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Currently the longest running editor of Saleen Alley. The official publication of SOEC. Have owned five generations of Saleen Mustangs through 20 years of active SOEC participation.


From our friends at Saleen Motors International

Guangzhou Automotive Award Ceremony 2014
Guangzhou Automotive Award Ceremony 2014
Guangzhou Automotive Award Ceremony 2014
Guangzhou Automotive Award Ceremony 2014
Guangzhou Automotive Award Ceremony 2014
Guangzhou Automotive Award Ceremony 2014

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Auto Guangzhou 2014
The 12th China (Guangzhou) International Auto Parts & Accessories Exhibition

Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd will hold the 12th China (Guangzhou) International Auto Parts & Accessories Exhibition (Auto Guangzhou 2014) at China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou during November 20th – 23rd, 2014.

As one of the largest auto parts & accessories distribution center in China, Guangzhou is a cluster of automobile and parts production. Since 2012 the parts & accessories section of Auto Guangzhou has been upgraded as a specialized concurrent event, China (Guangzhou) International Auto Parts and Accessories Exhibition.

The 12th China (Guangzhou) International Auto Parts & Accessories Exhibition (Auto Guangzhou 2014) will provide an effective platform for exhibitors to tap with the growing China market.

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Saleen Automotive Releases Feature List and Image for 2015 Saleen 302 Mustang,
Begins to Take Orders

CORONA, CA–(Marketwired – Sep 23, 2014) – Saleen Automotive, Inc. (OTCQB: SLNN), (OTCBB: SLNN) (the “Company”), an American specialty manufacturer of high performance vehicles, technical performance parts, lifestyle accessories and apparel, has released the next images and specifications for its highly anticipated 2015 Saleen 302 Mustang. The Company is now taking orders on a first come, first served basis for the new Mustang.

“This past July we released a first look of our 2015 Saleen 302 Mustang and the response was resounding,” stated Steve Saleen, CEO, Saleen Automotive. “With the finalization of the all new Mustang model drawing near, we are working hard to bring the next vehicle in the Saleen lineup to life.”

“This is a very exciting time for the Mustang community as this is the first all-new model since 2005,” added Saleen. “As we approach an official unveiling later this year, we are thrilled to release the features and specifications for the 2015 Saleen 302 Mustang. Along with these features and specs, we are releasing a new profile view rendering to give an enhanced perspective on the new model.”

With the upgraded engine & independent rear suspension, the new car promises to be the highest performance MUSTANG yet!

2015 Saleen 302 Mustang - Features & Specifications
2015 Saleen 302 Mustang – Features & Specifications

Saleen Automotive is currently taking reservations for the 2015 S302 Mustang. A $2,015 deposit will reserve you a car and secure your Saleen VIN number.

For more information or to place an order, visit or contact us directly at (855) 797-6339.

For more information and updates regarding Saleen Automotive visit the following online locations:

Company website:


About Saleen Automotive, Inc.  Saleen is an American specialty manufacturer of high performance vehicles, technical performance parts, lifestyle accessories and apparel. Founder Steve Saleen has continually set the bar for automotive design and performance engineering in both street and racing applications. Saleen plans to utilize its existing strategic partnerships and dealer network to refine its design and engineering prowess, continue development of emerging automotive technologies, and expand its presence nationwide with a combination of automotive retail services, aftermarket parts and new vehicle sales to build significant long-term value. Learn more at

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Some of the mystery about the 2015 Saleen 302 is solved. The renderings of the full front and side of the new Saleen 302 were revealed at the event. Typically a novelist will reveal the details of the story in various chapters. Steve Saleen is keeping fans in suspense for yet another chapter.

Ford has chosen to produce the 2.3 Liter EcoBoost Mustang to begin the 2015 model year. The EcoBoost engine will have 310 horsepower and 320 lb-ft. of torque with a Best-in-class 21 city/32 hwy/25 combined mpg.

The EcoBoost Mustang might be ok for many Mustang enthusiasts, but performance oriented Saleen fans are waiting for the release of the 8 cylinder 302 Mustangs. The renderings of the 2015 Saleen 302 Mustang have satisfied a little of the curiosity that surrounded the Saleen event. Patience will be necessary to get to the last chapter of the novel.

The photos below are informal images taken during the event. Formal photos will be posted later. These images compare the 2015 Ford Mustang to the 2015 Saleen 302.

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Concorso Italiano was again a key part the traditional Monterey Automobile Week. The event was on Saturday, August 16, 2014 at the Black Horse Golf Course in Monterey Bay, California. Concorso Italiano’s unique format featured more than 800 – 1000 vehicles of Italian origin. Vehicles were on display and elements of Italian style such as fashion, food, music were all on the beautiful grounds of the Black Horse Golf Club.

Saleen had a vendor display at the event.

Event information from

Photos from the Saleen staff


From our friends at Saleen Motors International.

Chengdu International Circuit 2014
Chengdu International Circuit 2014
Chengdu International Circuit 2014
Chengdu International Circuit 2014
Chengdu International Circuit 2014
Chengdu International Circuit 2014
Chengdu International Circuit 2014
Chengdu International Circuit 2014
Chengdu International Circuit 2014
Chengdu International Circuit 2014

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The Sturgis Mustang Rally was held on August 27-31, 2014 with rally headquarters at the Thunder Dome in . The event has such a family atmosphere that long time event staff member Dan Jacobsen referred to the event as a “Family Reunion”. One of the event sponsors was the local Saleen dealer, Scott Peterson Motors Sturgis Ford which formerly was Jacobsen Ford. Saleen Automotive was also a sponsor. Over 800 Mustangs were registered for the event with 578 Mustangs registered for the Saturday Show & Shine.

Sturgis Mustang Rally featured events included the following:

Mustang Rodeo in which the Mustangs drove through the course and both the driver and passenger had to lasso a few horses and toss bean bags for points.
Sponsor: Classic Design Concepts
Prizes: Trophies & $300, $200, and $100

Cannon Bull Run to the Carbon Shooting Complex for a competition shoot, a drive to the Moonshine Gulch Saloon, and a return drive through the beautiful and winding.
Prizes: $200, $100, and $100

Launch Box Competition in which each participant started in the launch box and raced to the stop feet away.
Sponsor: Shelby American
Prizes: $300, $200, and $100

Burnout Competition to produce smoke for a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 90 seconds.
Sponsor: LateModel Restoration
Prizes: $500, $300, and $200

Black Hills Poker Run to Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Custer State Park, Hills City, Keystone, and Deadwood. Participants collected stamps that were redeemed on Sunday to draw their poker hand.
Prizes: $200, $100, and $100

Autocross Competition.
Sponsor: Gateway Classic
Prizes: Sweet 16, 1st – 16th, trophies and share $1,800

Mustang Barrel Racing and Drifting.
Sponsor: Recaro
Prizes: trophies and $300, $200, and $100

Dyno Competition.
Prizes: $50 King & $50 Queen plus t-shirts

Mustang Drag Racing.
Sweet 16, 1st – 16th, trophies and share $1,800

Saturday Show and Shine Competition.
Sponsor: Scott Peterson Motors Sturgis Ford Saleen Dealer
Prizes: 1st and 2nd place photo plaque awards in each of 62 classes plus 5 Choice

Loud American Loud Pipes Competition to “prove that those Mustangs have more than just good looks”. Prizes: Unique “LOUD PIPES” trophy and Sturgis Jack Daniels Single Barrel

Saturday Mustang Rally Auction at the Knuckles Saloon where “Everything Mustang Sells!”

Mustang Sturgis Parade

Steve Saleen had his usual autograph sessions on Saturday at the Show and Shine and on Sunday at the Thunder Dome.

A highlight of the show was the Sunday Dice Roll for a special edition Sturgis Mustang Rally Mustang. Once again this year the Dice Roll Mustang was a Special SMR Black Label Saleen 302. Saleen was the sponsor for the Dice Roll. To go with the theme of the event, the Saleen had “Deadmans Hand” and a graphic of a card hand with “Aces and Eights”. The Saleen was a black coupe with a Red Butterfly hood. Each registered participant had the opportunity to roll 6 dice, each with only one letter on one side to make the word “SALEEN”. No one was able to roll “SALEEN” so the car was auctioned on Sunday.

Steve Saleen was the guest speaker at the Sunday evening banquet. He opened his talk with a statement that he was mad that no one knew how to spell “SALEEN”. Of course he was referring to the unsuccessful “SALEEN” dice roll that was held just before the banquet.

Steve Saleen gave a talk about his current projects. He has a new distributor in China.  His wife, Liz, and daughter, Molly, had to miss the SMR to attend events in China. Steve had photos of his Saleen S7 at the 2014 Beijing International Auto Show, the new Saleen FOURSIXTEEN all electric Tesla S, and the rendering of the 2015 Saleen 302 Mustang. On display by the stage was an impressive collection of Saleens representing several custom Saleen colors – Lizstick Red, Orange County Orange, Tire Smoke White, and Beryllium. A ChromeMolly Saleen was on display under the Saleen tent.

The Sturgis Mustang Rally has something for everyone. Mark your calendars for September 2-6, 2015.

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Inspired by the 2014 Blockbuster Hollywood Movie Need for Speed, the Saleen NFS Limited Edition Mustang is the Ultimate Collector’s Car with only 10 produced worldwide.

0 – 100 Km/h: 3.5 sec.
Top speed: 300 km/h
HorsePower: 650
Engine: V8

2014 Need For Speed Edition
2014 Need For Speed Edition

About the Limited Edition NFS Mustang
Steve Saleen used his experience designing and building vehicles for the Need For Speed movie to create a Limited Edition Mustang that is at home in the world’s most prestigious car collections . The Limited Edition NFS Mustang adds custom paint wheels, and advanced internal components to Saleen’s top of the line Titanium model to produce a vehicle that embodies the spirit of the Mustang used in the movie.

Form Follows Function
The front of the vehicle features a Saleen Functional Red Butterfly™ Center Induction Hood and a Front Fascia with a High Volume Radiator Intake to maximize the airflow in and out of the engine compartment. Side Skirts with Integrated Brake Intakes and Carbon Fiber Air Vanes deliver cold air to the brake calipers to prevent over-heating.

A Rear Integrated Diffuser allows fast moving air beneath the vehicle to expand creating a low-pressure zone, and a high-downforce rear spoiler keeps the vehicle on the pavement at high speeds. The Decklid Center Insert reduces parasitic drag; while the Rear Fascia with an Integrated Quad Exhaust and LED Race Lamps improve rear-end aerodynamics and style.

Lateral Acceleration
S4 Specific Rate Front and Rear Springs, S4 Front Struts, and S4 Rear Shocks work together to optimize stability around corners while providing perfect control during extreme braking. The Saleen Front and Rear Swaybars and High Durometer Pivot Bushings provide precise steering control while conquering tight corners at racing speeds.

2014 Need For Speed Edition
2014 Need For Speed Edition

Longitudinal Acceleration
The Limited Edition NFS Mustang features a push button start a 650 horsepower Supercharged 5.0L, V8 Ti-VCT Engine, with a 0-100 km/h time of 3.5 sec and a top speed of 282 km/h. The patented 8th generation Saleen 296 Supercharger™ incorporates a twin-screw compressor which drives an astounding 32 cubic meters of air per minute into the engine adding nearly 200 horsepower to the naturally aspirated 5.0L V8 Ti-VCT Engine. The engine is available with a 6-speed automatic transmission with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters, or a 6-speed manual transmission with a short-throw shifter and a final drive gear ratio of 3.73:1.

The Six-Pack™ Intercooler System incorporates six cylindrical micro-fin intercoolers providing over 60% more cooling and flow efficiency than the standard 5.0L V8 Ti-VCT Engine cooling system. In addition, the NFS Mustang features a High Volume Intercooler Water Pump delivering 90 liters of water per minute through the cooling system, and a Remote External Air Induction system optimizes the air/fuel ratio within the combustion chamber. The Launch Control App manages wheel traction control for maximum longitudinal acceleration during quick launches that translates to quicker 0-100 km/h times. Finally, Saleen’s Power Flash Performance Calibration maximizes the engine horsepower and torque curves throughout the RPM band.

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Steve Saleen Carlisle 2014

***** June 5-7, 2015 *****
All Ford Nationals, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Steve Saleen Signature Event

The Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Club is pleased to announce that, for the 3rd year in a row, it will host the appearance of Steve Saleen at the 2015 All Ford Nationals, Carlisle, Pennsylvania on June 5-7, 2015. The Ford GT (made for Ford by Saleen) is the featured car. Carlisle Events will try to have all Saleen produced vehicles park together so that all owners can have time to spend with Steve Saleen. Steve Saleen has given us a very early commitment to attend this event. Please watch for any updates.

Event registration is open.

Show Classes:
378 – 1984-1993 Saleen Mustang
379 – 1994-2004 Saleen Mustang
380 – 2005-Present Saleen Mustang

Please remember to choose Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Club as your club affiliation on your event registration.


Gate-N-Go: Your Green Light to the Showfield

Register for the 2015 Carlisle Ford Nationals Showfield. Registration includes weekend admission for two people. To qualify for the 10% Gate-N-Go pre-registration discount and have your entry window sticker mailed to you, please pre-register prior to May 4th, 2015 at midnight EST. Discount will be applied at checkout. After registering, a receipt will be emailed to you – please bring this receipt to the event. If you belong to a club, enter the full club name. Please do not abbreviate the club name.

Hall of Famer Returns to Carlisle During Ford Weekend

A very popular name within automotive circles is coming to Carlisle courtesy of the Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Club (SOEC). Steve Saleen was born in California and attended USC, earning a degree in business. He parlayed his education into a booming career that saw him work with the Porsche Owners Club before becoming a competitive racer. In 1980, he entered the Formula Atlantic series and was third in the final series standings. After that, he advanced to the SCCA Trans-Am series in ’82, driving a Ford Mustang. From there, his passion for the Mustang grew immensely, culminating with the founding of Saleen Autosport in 1983 and subsequent building of the first Saleen Mustang.

In 1984, the car was completed, tested and raced against some of the world’s top cars, finishing first in its class at the Mosport 24 hour endurance race. Years later, Saleen formed a race team with comedian Tim Allen and driver Bob Bondurant. The three raced Saleen Mustangs in the SCAA World Challenge. Inducted into the Mustang Hall of Fame in 1996 along side Carroll Shelby, Saleen remains active today, primarily with his namesake company, Saleen Inc.

Saleen also had a hand in the early Ford GT cars. Don’t miss out as Saleen, for the first time in front of a large audience, tells his story and version of the GT. With Ford spinning the history of the GT in their words, Saleen wants to take this time to set the record straight in his words. Further, Saleen is working on a new Ford powered Supercar that just may debut at Carlisle in 2015. How cool would that be?

Don’t miss a chance to meet Saleen at Carlisle in 2015 as he shares stories of his involvement with the Ford GT as part of the special GT celebration. There will be autograph sessions, Q&A times and more.

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The 17th Chengdu Motor Show
CDMS 2014

The 17th Chengdu Motor Show (CDMS 2014), the most influential auto show in western China, is organized by Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd. and is to be staged at Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center (CCNICEC) from August 29 to September 7, 2014.

16 years’ development has made Chengdu Motor Show (CDMS) one of the top 4 domestic auto shows in China. The 17th Chengdu Motor Show (CDMS 2014) will attract leading brands from all over the world with its influence and strategic importance. The quantity of debuts is remarkably increased with organizers and exhibitors having better service awareness.

As the core city in western China, Chengdu started its own auto show in 1998. Under the joint effort of Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd and Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Centre Ltd, Chengdu Motor Show (CDMS) and grown into one of the four top auto shows in China. Further enhanced its status and all-round market influence.

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