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Saleen S7 LM
Saleen S7 LM

Saleen Automotive Inc. (OTCQB: SLNN) Corona, CA – (September 17, 2016)
This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the beginning of a 7-year consecutive run of racing championships for Saleen. Sequentially from 1996 through 2002 Saleen clinched more than a dozen racing championships across the globe, with every test, race, and win contributing to the DNA makeup of the Saleen S7.

To commemorate these historic motorsport victories, Saleen has announced a new limited edition model, the Saleen S7 LM. Only 7 examples of this limited edition S7 will be produced and all will incorporate a unique livery, wheel, interior, and functional performance enhancements.

“True to our form, we are bringing back America’s only true supercar,” said Steve Saleen, President and CEO of Saleen Automotive, “We are celebrating our winning heritage and advancing the performance DNA that Saleen was built around.”

The Saleen S7 was initially unveiled in Monterey, CA. Labeled as America’s Supercar, it is the most successful supercar model ever. The S7R race version has won at every major racetrack in the world, including Daytona, Sebring, Nurburgring, and the prestigious 24 Hours of LeMans. The street version has starred in several Hollywood blockbusters, including being driven by “God” in Bruce Almighty.

The new S7 LM supercar will be powered by a 7.0L twin-turbo engine rated at 1,000 horsepower and each one will be hand built at Saleen’s Corona, CA headquarters.

For more information on how to purchase a Saleen, contact sales@saleen.com. For investor questions, please email ir@saleen.com.

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Saleen Automotive Inc. Corona, CA – (September 17, 2016) Steve Saleen announced today, during the 20th Annual Saleen Show and Open House, that Saleen Automotive acquired the S7 properties and are building seven cars in a limited edition continuation series, this new S7 LM, will celebrate the final LeMans win from 2010. Features to include exposed carbon fiber, advanced electronics, suspension and 1000hp. Estimated price for this American supercar is $1,000,000.

Update: Sept. 19, 2016

This was an exciting announcement, preceded by Steve sharing the challenges the company has had in recent years in rebuilding the company, including recent struggles in delivering vehicles to customers.

Coincidentally, earlier in the day, Steve presented the keys to four new Saleen Mustang owners who have been patiently waiting for this day.

Continuing about the S7 LM, Steve explained to the audience that earlier in the year he quietly acquired the remaining S7 parts inventory, molds, intellectual property and other related assets, and he was very excited to formally announce it to the hundreds of Saleen fans attending the show. Steve stated that the company has the resources and backing, as well as interest from potential customers to build and deliver these seven supercars.

In the Speedlab area of the facility, we were able to see they have started production of the vehicles, with the first chassis being completed, the carbon fiber body work has been started, and the engine and other components have begun to take form. See pictures above.

This is an exciting announcement, and a long-awaited one for Steve, as he has been working hard to make this happen. I’ve been waiting for this also, as I have suspected that he had acquired the S7 properties, and I’m excited that it’s true!

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[Source: Saleen Automotive, John D. Brown, Jim Dvorak]


S7 Twin Turbo 06-073
S7 Twin Turbo 06-073

Plymouth, Michigan – 30 July, 2016

2006 Saleen S7
Chassis no. 1S9SB18106S000073
Serial no. S7-06-073

750 bhp, 427 cu. in. DOHC aluminum V-8 with twin Garrett turbochargers, six-speed manual transaxle, four-wheel fully adjustable independent suspension, and four-wheel ventilated Brembo disc brakes. Wheelbase: 106.2 in.

  • One of the final Saleen S7s built
  • Two owners and just over 300 miles from new
  • Serviced in May of 2016 and ready for the road

Born and bred right here in the United States, the all-new Saleen S7 was the brainchild of Steve Saleen and marked his company’s first venture into the world of the supercar. While it had an excellent reputation for tuning Mustangs, the company had never before built and designed a car of its own name, and so the world definitely took notice when Saleen unveiled the S7. Boasting a completely unique chassis clothed in svelte carbon-fiber bodywork, the S7 was developed for racing, with road-going examples constructed to meet homologation requirements and please eager customers. Fitted with a mid-mounted 427-cubic inch V-8 engine at its heart, it could truly compete with the world’s fastest and most exclusive supercars, boasting a top speed of 220 mph and a 0–60 mph time of 3.3 seconds.

Looking to turn up the intensity of the S7 even more, Saleen introduced the S7 Twin Turbo in 2005 to great fanfare. With the addition of a pair of Garrett turbochargers, the S7 Twin Turbo supplied one of the fastest cars that money could buy, with even more horsepower, torque, and speed. Horsepower was raised to 750, and the car was fitted with new front and rear fenders, along with a slightly revised aerodynamics package. The car’s performance was nothing short of ludicrous, boasting a 0–60 mph time of 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 248 mph.

Of the 13 S7 Twin Turbos produced for the 2006 model year, the example offered here is one of the last, and therefore one of the very last S7s ever built. Finished new in Lizstick Red, it was acquired by its current owner from the gentleman who purchased the car new. Today, it is presented in absolutely factory-fresh condition and is said to exhibit exceptional build quality throughout. Having only traveled just over 300 miles from new, it is undoubtedly one of the lowest-mileage examples in existence. Last serviced in May of 2016, it still retains its original window sticker, as well as its luggage set and car cover.

Both today and when it was new, the Saleen S7 stood proud against Europe’s supercar establishment as a fully American supercar. Still incredibly fast even by today’s lofty standards, the Saleen S7 has already proven to be a highly coveted and collectible automobile and will surely only garner more attention in the future. One would be hard-pressed to find a more pristine example than that offered here, which has been carefully preserved by only two private owners and driven just over 300 miles… thus far!

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2003 Saleen S7
Call for Price: (312) 280-4848
Stock: 00024
Mileage: 1748
Trans: M
Ext: Silver
Vin: 1S9SB18143S000024
Dealer: Gold Coast Auto Gallery

S7 03-024
S7 03-024

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Price: $Call
In Stock Now!
Stock#: N/A
Mileage: 10,140
VIN #: 1S9SB18183S000026

Red w/Black interior, 427 aluminum OHV Ford V8 550hp at 6400 RPM, 6-spd. manual transaxle.

03-026 Saleen S7
03-026 Saleen S7

The Saleen S7 is an ultra-high performance Supercar designed and initially built in the UK by Automotive and Motorsport engineering company Ray Mallock Ltd. on behalf of Saleen Inc. Developed jointly by Steve Saleen for the initial concept and direction, Hidden Creek Industries for resources and initial funding, Phil Frank for the body and interior CAD design and development, it was the first fully proprietary car produced by Saleen and became America’s first mid-engine production Supercar. The S7 debuted on August 19, 2000 at the Monterey Historic Races. The all-aluminum 427 is a bored-and-stroked derivative of Ford’s 351 Windsor small block with Cleveland-style canted valve heads, not based on the FE big-block. It proved remarkably tractable and flexible for such a high-output unit—550 hp at 6400 rpm. In 2005, the S7 gained a more powerful twin-turbo powerplant which boosts engine power to 750 hp (559 kW) and the top speed 248 mph.

03-026 Saleen S7
03-026 Saleen S7

The S7 presented here is the very first Twin Turbo (test mule) built by Saleen and it is currently registered to A E Performance. It’s naturally aspirated sister car #24 has been sold and #26 is now available for sale. Car #26 was Saleen’s ‘development’ car which was the first S7 to have the twin turbos installed. In 2005 Saleen put into production the twin turbo models due to the research from car #26.

When AE made their purchases it was with the understanding that the S7’s had failure rates with the engines under a load. A E contracted Rick Wimer of Wimer Engines and Company to research and resolve those issues, which they have with this car. The motor has been redone and has 3 miles on it.

03-026 Saleen S7
03-026 Saleen S7

The car is in excellent condition throughout and runs like the Beast it was meant to be!

We have the certificate of authenticity stating that this was a development car for the twin turbo motor.

The new motor is de-tuned to run on pump gas. Wilmer Engine and Company offers a guaranteed 1000+ horse power package for $19,000 which includes reworking the turbos, fuel management system, larger fuel lines and fuel pump, also upgrading the on board computer. Nelson Racing Engines of Chatsworth offers similar upgrades for these Saleen’s but can ‘push’ the horsepower even higher for competition racing.

Published on Apr 8, 2016
Red w/Black interior, 427 aluminum OHV Ford V8 550hp at 6400 RPM, 6-spd. manual transaxle.
The Saleen S7 is an ultra-high performance Supercar designed and initially built in the UK by Automotive and Motorsport engineering company

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S7 04-040 HITS eBay

Price: $450,000.00
VIN: 1S9SB18104S000040
Condition: Used
Vehicle Title: Clear
Year: 2004
Make: Saleen
Model: S7
Trim: 2-Door
Engine: V8
Number of Cylinders: 8
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive Type: RWD
Mileage: 4,800
Warranty: Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Black
For Sale By: Private Seller
eBay #: 151996198288

04-040 S7
04-040 S7

The Saleen S7 is an American hand-built, high-performance supercar!!


  • SALEEN SIGNATURE SERIES POWERTRAIN 427 cu. in. 7.0 L V8 Engine Manual Transmission Naturally Aspirated 2750lbs dry weight .
  • SALEEN SIGNATURE SERIES AIR MANAGEMENT: Front Carbon Fiber Splitter Carbon Fiber Side Slats Carbon Fiber Body Construction Multiple Air Extractors for Maximum Downforce Extended Rear End for Minimum Air Flow Resistance
  • SALEEN SIGNATURE SERIES S1 HIGH PERFORMANCE SUSPENSION Race Tuned Suspension by Saleen Saleen Race Tuned Shocks and Struts Saleen Race Tuned Springs Saleen Anti-Sway Bars TIRES High Performance Tires 275/30ZR19 (front) High Performance Tires345/25ZR20 (rear)
  • SALEEN SIGNATURE SERIES WHEELS Saleen Optional Chrome 19″ Front 20″ Rear
  • SALEEN SIGNATURE SERIES BRAKES Saleen 15″ Front and Rear Disc


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By: KEITH MARTIN on February 1, 2016

Cobra vs. Saleen in Scottsdale

Who wouldn’t like driving a Saleen S7 or a 289 Cobra?

I had the chance to get behind the wheel of 15 top-flight collector cars during the last two weeks while I evaluated them for “What’s My Car Worth?” on Velocity.

Normally during Arizona Car Week, I spend as much time wandering from auction to auction as I do working on the television show. But this year we had to look at 30 cars from Barrett-Jackson and 15 from RM Sotheby’s. Consequently, I spent more time behind the wheel than I did in front of the auction block. As there were SCM reporters and staff at every auction, my absence had no impact on our reporting.

I put a few miles on some cars that I wouldn’t normally get to experience. Here are my thoughts on two of them:

The 2003 Saleen S7 reminded me of the McLaren 650S I drove last summer. It was light, fast and extremely responsive. For a hand-built car, it felt surprisingly solid — although I was a little concerned about the way the scissor-style door hinges flexed while opening.

The example I drove was one of four non-turbocharged cars built with the Competition Package. I didn’t find its ride overly harsh, and it was not difficult to drive. The Saleen shifted easily, and there was plenty of power at all rpm ranges.

It sold at Barrett-Jackson for $451,000, less than we thought it would bring. I think at that price it represented a solid value for the new owner.

The second car I enjoyed the most was a 1965 Shelby Cobra 289 roadster. It had a lot of eyeball, with attractive (although incorrect) silver stripes down the center of the dark-blue car. Its sidepipe exhaust (also not correct) provided a high entertainment factor as you went down the road.

Fitted with four Webers instead of a single 4-barrel carburetor, the Cobra had more than enough power to spin the wheels on demand. I’ve driven quite a few Cobras, and this was a good one. It had the feel of a car that had been loved and enjoyed, rather than a trailer queen with suspect handling and braking. It tracked straight and stopped quickly without drama. It pulled hard with no muss or fuss.

There’s nothing like sitting behind the gauge-bedecked dashboard in a Cobra and imagining what it was like when they were driven in anger, beating all of their European and American competitors to the checkered flag, race after race after race.

If I had to choose between the Saleen and the Cobra, I’d take the Cobra. It’s not as “good” a car as the Saleen, as automotive technology has come a long way in nearly half a century. Certainly the Saleen is faster, corners better and stops more quickly.

But for a Saturday afternoon blast on a back road, the perfect cacophony from the Cobra’s open exhaust and four Webers would be very hard to top.

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03-024 S7
03-024 S7

Scottsdale, Arizona – 30 January, 2016 – 7:26PM-7:46PM

2003 Saleen S7
Chassis no. 1S9SB18143S000024
Serial no. S7-03-024

Vehicle to be offered for Auction sale January 27th – 31st, 2016 at Russo and Steele’s 16th Annual Scottsdale Arizona Auction. Please contact us for more information.

Quite likely the most radical American Supercar conceived and built, this Saleen S7 is an extremely low-production vehicle with stunning performance credentials and downright wild styling and specifications. The inner door was autographed by Steve Saleen and the vehicle carries celebrity provenance. Serious qualified bidders are encouraged to contact us for details.

This car also comes complete with clean Carfax and Autocheck reports.

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From our friends at Legendary Motorcar Company.

Published on Jan 20, 2016
Saleen S7 video segment from Legendary Motorcar’s Dream Car Garage TV series: Vintage Dream Cars.

Legendary Motorcar Company has the following services available: ground-up and partial restorations, complete paint facilities, mechanical services, full race car prep and fabrication, complete hot rod/pro-touring builds, door to door shipping and more.

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[Source: Legendary Motorcar Company via YouTube]


S7 Twin Turbo Competition 05-046
S7 Twin Turbo Competition 05-046

Phoenix, Arizona – 28-29 January, 2016

2005 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo ‘Competition Package’
Chassis no. 1S9SB181X5S000046
Serial no. S7-05-046

850 bhp, 427 cu. in. DOHC aluminum V-8 with twin Garrett turbochargers, six-speed manual transaxle, four-wheel fully adjustable independent suspension, and four-wheel ventilated Brembo disc brakes. Wheelbase: 106.2 in.

  • The only S7 Twin Turbo built with these particular colors and options
  • Just two owners and 941 miles from new
  • Upgraded by Saleen with the desirable Competition Package
  • Documented by a Letter of Authenticity from Saleen

While Saleen had a very well-respected reputation for tuning Mustangs, the company had never ventured out on its own to build a car of its own design until the S7. Boasting a completely unique chassis, the S7 was developed for racing, and the road-going examples were constructed with homologation in mind. Fitted with svelte carbon-fiber bodywork and a mid-mounted 427–cubic inch V-8 engine, it could sprint from 0–60 mph in just 3.3 seconds and would accelerate onward toward an estimated top speed of 220 mph.

In 2005, Saleen took the S7 one step further and introduced the S7 Twin Turbo, adding even more horsepower, torque, and speed to one of the fastest street-legal cars that money could buy, thanks to a pair of Garrett turbochargers. Horsepower was raised to 750, and the car was given different front and rear fenders along with a slightly different aerodynamic package. Thanks to these changes, the car’s 0–60 mph time was decreased to 2.8 seconds, and top speed was quoted as a mind-boggling 248 mph.

Produced in January of 2005, this particular S7 Twin Turbo was finished in Black Metallic paint with a matching black interior and was outfitted with polished wheels and a GPS navigation system. It remained with its first owner until 2012, when it was sold to its second owner, in whose care it resided in a collection of modern supercars.

Under the stewardship of its first owner, the car had been returned to Saleen and upgraded with the desirable Competition Package. Horsepower was yet again raised to 850, and the car was fitted with revised front and rear diffusers, an upgraded suspension, and a massive rear wing to help manage the car’s power and performance.

The car is said to be in virtually as-new condition and an absolute joy to drive. Accompanying it is an S7 owner’s manual and a piece of S7-branded luggage. Furthermore, the car is documented by a copy of its original window sticker and a Letter of Authenticity from Saleen, confirming that this particular car is the only S7 Twin Turbo with these exact colors and options.

One of the most compelling American automobiles built thus far into the 21st century, the Saleen S7 proved that Saleen was capable of much more than building hot-rodded Mustangs and could truly play with the big boys on the world stage. Not only did the S7 make a big impact on the street, but it brought Saleen great success in racing with class wins at both the 12 Hours of Sebring and 24 Hours of Le Mans. The only S7 Twin Turbo built to this particular configuration and believed to be the lowest mileage S7 Twin Turbo in existence, it goes without saying that this is truly a spectacular automobile in all regards. For the individual with an unquenchable taste for horsepower, it would be difficult to make a better choice.

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[Source: RM Auctions]