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THE GHOST OF 89-0109

A Rare 1989 Black & Tan Coupe
Reborn with a New Body…


89-0109 Saleen Mustang
89-0109 Saleen Mustang

The serialized identities of our limited-edition Saleen production models gives each vehicle a distinctiveness, a personality and history. Questions such as… Why were they made? How were they ordered? What kind of life did it lead? Are details attached to each Saleen product. Stories and folklore surrounding individual Saleen vehicles can at times be more interesting (or at least of equal interest) than the model in question.

The plain truth is, a majority of Saleen serialized vehicles were spec production models, ordered for dealer stock, using similarly equipped knockdown “pool cars” from a manufacturer. This is why specification particulars such as exterior stripe colors, wheel finishes and Saleen optional equipment are so stressed and coveted. Because most of the “basic cars” where identical before conversion took place.

From 1987 through 1993, Saleen produced an estimated 65 serialized 2-door coupes. Most of these units could be considered “special orders.” The largest production batch of coupes took place in 1988 when Damerow Ford of Beaverton Oregon sent fourteen identical SSP Mustangs to Anaheim for conversion.

89-0109 Saleen Mustang
89-0109 Saleen Mustang

For the 1989 model year, Saleen produced an estimated 26 Saleen Mustangs on the 2-door coupe body. Of those 26, six are believed to have been painted Black. When we view those six, Smoke Grey interiors were in five units while one featured Sand Beige interior appointments with cloth Saleen/FloFit seating. Production number 89-0109 is this vehicle. If we look at a larger picture, the closest matching car to 89-0109, was 88-0523. Another Black and Sand Beige 2-door coupe.

We don’t know much about 89-0109 or the history behind it. This Mustang was born as a Black and Sand Beige 2-door coupe with the familiar 5.0 liter / 5-speed manual drivetrain and the customary power equipment group and cruise control. From Saleen Autosport it would gain all the regular conversion features along with flashy gold assent stripes and gold ARE wheels. As for optional Saleen features, the popular 3.55:1 final drive ratio was checked off as a must have by the original orderer. Shipped to Young Ford in Charlotte, NC during the autumn of 1988, 89-0109 was set to impress.

From what is believed, during the early 1990s, the original body (VIN, title, etc) to 89-0109 were separated from the attachable parts. The original car may have met some kind of demise resulting in the transfer of equipment to a new replacement vehicle.

The current assembled configuration of, Oxford White body, Sand Beige interior and blue stripes have been known since the mid-1990s. 89-0109 had been rebuild into a clone for primarily track usage with a 331 CID stroker engine, Tremec TKO 600 transmission and Griggs GR40 suspension. All of this history is confined to the state of North Carolina over a short period of time. Both 89-0109 and donor Mustang were original NC vehicles.

Another wild tale. -DB

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89-0218 Saleen Mustang
89-0218 Saleen Mustang

I got the need for speed bug in 2009 when I took my 2006 GT Mustang in March to Portland International Raceway for a High Performance Driving School. What a blast that was and for $200.00 I thought it was a pretty good deal. Problem was now I liked racing so much how can I do this affordability. That’s where I found Auto Cross Racing. While it doesn’t compare to taking your car on track and going all out it was in itself a very competitive type of racing and met my first goal of affordable.

After a few events with the 2006 Mustang, learning its capabilities and taking a few hits literally on the chin with some cones I decided I wanted to buy a car specifically for Auto Crossing. Due to the screws coming from the back side forward on the Roush front chin spoiler I ended up with a few star cracks in the paint, so the decision was made.

89-0218 Saleen Mustang
89-0218 Saleen Mustang

I found my Saleen on Craiglist in Bend OR. I contacted the seller and discussed the photos as the car had some damage on it. I decided to make the purchase and two hours later we picked up the car. Not to bore you with all the details but once I started looking a little closer I could see I had a little more work cut out for me then originally intended before I could race it so I’ll just start posting a few pictures of my journey and thanks for all the people that helped me along the way with questions and Saleen parts I needed. I have never done anything like this before, so everything I did I learned from watching shows on how to’s and asking questions.

The first set of pictures are when I brought it home.

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The Strange Life of 89-0348

Photos: “Bottlefed83” via Photobucket
Original Post: November 16, 2008 at 10:28 PM

89-0348 Saleen Mustang
89-0348 Saleen Mustang

The 1987 through 1993 Saleen Mustangs based upon 2-door “coupe” bodies (aka: hardtops, notchbacks) are a fairly uncommon sight. These coupes were never produced in large quantities and were never marketed or advertised on a national, mainstream channel. The “coupes” were mainly side-note and news brief articles for enthusiast publications during 1987 and 1988.

When we look back at 1987-93 coupe production, the estimated tally equaled 65 units of Saleen Mustangs that were once roaming the streets with their funky square roofs and trunk lids. Two of the more famous examples were the Scarlet Red 87-0068 coupe for Austin Craig and the not-so-controversial run of fourteen white 1988 SSP coupes for Damerow Ford of Beaverton Oregon.

The rarity of these coupes did not translate to kid glove care. When you examine the individual histories and lives of these rare Saleen Mustangs, a range of use and abuse comes to the surface. Yes, there were thefts that were never recovered, other cars were stolen and stripped of all their equipment, a few were damaged and scrapped, while some were used as “normal” vehicles and treated as such.

When we review 1989 vehicle production, Saleen Autosport shipped out about 900 serialized vehicles to dealers. When you take into account the unnumbered 1989 California Sport GT and “other” dealer specials, 1989 was the most prolific year for the 6-year-old company.

89-0348 Saleen Mustang
89-0348 Saleen Mustang

Over the 1989 model year, Saleen produced an estimate of 26 Saleen Mustangs on the 2-door coupe body. Of those 26, 11 are believed to have been painted Oxford White. When we view those 11, Smoke Grey interiors were in 10 units while one featured Regatta Blue interior appointments with custom Saleen/FloFit seating. Production number 89-0348.

89-0348 was delivered through Burch Ford, a source known for oddly ordered Saleen Mustangs, with a stereo delete and leather Ford SVO shift knob as options. This car is the only known ’89 Saleen to have the “SVO Knob” note and is one of six serialized Mustangs for the model year to have a stereo delete.

We don’t know much about the life and times of 89-0348. There was speculation the car was once hit hard in the rear and repaired. Years later it was hit on the driver’s side bending the roof. Eventually these remains were used to create a tribute car while the bent body became home to overgrown brush and forest creatures. -DB

[Source: FourEyedPride.com]