90-0096 Saleen convertible


90-0096 appears to have been a special order car. Either for the first owner or stocking dealer.

In 1990, Wild Strawberry was a non-standard color for Saleen Mustang conversion. This exterior hue would have been an extra cost fee and required a drop-ship chassis (or locating a chassis through a dealer-stock search) to complete the request.

Wild Strawberry was introduced during the 1990 production year and replaced Medium Cabernet on the Mustang color chart. Three Wild Strawberry Saleen Mustangs are believed to have been produced during the 1990 and 1991 model years. One vehicle in each body style, making this color fairly uncommon.

The White & Red Ford leather and Ford stereo EQ sound system presented in 90-0096 would have also been special requests. By choosing these Ford options it deleted both the standard Saleen/FloFit cloth seating and Pioneer sound system during conversion.

By the numbers:
17 Saleen convertibles in 1990 had white leather seating. 13 of these were the special Emerald Green model. Meaning, 4 convertibles were NOT green and had white seating. Two cars were white, one car was Bright Red, the other Strawberry.

1990 Saleen Mustang Convertible – $23000 (New albany IN)

For Sale—-
It’s hard to believe that the older Saleen Mustangs are entering the ranks of classics, but consider this: The 79-93 Mustangs are now where the 65-73 Mustangs were in the 90s. They are older cars with a committed following. These limited-production, high-performance rides have held their value even better than a vintage Shelby did at the same age. Shelby Mustangs, of course, have surpassed Saleens in value, if for no other reason than age and availability, but they aren’t as plentiful today as they were in the 70’s.

This is a 1990 Saleen Mustang convertible decked out in red with striking silver appointments. At the tender age of 26 years old with only 23K original miles, 2nd owner, this gem is a rolling time capsule that offers a glimpse of life as it was in the 1990’s. Drop the top, sit back in the bucket seats, abundant leather and awesome entertainment. With a 5.0L H.O. engine, 5 speed shifter you can attack a curvy road with passion or grind away at the asphalt. This can be your dream car for only 23K.

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