Special to Drive

Fans of the American muscle car have seen a new version of the Dodge Challenger roaming the streets of the Las Vegas Valley, thanks to Towbin Dodge and its recent debut of the Saleen Challenger.

“We are very excited that Towbin Dodge will be the first dealership in Nevada to debut the new Dodge Challenger Saleen,” said Steve Saleen, president and CEO of SMS Signature Cars Inc. and board chairman and CEO of Saleen Automotive Inc. “Towbin Dodge has a great reputation, and is the No. 1 Dodge dealer in the nation, but most importantly, they understand performance and our cars. They have been great partners to us.”

The new Dodge Challenger Saleen 570 gets its name from the 5.7-liter V-8 engines in each model. Towbin Dodge is the only Nevada dealership to carry the car. The Saleen 570 Challenger is offered in three coupe models: the 570 White Label model features a 400 horsepower V-8 engine; the more powerful Yellow Label and Black Label models contain supercharged V-8 engines under the hood, which boast more than 570 horsepower.

“My sons and I have been fans of the Saleen for many years, with one of our all-time favorites being the Saleen S7 Supercar,” Towbin Automotive co-owner Josh “Chop” Towbin said. “We are so excited to represent Saleen for Nevada and to be selling these unique, fun and powerful cars.”

Steve Saleen and SMS Supercars have spiced up the Dodge Challenger, already a hot automotive commodity, with additional, top-of-the-line features and upgrades. The most vital component added is the SMS 296 Supercharger System, including a Lysholm twin-screw compressor, along with SMS’s six-pack intercooler system. This new intercooler system features six finned tubes that make the system up to 60 percent more efficient than traditional intercoolers, which translates into an incredibly smooth ride. Visit the Towbin Dodge dealership to test drive this vehicle.

Towbin Dodge, named the nation’s No. 1 Dodge dealer for 2013, is just one of many dealerships in the Towbin Automotive family. With dealerships across the Las Vegas Valley, Towbin Automotive is the largest provider of Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Rams and Fiats in Nevada. Visit or call 702-253-7000 for more information on Towbin Motorcars.