2010 National Mustang Racing Association (NMRA) series
– This weekend marks the debut of the 2010 Brenspeed / Saleen Speedlab racecar in NMRA competition
– 2010 marks Saleen Performance Vehicles’ 26th year in grassroots racing

TECUMSEH, Mich., March 4 /PRNewswire/ — Saleen Performance Vehicles has partnered with Indiana-based Brenspeed and driver Brent White to campaign a 2010 Brenspeed / Saleen Speedlab racecar in nine NMRA events this season.

The racecar boasts a Brenspeed B302 engine and a Saleen Speedlab body kit upgrade.

The engine’s power output is boosted by the new Saleen Series 6.5 supercharger, tuned by Brenspeed to achieve its 600-plus horsepower. The new, all-aluminum B302 short block is available now from Brenspeed.

“Saleen and Brenspeed have partnered for the 2010 season because we have common goals,” said Speedlab Director Jess Albright. “Brenspeed has a great presence at the track and they’re extremely willing to help people on and off the track. We work closely with them to satisfy customers’ needs for high-performance vehicles.”

White was ranked ninth at the end of the 2009 NMRA season, and seeks to improve his performance in 2010 behind the wheel of the Brenspeed / Saleen racecar. He is eager to show enthusiasts the performance and power of Saleen and Brenspeed.

“This weekend, Brenspeed and Saleen will show an example of the perfect balance between streetcar and high-performance racing machine when we debut the racecar at the NMRA event in Bradenton,” said White. “We’re there to create a relationship with customers and demonstrate the power and performance of Saleen’s different products on track. We’ll show consumers how they can use Speedlab products to significantly increase the performance of a standard Mustang GT that anyone can buy at a Ford dealer.”

About Saleen Performance Vehicles
Saleen Performance Vehicles is a manufacturer of limited edition, high-performance cars and trucks, headquartered in Tecumseh, Michigan. Saleen vehicles embody sophistication in engineering, styling and performance, resulting in a dynamic driving experience that is both exhilarating and refined. Together with its sister companies, Control-Tec LLC, Power-Tec LLC and its subsidiary, Arrow Racing Engines, Saleen encompasses a broad range of capabilities and services in automotive design, development and manufacturing. For more information, please visit the Saleen Performance Vehicles website at www.saleen.com.

SOURCE: Saleen Performance Vehicles

UPDATE: H281 07-0001

Here’s a brief update on the 2007 H281 press car and production #01. [Previous Post]

Pat completed a Saleen Supercharger install with Brenspeed Stage III upgrade.

He also returned the trunk mounted “SALEEN” letters, added a Ford GT ignition push start, and went with a CDC 2nd series Glassback top.

The red valve covers pop and the engine call-outs on the hood have a nice modern throwback look.

Cheers Pat!

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