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Congratulations to Tom Rice for the recent feature of his 95-0077 S351 in Hot Rod Magazine.

The Bigger the Better: The 1994-1999 S351s represented a classic enthusiast’s mindset, and this 1995 takes the idea even further

By: ERIC ENGLISH on April 1, 2016
Original Article: HOTROD.COM


Twenty-plus years after the fact, it is easy to forget the significance of the first Saleen S351, which debuted in 1994. Mustang hadn’t sported an engine larger than 302 cubes since 1973, and as the Saleen nomenclature implied, Saleen’s new super Mustang had an honest 351-inch engine as the heart of the beast. Rated at 370 horses—a full 130 better than a 1994 Mustang Cobra, the Saleen 351 was based on the venerable 351 Windsor, and had a host of go-fast hardware as standard equipment: aluminum heads, GT40-type intake, a Saleen-spec roller cam, a 65mm throttle-body, headers, and much more.

All these years later we are still in awe that Saleen had the vision and resources to install the larger engine—not really a difficult feat mechanically, but no doubt difficult from an economic and emissions perspective. We are also really impressed with this particular S351 feature car, which has picked



Owner Tom Rice, a consummate tinkerer, also wanted to keep his car among the fastest of fast street Mustangs. That’s a tall order these days, what with Boss 302s, flat plane GT350s, and 5.8L GT500, but Rice has done well with what we now consider somewhat archaic technology. Think of it this way: A pushrod V-8 hasn’t been a part of Ford’s Mustang vocabulary since Rice’s car was built in 1995, and last saw use in a Saleen Mustang in 1999. To say the least, the power scene has changed dramatically in the last 20 years!

To remind ourselves just how potent our beloved pushrod V-8s can be, let’s review the build specifics of Rice’s engine. It all starts with the factory 351W roller block equipped with a Probe main cap girdle and filled with an Eagle 4-inch stroker crank, Eagle H-beam rods, and JE inverted dome pistons. A Comp Cams blower grind camshaft pops the valves in ported Edelbrock Victor Jr. heads. The whole thing is topped by a Hogans sheetmetal upper/ported Lightning lower intake combo with 75-lb/hr injectors and an Accufab 80mm throttle-body. This “no replacement for displacement” mantra yields a healthy 408 ci, only to then get a big boost from a Vortech T-trim supercharger.



Of course the supporting hardware of fuel, cooling, and exhaust systems is all thoroughly upgraded for the task, while the stock EEC-IV computer was replaced by ACCEL’s GEN 7 DFI. Tuned by Blood Enterprises in Auburn, Washington, the 408ci engine has cranked-up rear-wheel horsepower numbers in excess of 600. While almost docile compared to a typical 600-horse carbureted engine, this kind of number is reflected in the exhaust note and idle quality of the car, which is to say that it doesn’t quite have the street manners of a factory effort—a sort of badge of honor that Rice is OK with.

Like the engine, the rest of the driveline makes use of the original heavy-duty gear, albeit upgraded for the considerably higher performance task at hand. That means the Tremec 3550 was gone through by Hanlon Motorsports and aided by a Spec clutch and Pro 5.0 shifter. A Griggs aluminum driveshaft delivers power to the 8.8-inch rear, fortified with a Torsen T2R differential, 3.73 gears and a TA girdle cover.



With Saleen’s considerable road race history, it is not surprising that Rice set up the rest of the ’95 to further its handling prowess. A full Griggs GR40 suspension setup has been installed, to include the company’s tubular K-member, control arms, and Koni coilovers up front, along with a torque arm and Panhard bar in the rear. It turns out Rice’s Stang was optioned with Saleen/Alcon four-piston 13-inch brakes up front, thus the brakes were good to go with a simple rotor and pad upgrade—the rears getting matching 13-inch rotors from Baer.

Another notable factory option for this car are the original 18-inch magnesium wheels, which Saleen sourced from Italian manufacturer Speedline. Rice has them tucked safely away in storage right now, with the current rolling stock being nearly identical aluminum castings offered at one time through Saleen’s Speedlab parts division. Though this particular set is one of just a handful to come with a chrome finish, that didn’t stop Rice from sending the rear pair off to Weldcraft Wheels for widening to 10-inches—all the better to rock the 295/35-18 rubber.


Rice purchased this particular car in 2000 when it had just 5,000 miles on the odometer. It was right down his alley in that he was specifically looking for a red S351, and with just over 300 S351s of all colors built during the entire 1994-1999 production run, he took what he could find. As you might expect with the low odometer reading, the condition was excellent, which has allowed the following years of ownership to focus on the fun task of dialing in the car to Rice’s specific tastes.

There are plenty of items we didn’t have space to expound on, such as the owner-added rear wing and the carbon fiber hood that was already on the car in 2000. Was it factory installed? Who knows? Who cares? What we do know is that this ’95 sports big power and is in pristine condition, and the low production volume should keep Rice in the hunt with any of the current super Stangs rolling out of Dearborn. Yes, bigger is better indeed!


[Source: Hot Rod Magazine]

1996 S351 SPEEDSTER (96-0018S) OFFERED ON eBay

Price: BID
VIN: 1FALP4442TF147229
Vehicle Title: Clear
Year: 1996
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Body Type: Convertible
Number of Cylinders: 8
Engine: 351
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Exterior Color: Rio Red with Silver Stripes
Interior Color: Black
Mileage: 16,100
For Sale By: Owner
eBay #: 291588475771

96-0018S S351 Speedster
96-0018S S351 Speedster
96-0018S S351 Speedster
96-0018S S351 Speedster

Hi, What we have here is a beautiful 1996 Ford Mustang Saleen Speedster S351 #18. This car is owned by the original owner who has babied it since day one. He is a close friend of mine and I have been around this car from day 1 and can personally say this car is in mint condition and has never been abused!!! It currently has 16,000 miles on it. It basically hits a couple shows or cruise nights each year. You can see the pride of ownership in this car, I think it was waxed more than it was driven. This car has a Supercharged 351with a Vortech V1 blower, 5 speed transmission, and 8.8 posi rear. The engine has been detailed. The upper and lower intake, valve covers, engine brackets, alternator housing, blower tube, and more have all been powder coated to prevent any oxidation. The rotors and calipers where also powder coated. The interior is mint. It has Recaro seats, white face gauges, short throw shifter, and more. The top is in mint shape. It has the molded speedster top painted to match. It has Michelin tires that are brand new, 255-40-18 in the front and 295-35-18 in the rear. No marks on the wheels. This car was purchased from Rizzo Ford, and is a legit Saleen not a clone. These cars are not easy to find especially in this condition. This thing turns heads where ever it goes. I’m sure I’m forgetting something so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks for looking

96-0018S S351 Speedster
96-0018S S351 Speedster
96-0018S S351 Speedster
96-0018S S351 Speedster

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1999 S351 SPEEDSTER (99-0040S) OFFERED ON eBay

Price: $35,000.00
VIN: 1FAFP4442XF208095
Vehicle Title: Clear
Year: 1999
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Sub Model: S351
Body Type: Convertible
Number of Cylinders: 8
Engine: 5.0
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Exterior Color: Black with Silver Stripes
Interior Color: Charcoal
Mileage: 29,069
For Sale By: Private Seller
eBay #: 181887980328

99-0040S S351 Speedster
99-0040S S351 Speedster

* PLEASE CALL 915-244-4377


From our friends at Saleen Automotive.

1994 Saleen commercial shoot
1994 Saleen commercial shoot

“TBT… did some driving for a Saleen commercial around 1994… some footage also being used for ND Spark Plugs (to my recall.) This was taken just after coming through Turn 9 at Willow Springs at speed, and then slowing to draft the ShotMaker camera truck. Steve Saleen is in the yellow driving suit.

We later ‘mixed it up’ on the track with Steve in a yellow supercharged Saleen S351, while I drove a red Corvette. There were a lot of driving moves performed to add more excitement on camera, rather than taking the correct (and smooth) line all around the track.

It was a nice ‘day at the office.'”

Photo credit: David Parcell

[Source: Saleen Automotive]


Lot F157 // Seattle 2015 // June 5-6

1995 Ford Mustang Saleen Convertible
351 CI, 5-Speed

1995 S351 R-Code
1995 S351 R-Code

Engine: 351 CI
Trans: 5-Speed
Color: Red
Interior: Black

– No. 9 of 43 Convertibles
– Saleen letter of authenticity
– 1 of 1 as optioned per Saleen records
– 1 of 3 Rio Red convertibles
– Saleen supercharger
– Tire upgrade
– 3.27 differential gears
– 13 inch brakes
– Speedster package
– Stored in heated garage
– R code


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[Source: Mecum Auctions]

1997 S351 SPEEDSTER (97-0027S) OFFERED ON eBay

Price: $40,000.00
VIN: 1FALP4440VF123675
Vehicle Title: Clear
Year: 1997
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Body Type: Convertible
Number of Cylinders: 8
Engine: 5.8L V8 Super Charged 351
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual 6 Speed
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Black
Mileage: 21,819
For Sale By: Vehicles Nashville
eBay #: 201359488334

97-0027 S351 Speedster
97-0027 S351 Speedster
97-0027 S351 Speedster
97-0027 S351 Speedster

This is an EXTREMELY RARE 1997 Ford Mustang Convertible SALEEN S351 5.8L V8! This is in immaculate condition with only 21,819 miles and has been garage kept by an older gentlemen. All Saleen badging is in place! Interior includes: very rare Recaro seats, power driver’s seat, power windows, power locks, Mach 460 sound system, and more! This has never been abused or used for racing and pushes over 550 horse power. Please visit our website at VehiclesNashville.com to view more pictures of this Saleen!

97-0027 S351 Speedster
97-0027 S351 Speedster
97-0027 S351 Speedster
97-0027 S351 Speedster

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Well guys as some of you know I purchased ’99 S-351 #37 about a year ago. I bought the vehicle and was told all the car would need was a tune. After picking up the car from Dallas and bringing it back home to Houston I decided to do a compression test. Three cylinders had really low compression and every cylinder gave me a complete different reading. I decided to hold off on pulling the motor and doing a complete over haul on it at the time because I was in the process of doing the turbo swap on the Sloleen.

About a week ago I decided I would go ahead and remove the Trickflow Box R intake setup and order a Trickflow R intake to be able to clear the stock oem heat extractor hood. With the R intake I would be able ditch the huge cowl hood that came with the car when I purchased it and run an oem style hood. I went ahead and placed the order on the Trickflow R intake earlier this week and after getting it in the mail I decided I would go ahead and just pull the motor and have it gone through to see what was wrong with it.

I will be posting pictures and updates as I make them. Enjoy!

99-0037 S351
99-0037 S351
99-0037 S351
99-0037 S351

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All 1994-99 S351Rs came with the base Vortech 351 Supercharger kit pieces which included the T-Rex Boost-A-Pump (External) located in front of the fuel tank (between tank and axle) and an inline 255 in the tank (Internal) hence the Dual Fuel Pumps designation from Saleen as on S351R MSRPs. They came with the Vortech Boost Retard Ignition box and the “Dial-A-Retard” knob. They also all had the FMU running off of Vacuum Boost. The set up was standard fare in the day but complete junk now.

When we just finished re-working and retuning the Mystic S351R, which has a 408 Eagle Forged Stroker Kit in it now, we got rid of a lot of this crap and boy am I glad we did.

In the end, we went with:
* Aeromotive 304 lph In-Tank Fuel Pump (#A-11140)
* Anderson Big Pump In-Line Fuel Kit (#KITAF-6294)

Replaced all the Fuel Lines front to back with Aero-Quip properly sized units.

* High-Flow Saleen/Vortech (Just Use Vortech) Fuel Rails
* Siemens/Deka High Impedance 60 lb Fuel Injectors (#MTN-SD60)
* Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator (External not rail mounted since Vortech Rails do not have Regulator mount)

* MSD 6AL CD Ignition (#MSD-6420)
* MSD Universal Ignition Wiring Harness (#MSD-8874)
* MSD Blaster TFI Coil (#MSD-8227)
* MSD Pro Billet Ready to Run EFI Distributor (#MSD-8451)
* MSD Extra Duty Distributor Cap (Black) (#MSD-84083)
* Taylor 10.4mm 409 Pro Race Spiro-Wound Spark Plug Wires (Red) (#TAY-79267)

* Anderson Power Pipe Vortech Induction Kit (1995 – 5.8L) (#AF-0102C)
* Anderson Air-Filter and Mass Air

* Moates Quarterhorse Computer Tuning Chip (#QH1)
* Moates Binary Editor 2010 + EEC Analyzer
* Moates EEC Editor Software from Paul Booth EEC4 DEF+DLM (#EEC4 DEF+DLM)

We have a ton more stuff on the car from Snow Boost Methanol Injection, smaller Boost Pulleys, etc., etc. various other fine tuning things.

life_2012_95-0010_019.jpgYou have to understand that in the mid-90s, what Saleen put out was all there was. You could not put larger injectors on without drivers, etc. We put the Moates chip in because it gets rid of the stupid FMU and Retard box set-ups. In the end, if all your internals are strong and in great working order, concentrate on the weak-points of the S351R, which are ignition, fuel and tuning. Well heat can be a problem too, but sounds like you have that liked already. We put in a Busch Grand National Spec Griffin Dual Pass Aluminum Radiator in the Mystic S351R (ala 1999 S351R spec) Cured the heat problem right there.

Basically the problems on the early cars were they did not have forged internals and running as lean as they were, “Kaploowy”. 99s had Forged Internals which in addition to the new edge body style is why people want them. However they too had problems with ignition, fuel and tuning to get the most out. All Saleen S351Rs did.

The good thing is when you get the balance right, the right parts installed and get them tuned for your altitude and location, they are downright awesome. Nothing else like it out there. However without the right guy to work on them and dyno tune them properly, it is very hard to get them running optimally so do not be hard on yourself.

On our re-work we had to send some parts back to the manufacturers because they were not in spec to work properly. The perfect balance makes all the difference.

This winter I am doing a major detailed write up on everything we did to the Mystic S351R with part numbers, etc. to get 579 RW HP and 648 RW ftlbs out of it at 91 degF and over 6,000 ft altitude with zero detonation or issues. It can be done but the big thing is do NOT cheap out on the parts you out on it to make this work and you have to go with the right tuner with patience to dyno tune it properly.

Hope some of this write up helps.


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Model year 1999 marked the final chapter for Saleen Performance’s S351 Mustang. After six years on the market, a combination of changing government emissions/fuel vapor regulations in addition to a lack of inventory and technical support with pushrod engines from Ford Motor Company, led to the elimination of Saleen’s halo product offering.

Launched in 1994 as the new standard serialized Saleen Mustang package for retail sale, the S351 offered Saleen’s highest content of unique equipment and most labor intense remanufacture when compared to all their previous vehicle lines from 1984-93. Even in base, no option form, an early 1994-96 S351 conversion featured the customary 351 CID engine swap, adaptation of a heavy-duty Tremec transmission, modified mounting of each and a shortened driveshaft. Buyers received a familiar Racecraft Suspension package, featuring a larger front sway bar, G-Load brace, firmer bushings, lowering springs and revalved shocks/struts. While inside the passenger compartment new Saleen/Recaro front seating, a matching rear seat cover, “Saleen” logo floor mats, a leather Momo shift knob and a Saleen white face gauge package left no doubt this was a special Mustang.

After Saleen Performance released their S281 Mustang, this caused a “rethink” as to what the S351 model line should offer in content, value and performance. With the newly established S281 leading Saleen’s value market; there was no need for the S351 to continue in base form. Steady development launched the S351 into supercar territory for their 1997 model year. For ’97 the Vortech supercharger became standard equipment as did a 6-speed manual Tremec transmission. Standard heat extractor, Saleen/Alcon front brake upgrade and Speedline magnesium wheels continued unchanged from the 1996 product offering.

Prior to new model unveil and manufacture for a newly restyled 1999 Saleen Mustang line, Saleen Performance announced that ‘99 would mark their final year of assembly and sales for the S351. Production was set to carry throughout the 12 month calendar, when necessary Saleen used model year 2000 Ford Mustangs to finish orders late into ‘99. This final production year for the S351 would inadvertently be the lone version built on the “New Edge” design Mustang introduced for 1999 and carried through 2004.

99-0012S S351 Speedster, Marietta Ford advertisement
99-0012S, Marietta Ford advertisement

Or feature car, 99-0012S, debuted during the Mustang 35th anniversary celebration event in Charlotte North Carolina. A festival organized by the Mustang Club of America for spring 1999, 99-0012S was part of the infield Saleen Performance display and added to the spectacle at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Ordered by Marietta Ford and shipped on April 13th, #12S contained the following Saleen equipment: 3.55 gears, Torsen differential, tire upgrade, 10″ rear wheels, chrome wheels, Saleen leather, floor mats, carbon fiber interior trim, Speedster tonneau and custom paint. Coincidentally Marietta Ford would order a near twin of 99-0012S for the 2000 model year using an S281 Supercharged model as the foundation. (Read about 00-0387)

For the 1999 model year Saleen produced 420 street going Mustangs, 46 were S351 models, 26 were of the convertible body style, of those there were 21 built using a 1999 model year chassis, 3 featured optional Saleen paint while 99-0012S was the lone S351 painted Extreme Rainbow.

“Day two” additions are not uncommon for S351 Mustangs, there are a number of owner requested modifications present on #12S, both to increase the looks and performance. Our feature vehicle holds a distinction of attaining these mods by the hands of Joe Gosinski and Chicane Sport Tuning in Torrance, CA. Joe a noted former Saleen employee and mastermind of custom late-model Mustangs worked his magic to detail #12S beyond factory.

Final power number of 99-0012S are the following: On 91 octane pump gas 600+ HP and 600+ LBS torque at the wheels using a conservative tune.

Aftermarket modifications include:

• Global West Tri-ladder Sub Frame Connectors Maximum Motorsport Camber/Caster Plates Maximum Motorsport Pan hard Bar Maximum Motorsport Lower Control Arms W/ Adjustable spring perch Maximum Motorsport Front Coil Over’s W/ Adjustable Ride Height Maximum Motorsport Torque Arm

• 351 SVO Block (original block that came with car) Stroked to 408ci
• 225 AFR heads
• JE Custom Dish Pistons
• Manly Rods Race
• Bassani Shorty Header
• Trick Flow Intake (extrude honed upper and lower) S-Trim Vortech Supercharger (original Equipment) Anderson Power Pipe 90mm Mass Air Cog Drive Belt on Supercharger Custom Aluminum pullies Powdercoated Accessories, Brackets & Covers
• 2003 Cobra Fuel Tank W/ Twin Pumps Converted To Return Style Fuel Delivery Kenne Bell Boost A Pump 55lb Fuel Injectors

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[Source: 21st Century Performance]