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From DrinkBravelyTV

“Brawn and fun combined in one,” is how Mark Oldman describes both his orange muscle car (“El Tigre”) and the high-horsepower wine Petite Sirah, both bucking with intensity and usually of Californian origin. Mark explains why Petite Sirah is perfect for winter months or whenever you “want a lot from your wine,” even if it’s a little John Mellencamp-style pain with your pleasure.

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You are bidding on a 1 of 1 Ford Mustang Saleen Parnelli Jones 05 model . This is the first PJ ever produced. A true collectors item Buy this vehicle for a bargain!!!600 horses lie in wait under this hood. Coupled with Saleen’s Super Shaker and free-flowing air filter, the 302 produces more horsepower than in year’s past. This car is a prototype one of a kind vehicle that cant be replaced. You won’t find anything like this anywhere else. features as follows:

Preproduction Saleen/ Parnelli Jones Edition
Preproduction Saleen/ Parnelli Jones Edition

* 600 hp
* 302 motor
* port and polished heads
* Comp cams
* Watts linkage
* Upgraded front and rear brakes
* Saleen Super shaker
* 5 spoke 20′ Chrome wheel upgrade
* 1 0f 1 car
* shaker audio system

Bid with confidence as Lewis Ford has been in business for 63 years. We accept full responsibility for the content of this listing and stand behind our merchandise. if you have any questions please feel free to call me at 479-879-1895 or email me at lewis-ford@hotmail.com. thank you and happy bidding!

eBay #: 330312415727

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From Jim D’Amore III and our friends at JDM Engineering:

A few days after i began posting about our first installation of the Saleen Supershaker system on a Parnelli Jones Mustang i got a call from a PJ faithful, Bruce Costa. His attention was caught when he saw what we were doing with our previous customers limited edition Saleen. Bruce had similar goals and knew we could achieve them for him too. So after a few phone calls and emails we arranged to pick up his PJ for him in Rhode Island and have it delivered here to be Supercharged!

Well the PJ showed up yesterday safe and sound delivered by our driver, same day he picked it up from Bruce. We offloaded it in the rain but brought it inside where we wiped it down for a few quick “Before” pictures.

Bruce’s PJ is #39 and already has a list of upgrades performed. He is packing 360 RWHP at the tires utilizing a custom tune, C&L cold air kit, and Long Tube headers. We are going to remove the air induction system but still maintain his exhaust. NOTE: The Factory PJ underdrive pulleys will be removed and a stock Ford water pump and balancer pulley set will be installed. Along with the Supershaker upgrade he is getting 39# injectors for more fueling and colder Autolite HTO spark plugs which we will gap to .030″ for Bruce. With the stock 3.875 supercharger pulley (7 psi boost) installed we are expecting to easily make 450+ HP at the tires. However we will be limited to approximately 450 with out upgrading to a twin fuel pump system.

Here are a few quick pictures of Bruce’s car “before” ill be keeping everyone informed of his transformation to a Super PJ as soon as we begin work on it!! I think we plan to start tomorrow so get ready for it Bruce!

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In January, SPEEDLAB announced “Shakercharger” — a supercharger option for Saleen/Parnelli Jones Limited Edition models which retains the shaker hood. With a price estimated at about $6499.99, it should be releasing between now and June.

For S281 SC owners, the kit consists of a Shaker hood conversion. While pricing has not yet been established, it will likely include a stock Ford hood modified to accept the Shaker scoop.

The guys at SPEEDLAB are collecting a waiting list of names to be notified when kits are available. There is no deposit required to be put on this list.

Please call 1-800-888-8945 for more information and to get your name on the waiting list. Tell them you heard about it at SOEC.org.

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By: N.A. on March 30, 2007

Auto expert Mark Perleberg of NADAguides.com, a leading U.S. vehicle pricing and information website, recently tested the 2007 Saleen S281 and the 2007 PJ/Saleen Special Edition in a weeklong, side-by-side and back-to-back comparison.

And now he weighs in on both cars’ features and handling.

“Since 1984, Steve Saleen has been remanufacturing new stock Ford Mustangs with a flare that only a businessman with a racing background could pull off,” said Perleberg. “Saleen has emerged as a leader in squeezing the most out of new stock Ford Mustang GTs, giving them near Super Car qualities at a relatively low price.”

Perleberg says the 2007 S281 features more of what all great performance cars need, more horsepower.

Up an additional 30 hp from 2006, the S281 now musters up 465 ponies, and according to Perleberg, acceleration that keeps the car’s passengers pinned to the back of their seats when the supercharger kicks in.

Along with this power, the car features a race-craft suspension that virtually eliminates the loose rear end feeling you typically find in stock Mustangs, with a confidence the car will go anywhere you point it at high speeds.

Perleberg says the 2007 Saleen S281 also features a comfortable day-to-day ride for a car of this nature.

Combined with a tail extension, body cladding and an upgraded interior in the mid-$50,000 US price range, Perleberg says the 2007 Saleen S281 has all the makings of a Super Car with the roots of a Mustang.

Next up, Perleberg tested the 2007 PJ/Saleen Special Edition, a high-performance 302 cubic inch V8-powered car with 370 hp and 370 ft/lb of torque.

Perleberg says the 2007 PJ/Saleen Special Edition is a modern-day rendition of the Boss 302 that raced in the SCCA Trans Am Series in the early 1970s, with less horsepower than its S281 sibling, but it feels quicker due to the normally aspirated engine with a torque that chimes in at 4,000 rpms.

“The 2007 PJ/Saleen Special Edition gives you truckloads of pull when you mash the throttle down in any gear,” Perleberg said.

“Handling is confident and very predictable with a somewhat lighter feel than the S281.”


By: MICHELLE KOETTERS on March 28, 2007

Mar. 28–CLINTON — A rare version of an American automotive icon is for sale at a Clinton car dealership. Anderson Ford Mercury has a Parnelli Jones Boss 302 Mustang in its showroom — one of only 500 that specialty vehicle manufacturer Saleen built and released for public sale.

The car honors Parnelli Jones, a legendary race car driver from the 1960s and 1970s.

The Central Illinois dealership expects a serious collector eventually will purchase the muscle car for about $60,000, co-owner Randy Anderson said.

The dealership received the car last week because of its reputation for selling high performance vehicles and parts, said Anderson. The company’s Anderson Ford Motorsport division specializes in designing and building high performance parts for Mustangs; clients come from throughout the world.

Meanwhile, the Boss 302 is an exact replica — but with all new technology — of the Mustang Jones used to win the Trans Am Series racing event in 1970, Anderson said.

“It is one of the most breathtaking, gorgeous cars out there right now. It’s a showstopper,” Anderson said.

The Mustang’s orange-yellow color makes it stand out, Anderson said. In addition, it has a modified engine with 400 horsepower, customized black and orange leather interior, special breaks for fast stops, as well as a suspension that makes it drive like a go-kart, he said.

Mustangs are a popular car right now because people love the look and comfort of the sports car, Anderson said. The dealership’s Mustang sales are up about 30 percent from five years ago.

“What has increased the most is the exotic Mustang,” Anderson said. The dealership has 10 of the exotics, including the Shelby GT 500, the Shelby GT, Roush and Saleen, all priced from $30,000 to $60,000, Anderson said.

“It’s just a gorgeous car to look at,” Anderson said. “No matter if you’re a Ford fan or not a Ford fan, everyone loves the look of a Mustang.”


By: JULIA M. SCOTT on March 22, 2007
Original Article: DAILY NEWS (LOS ANGELES, CA)

Mar. 22–NORTH HILLS — On the surface, car dealer Galpin Ford’s decision to devote an entire showroom to a car that has not been selling well seems counterintuitive.

Sales of Mustangs dropped 19 percent in January and February compared with last year as the newness of the latest Mustang model wore off and buyers waited for the next model to come out.

But showcasing the iconic sports car is a smart move, several analysts said.

“You have to look beyond Mustang sales,” said Kevin Tynan of Argus Research Corp. “If you open a Mustang showroom, you become a beacon for Mustang enthusiasts.”

In other words, fans will come to ogle Mustang eye candy, creating the buzz and foot traffic that is the lifeblood of a dealer.

The move already seemed to be working on Wednesday, the opening day of the showroom.

An hour before the start of an autographing session, dozens of Mustang fans had filled up the parking lot with models dating back to 1970. Many said they came for the signature of race car driver Steve Saleen, whose latest design was on display in the showroom.

Saleen and race car driver Parnelli Jones customized the 2007 Mustang that is named after them. It is one of 500 made and sells for $60,565.

Michael Shore came with his father, Allen, from Simi Valley to meet Saleen. Shore, a business major at California State University, Northridge, said he wasn’t going to leave until he had Saleen’s signature.

“It’s kind of inspiring because he started as a race car driver and a car enthusiast,” said Shore, 20, as he snapped pictures of Mustangs parked next to his black 2000 Saleen Speedster. “And he built this whole empire.”

Inside, banners dotted the chrome-laced showroom, which used to house sport utility vehicles and trucks. Three Mustangs were parked in the bright, airy space.

Saleen and Jones were on hand to toot the car’s horn.

“What’s unique about this car is literally everything,” said Saleen as he pointed out dual-colored leather seats, a race car suspension system, and two names scrawled on the dash. Both he and Jones signed each of the 500 cars.

Devoting an entire showroom to a single model is unusual, but not very expensive if you have enough space. All it takes is switching the cars and slapping up a few posters.

“It’s an option that a mega dealer can look at,” said analyst David Healy of Burnham Securities Inc.

Galpin certainly has the space. Its sprawling campus in North Hills stretches across 60 acres.

Galpin is the No. 1 Ford dealer in the country and also sells the most Mustangs, according to George Pipas, Ford’s domestic sales analysis manager. The nationwide decline in Mustang sales, which was similarly felt at Galpin, is part of a bigger trend in the coupe market, he said.

“It’s not just a Mustang thing,” Pipas said. “The whole category was off 38 percent.”

The dedicated showroom will help turn those figures around at Galpin. Aside from attracting potential customers, it will help the dealer hone its sales pitch and focus Mustang hype, said George Peterson, president of the consulting firm Auto Pacific in Tustin.

“Your salespeople can be trained very strongly on Mustang and its basic competition so they can do a more effective sales job,” Peterson said.

The showroom will also increase revenues of aftermarket wheels, stereos, performance-enhancing parts, and paint jobs that Galpin sells at its Auto Sports center.

Total revenues from aftermarket products may not be a significant factor, but the profit margin is incredible, analyst Tynan said.

Mustangs are the No. 1 car Galpin customizes, said Vice President Beau Boeckmann.

“It’s one of those cars that people love to customize and make their own,” said Boeckmann, who appears on MTV’s “Pimp My Ride,” which is filmed at Galpin’s Auto Sports center.

Chris Lawson was looking at the customized Mustangs parked in front of the showroom Wednesday evening. She has had “six or seven” Mustangs in her lifetime.

“I have been in love with Mustangs since I was 10 years old,” said Lawson, a 45-year-old caregiver who lives in Reseda. “Take the rest of them and leave the Mustangs behind.”