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From our friends at Saleen Automotive

Continuing his successful professional career in racing, Steve expands to truck racing competing on a wide variety of circuits, from small ovals (Denver) and large ovals (Pocono), to various street and road racing courses throughout the United States in a Ford Ranger.

Steve dominates the multi-year series with the most overall victories, 49! Steve Saleen wins the overall Race Truck Championship in 1992 and provides Ford with the Manufacturer’s Championship. This specific truck at Des Moines, Road Atlanta, Las Vegas, with winning at the Colorado National Speedway in 1990.

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From our friends at Saleen Automotive

The Saleen SportruckXR takes off-roading to a new high. Based off the F-150, Saleen engineered a truck that is Baja capable, but also daily drivable. The entire suspension and steering systems are reworked with components custom built by Saleen for off-road use and durability.

In keeping with Saleen tradition the supercharging system boosts the horsepower to 700HP on a 5.0L V8. Saleen designed bumpers and unique wide body fenders further separates this truck from the pack.

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Renowned Tacoma, Wash. automotive gallery unveils a year-long exhibit celebrating a legacy of racing and road cars by acclaimed racer-turned-automaker Steve Saleen

“Saleen: A Journey from the Heart of a Racer to America’s Supercar” features 17 historic vehicles, including early race cars, Saleen Mustangs, S7 supercar, S1 and more

TACOMA, Wash. (Nov. 20, 2019) — For the next 12 months, racing fans, high-performance car buffs and other automotive enthusiasts can get up-close and personal with historic vehicles and articles from a true American automotive legend – all at a world-class museum facility in the Pacific Northwest.

On Saturday, Nov. 16, LeMay: America’s Auto Museum (ACM) in Tacoma, Wash. opened the facility’s first year-long lifetime retrospective dedicated to a single automotive personality – internationally acclaimed racer-turned-vehicle manufacturer Steve Saleen, and his Corona, Calif.-based company, Saleen Automotive.

The exhibit, “Saleen: A Journey from the Heart of a Racer to America’s Supercar” offers visitors a unique display of Steve Saleen’s rich automotive history, spanning over four decades. Visitors can enjoy a variety of historic vehicles on display, including Steve Saleen’s personal racing machines, early Saleen Mustangs, the Saleen S7 (considered America’s first supercar), and examples of the company’s new Saleen 1 midengine turbocharged sports car and recently unveiled Saleen 1 GT4 concept race car. The exhibit initially features 17 Saleen vehicles, with additional cars rotating into the exhibit throughout the year-long display.

  • 1976 March B Formula Atlantic race car driven by Steve Saleen
  • 1984 Saleen Mustang
  • 1987 Saleen Mustang race car
  • 1988 March Indy Race Car driven by Steve Saleen
  • 1990 Saleen Race Truck (winner of the SCCA RaceTruck
  • Challenge)
  • 1995 Saleen S351 Mustang
  • 1996 Saleen Mustang SCCA T1 race car
  • 2003 Saleen S7 supercar featured in the film “Bruce Almighty”
  • 2003 Saleen SA-20 Mustang
  • 2005 Ford GT (engineered and manufactured by Saleen under contract to Ford)
  • 2005 Saleen Mustang featured as police Decepticon Barricade in “Transformers” (2007)
  • 2007 Saleen S281 Mustang in “Molly Pop” hot pink
  • 2014 Saleen SA-30 Mustang
  • 2015 Saleen S302 Mustang “Black Label”
  • 2020 Saleen Sportruck XR
  • 2020 Saleen 1 sports car (street version)
  • 2020 Saleen 1 GT4 concept race car

The Saleen exhibit at ACM officially opened to the public on Saturday with a ‘Saleen and Caffeine’ event that invited visitors to meet Steve Saleen and enjoy a guided tour of the display. The exhibit opened to record attendance on Saturday morning, with Saleen owners and enthusiasts across the Pacific Northwest gathering for the event.

“It’s an honor to stand here in America’s Car Museum’s beautiful facilities with vehicles representing over four decades of my life and career,” said Steve Saleen, founder and CEO of Saleen Automotive. “I’m proud of our past achievements, but I also look forward to continuing our legacy into the future with unique new Saleen vehicles and a global presence in motorsports.”

In addition to showcasing the uniquely American automotive brand, the “Saleen: A Journey from the Heart of a Racer to America’s Supercar” exhibit aims to inspire the public with Steve Saleen’s illustrious career in automotive engineering, design and manufacturing.

“This is more than a chance for the community to get up close to some of the most extraordinary cars in the world,” said ACM CEO Jennifer Maher. “This is also an opportunity for young people to see that there’s a clear career path in automotive technology and people like Steve Saleen are the role models.”

For more information on “Saleen: A Journey from the Heart of a Racer to America’s Supercar” and to purchase tickets visit: www.AmericasCarMuseum.org.

For more details on Saleen Automotive and Steve Saleen, visit www.Saleen.com, or follow Saleen on social by using on Facebook at Facebook.com/Saleen , or by using @Saleen on Twitter and @Saleen on Instagram.

About Saleen Automotive, Inc.

Saleen is dedicated to transforming the transportation experience. For over 35 years, the California-based automotive manufacturer has redefined driving through high-performing vehicles that combine championship-winning racing pedigree with innovative technology and distinctive styling.

From the first Saleen Mustang in 1984 to the legendary S7 in 2000 and the groundbreaking new Saleen 1, company founder Steve Saleen has continually set the bar for vehicle design and performance engineering on streets and racetracks worldwide. In addition to its distinctive Saleen Signature and Saleen Original vehicle lines, Saleen offers a wide variety of technical parts, lifestyle accessories and apparel for those with a passion for performance. Learn more at www.saleen.com.

About LeMay – America’s Car Museum

America’s Car Museum (ACM), a member of America’s Automotive Trust, is an international destination for families and auto enthusiasts to celebrate America’s love affair with the automobile and learn how it shaped our society. Based in Tacoma, Wash., the stunning 165,000-sq.-ft. facility has been recognized as one of MSN’s 10 Best Automotive Museums worldwide, USA Today’s 10 Best Museums in Seattle and KING5’s Best Museum in Western Washington. ACM serves as an educational center for students of all ages, features 12 rotating exhibits and hosts AAT’s annual Signature Events. For more information, visit www.americascarmusueum.org.

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Saleen PR – Collin Whitley

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From our friends at Saleen Automotive

Attending The SEMA Show? There’s more than just the main booth to see our vehicles! Visit the Truck Accessory group to see one of their new concept racks on a SportruckXR at booth 35039. #SEMA


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First Drive: 2019 Saleen Sporttruck
700 Glorious Horsepower

Original Article: TRUCKTREND.COM

First Drive 2019 Saleen Sporttruck
First Drive 2019 Saleen Sporttruck

To power-hungry auto enthusiasts, the name Saleen should immediately conjure up images of slick race cars and smoking tires. Steve Saleen, founder and CEO of Saleen Automotive, began racing professionally in the ’70s and continued what would be a storied and successful career as both a driver and team owner for the better part of three decades. As an auto manufacturer, Saleen’s companies are known for having built some of the coolest cars and trucks on the road, including engineering, developing, and assembling the legendary 2005-to-2006 Ford GT. Saleen has also built one of the winningest supercars of all time, the S7. For those of us who don’t want to drop a cool million on an S7 but still desire a Saleen in the driveway, Steve’s current company, Saleen Automotive, constructs a line of custom Fords that are hard to beat.

While Mustangs are cool, and Saleen Automotive has built a lot of them, the company’s 2019 Sporttruck is far and away our favorite. It’s based on the popular Ford F-150 platform, and customers can choose from four different power levels, starting with enhanced 2.7L (340 hp and 410 lb-ft) and 3.5L (350 hp and 450 lb-ft) EcoBoost V-6 engines, a naturally aspirated 5.0L (415 hp and 420 lb-ft) V-8, or a supercharged 5.0L (700 hp and 600 lb-ft) V-8. The Sporttruck comes standard as a single cab but can be ordered in either Super Cab or Super Crew as well.

First Drive 2019 Saleen Sporttruck Engine
First Drive 2019 Saleen Sporttruck Engine

In addition to multiple power levels, there are three progressive levels of customization, starting with White Label, then Yellow Label, and finally the top-tier Black Label. When Saleen offered up the keys to a supercharged Black Label (#001 in fact), we were headed out to its facility before even hanging up the phone.

The nose of our Black Label truck was dressed up with a functional front air dam, front brake ducting, a racing-inspired grille design, and a uniquely sculpted hood. Around back, the Sporttruck features Saleen nameplate trim in the center of the tailgate and large rear exhaust tips that tuck nicely into the rear valence. Side skirts add a nice touch but honestly got in the way of entering and exiting the vehicle, as they can’t support the weight of being stepped on. All models are lowered with Racecraft suspension and are fitted with 22-inch wheels and General Grabber UHP tires.

First Drive 2019 Saleen Sporttruck Suspension
First Drive 2019 Saleen Sporttruck Suspension
First Drive 2019 Saleen Sporttruck Wheel
First Drive 2019 Saleen Sporttruck Wheel

The interior gets a unique Saleen treatment as well, with two-tone leather sport seats, embroidered headrests, white-face gauges, and embroidered floor mats. We could have honestly done without the Saleen sticker placed over the steering wheel’s Ford blue oval, but we digress. And if a factory Ford paint color doesn’t do it for you, Saleen offers 13 custom exterior choices.

We spent a week behind the wheel of Sporttruck #001, and we honestly regretted giving it back instead of just disappearing to a beach in Mexico somewhere. With 700 hp on tap, the truck is an absolute riot to drive. The wide General tires provide an adequate amount of grip and, despite its short wheelbase, the truck handled remarkably well. We affectionately referred to it as a menace due in part to the fact that the exhaust was obnoxiously loud and our juvenile brains couldn’t handle accelerating at any rate other than wide open. The truck’s large 15-inch brakes with six-piston calipers did a great job of keeping the speed in check. We still have our reservations about the factory 10-speed transmission’s ability to survive 700 hp, but there are several companies punishing them in this way, and, so far, the reports are favorable. While we’re certain there’s a fair amount of torque management happening to facilitate this survival, we did enjoy the shifting of this transmission versus the competition in this space. So kudos to Saleen’s tuning department for whatever magic they performed.

First Drive 2019 Saleen Sporttruck Rear
First Drive 2019 Saleen Sporttruck Rear

The interior of the truck was comfortable and cozy, and we enjoyed the leather seats. While Saleen will build any trim of truck a customer desires, the crew prefers to start with an XLT. Though we understand why they prefer the lower trim package, we’d still like to see some of the higher-end niceties such as navigation, adaptive cruise, and blind-spot monitoring when we’re paying north of $70k for a truck. We also wouldn’t order a single cab—other than a play toy, they’re nearly useless.

If you’re in the market for a high-power street-oriented pickup that’ll turn heads everywhere you go, the Saleen Sporttruck is a no-brainer. And to top it off, the Sporttruck is sold through Ford’s dealer network, making current incentives applicable (if the dealer so chooses) and retaining Ford’s factory warranty. Pick the Black Label with a blower and go have a fun time munching tires and burning gas. We’ll take a Super Crew Lariat in Ruby Red, please.

First Drive 2019 Saleen Sporttruck
First Drive 2019 Saleen Sporttruck
2019 Saleen SporTruck (Black Label)
Base price: $39,270
Price as tested: $75,505
Engine: Supercharged 5.0L V-8
Transmission: 10-speed automatic
Horsepower: 700 @ 5,750 rpm
Torque: 600 lb-ft @ 4,500 rpm
Towing capacity: Not rated separately
EPA fuel economy rating: Not rated separately
Actual calculated economy: 11.51 mpg
Miles driven: 186.1

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From Saleen Automotive.

A few more pics of the latest SporTruck to roll out of the shop. She was born a little thirsty!

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