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From Jim D’Amore III and our friends at JDM Engineering:

A few days after i began posting about our first installation of the Saleen Supershaker system on a Parnelli Jones Mustang i got a call from a PJ faithful, Bruce Costa. His attention was caught when he saw what we were doing with our previous customers limited edition Saleen. Bruce had similar goals and knew we could achieve them for him too. So after a few phone calls and emails we arranged to pick up his PJ for him in Rhode Island and have it delivered here to be Supercharged!

Well the PJ showed up yesterday safe and sound delivered by our driver, same day he picked it up from Bruce. We offloaded it in the rain but brought it inside where we wiped it down for a few quick “Before” pictures.

Bruce’s PJ is #39 and already has a list of upgrades performed. He is packing 360 RWHP at the tires utilizing a custom tune, C&L cold air kit, and Long Tube headers. We are going to remove the air induction system but still maintain his exhaust. NOTE: The Factory PJ underdrive pulleys will be removed and a stock Ford water pump and balancer pulley set will be installed. Along with the Supershaker upgrade he is getting 39# injectors for more fueling and colder Autolite HTO spark plugs which we will gap to .030″ for Bruce. With the stock 3.875 supercharger pulley (7 psi boost) installed we are expecting to easily make 450+ HP at the tires. However we will be limited to approximately 450 with out upgrading to a twin fuel pump system.

Here are a few quick pictures of Bruce’s car “before” ill be keeping everyone informed of his transformation to a Super PJ as soon as we begin work on it!! I think we plan to start tomorrow so get ready for it Bruce!

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In January, SPEEDLAB announced “Shakercharger” — a supercharger option for Saleen/Parnelli Jones Limited Edition models which retains the shaker hood. With a price estimated at about $6499.99, it should be releasing between now and June.

For S281 SC owners, the kit consists of a Shaker hood conversion. While pricing has not yet been established, it will likely include a stock Ford hood modified to accept the Shaker scoop.

The guys at SPEEDLAB are collecting a waiting list of names to be notified when kits are available. There is no deposit required to be put on this list.

Please call 1-800-888-8945 for more information and to get your name on the waiting list. Tell them you heard about it at SOEC.org.

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